Terry McCaleb
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Terry McCaleb (Character)
from Blood Work (2002)

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Blood Work (2002)
Terry McCaleb: I prefer the hard line.

Terry McCaleb: Hey Arrango, next time you step foot on this dock, this Mexican will kick your ass!

Terry McCaleb: Where you're going?
Buddy Noone: We're going to lean on him, right? You go after him, I pull you off. Good cop, bad cop.
Terry McCaleb: Ah no. You stay with the car!
Buddy Noone: C'mon man, Starsky and Putz.

Terry McCaleb: You guys can... keep the donuts.

Buddy Noone: Who wants to go to the desert anyway?
Terry McCaleb: You go where the clues lead.
Buddy Noone: Don't they ever lead to the beach?

Graciella Rivers: [about photograph] Why don't you just look at it again, please. Just one more time, and you'll know why. Just tell me if you see anything, feel any thing.
Terry McCaleb: Miss Rivers, I'm a retired FBI man not a psychic.

Graciella Rivers: So why do you live on a boat?
Terry McCaleb: Because I hate mowing lawns.

Buddy Noone: This goes on any longer, I want a raise.
Terry McCaleb: How 'bout Workman's Comp?

Terry McCaleb: Somebody's trying to jerk us all off.
Detective Arango: Well personally, I like being jerked off.

Terry McCaleb: If you can't protect the integrity of the system, then there is no system.

Terry McCaleb: Remember how you said I was your friend, and I could tell you the truth? Well I don't need you at all.

[last lines]
Graciella Rivers: [about the boy fishing] Poor baby, he's been at it all morning.
Terry McCaleb: Yeah. I wish I could get a big fat marlin and put it on his line.