Roddy St. James
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Roddy St. James (Character)
from Flushed Away (2006)

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Flushed Away (2006)
Sid: You were going to flush me down the loo!
Roddy: No, no, no! It's a big jacuzzi, the deluxe model!
Sid: Well then, you won't mind if I get the bubbles going, will ya?
Roddy: No, not the lever! Have mercy! No! No! I can't swim!
Sid: Bon voyage, me old cream cracker. Hold your nose.
Roddy: No, no, no! You can't do this!
Sid: You were going to try and flush me? Let's see how you like it!

Roddy: Whatever's going on, I assure you, I'm not involved. I'm just an innocent bystander.
Spike: Rita, Rita, Rita.
Spike: Thought you could give us the slip?
[Slips and falls]
Spike: What are you looking at? Keep still! Come on, then! Right! Who have we got here?
Whitey: I believe he said his name was Millicent Bystander.

Roddy: Will you please tell these people I'm not involved in this?
Rita: Fine. All right, all right, listen up. This gentleman, he's not from around here.
Roddy: Thank you.
Rita: Just look how nicely he's dressed.
Roddy: Ah, thank you.
Rita: And why? Because he's an international jewel thief!
Roddy: Precisely... What? No, no!

Rita: This is quite tasty.
Roddy: Thanks. I don't think it's too bad, considering I only had an apple, four raisins and a box of rice.
Rita: Rice?
Slug: [singing] What's that urge from deep inside? / The need to hurl won't be denied / That isn't rice, that's maggots you're eating.
Maggots: Larva, larva, larva...
Roddy: Well. That explains why it all ran to one side when I put salt in it.

Roddy: [hanging on to Rita's belt as it starts to break] No, no don't break! There are things I want to do, sights I want to see.
[belt breaks; Rita's pants drop]
Roddy: That wasn't on the list.

Roddy: And who might you be, little chap?
Shocky: They call me Shocky.
Roddy: Why do they call you that?
Shocky: [Shocks Roddy with a battery] Shocky!
Roddy: Ohh! Yes, got it.

Rita: Tell me about yourself, Roddy.
Roddy: Well, there's not much to tell.
Rita: You know everything about me, warts and all. I don't even know what you do.
Roddy: I'm... I'm in a boy band.
Rita: What?
Roddy: Yeah. Yeah, I'm the posh one.

[Roddy is using a cell phone as a shield as Rita throws crayons at him; the crayons dial a number]
Take Out: Ha Chin Chinese takeout.
Roddy: Yes, I'm being attacked by a madwoman! She's got crayons!
Take Out: One chicken chow mein. With wonton?
Roddy: No, crayons!
Take Out: No wonton! You want rice? Fried or white?
Roddy: Fried. No, wait!
Take Out: You want wonton or what?
Roddy: Cancel that order.

Spike: Blimy, it's cold.
Whitey: That's why I wore me mittens.
Spike: Wha... Hitmen don't wear mittens! Take them off! You're embarrasing me!
Whitey: It's all right for you. You've got little hands. They don't freeze as much.
Rita: What are you, some kind of rat boomerang? Give me back my ruby!
Roddy: I haven't got your ruby!
[the ruby falls on his hand]
Roddy: Okay. Well, now I've got your ruby.

Shocky: They call me shocky.
Roddy: Now why do they call you that?

Rita: It's impossible!
Roddy: /ENGLAND/ is winning! ANYTHING'S possible!

Spike: Any last requests?
Roddy: Yes. Could you fly, quite suddenly, off the boat, screaming like a girl?
Spike: What?
[Is jerked off the boat by a cord]

Roddy: Roddy St. James saves the day.

Roddy: When the cat's away, the mice will play!

Roddy: Maybe I can make it up to you?
Rita: Get stuffed.

Rita: Real!
Roddy: Fake.
Rita: Real!
Roddy: Fake.
Rita: [sighs] Real.
Roddy: Fake.
Rita: REAL!

Roddy: [singing] Ice cold Rita / Never did I meet a / Girl who's half so cruel / I offered her a jewel / But she left me stuck / Stranded on a duck / What a shoddy thing to do to Roddy... Me! / That's Roddy St. James of Kensington.
Slug: Poor, poor Roddy / Flushed down his own potty / Rita, can't you find it in your heart... to help him?
Roddy: How mean can one rat be? / Ice cold Rita / Won't you be sweeter to me?

Roddy: [Roddy and Rita are running from the thugs] Rita could we please go a little faster.
Rita: We don't have too.
Rita: [hits a button] Go go purple custard.

Roddy: [Showing Sid the toilet] After a hard day navigating the sewer pipes, there's nothing better than relaxing in a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath.

Pegleg: So you're from up top, huh?
Roddy: Yes.
Pegleg: I know someone who might be able to help you, might. The captain of the Jammy Dodger.
Goldfish: I know where it is!