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Quotes for
Tripp (Character)
from Failure to Launch (2006)

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Failure to Launch (2006)
Paula: Come on, Tripp. Please, you... you don't understand.
Tripp: You're right. Now, hold on. I don't know what your daily rate is, but that's everything I've got in my wallet.
[handing over $300 to Paula]
Tripp: There's three hundred dollars.
Paula: Oh, come on, Tripp!
Tripp: It should be good for tonight, especially since we didn't have sex.
Paula: Please, Tripp, let me just explain to you.
Tripp: Get the fuck outta my car.

Tripp: [has just agreed to go out to lunch with her the next day] Hey, wait - tomorrow's Saturday.
Paula: [perplexed] ... Sometimes I eat on Saturday.

Tripp: [at the top of a mountain, when Ace appears] Oh, hey there, Ace. Glad you could make it, man. We thought you went home.
Ace: [dropping to the ground, exhausted] I fell into a deep, dark crevasse. I was so scared.

Tripp: Do you have real feelings?
Paula: Of course I have real feelings!
Tripp: For what?
Paula: For you! And believe me, I did not want that because I had a good life before you. Well, not good... but... it was okay. Well, it... it was empty, actually, but at least I was blissfully unaware of how miserable I was. Whereas now... because of you... I am acutely aware of how completely and totally unhappy I am. Thank you for that.

Tripp: I do sleep well at night.
Ace: On a twin bed, with Superman sheets that you've had since you were six.
Demo: As opposed to you, who sleeps in a King-sized bed in your mother's basement.
Ace: It's orthopedic, and I need it. And at least I'm not sponging off my parents so I can afford to get laid on every continent.
Demo: Whoa, whoa... I'm a ramblin' man, I'm a tumble weed, I'm a seeker of truth! And one truth I've learned - a child is a parent's greatest joy, which is why I can't leave my parents' place, because... because they would miss me!

[first lines]
Melissa: I just feel really close to you.
Tripp: You ARE really close to me.

Melissa: So, where do you see us goin'?
Tripp: Well, tonight, I see us going back to my place.

Al: [walking in on Tripp and Melissa having sex] Tripp, as long as you're up, son...
Melissa: Oh!
Al: Oh.
Tripp: Oh, come on, Pop!
Al: Ooo.
Tripp: Whoa, man. Don't you knock?
Al: What? Your mama's... She's snorin' like a rhino. And then this music got started... heh... heh. Oh, hey, you must be Melody.
Tripp: Mm-mm.
Melissa: Melissa.
Al: Oh! It's Melissa! Ha-ha. It's Melissa. Okay. All right. Y'all have a good time.
Tripp: Night, Pop.
Melissa: Huh.
Tripp: Hmm.
Melissa: You live with your parents?
Tripp: Is that a problem?
Melissa: Are you kidding me?

Ace: Point is, my friend, you are afraid of love.
Tripp: Bullshit. No, no, no, man. I'm not afraid of love. I love love. Look, I've had a lot of girlfriends, right? And sometimes I'm the rebound guy; other times, when I get lucky, I'm the explore-new-areas-of-your-sexuality guy; but, every single time, we have fun. Thank you. I have fun, they have fun; it's good for me, it's good for them, and I would argue that it's damn good for civilization as a whole.

Demo: And yet, in America, we're-we're shunned for our lifestyle.
Tripp: When we should be celebrating our lifestyle. We are men who still live at home.
Demo: Yes.
Tripp: We're not here to apologize about who we are, how we do it, or who we live with.
Demo: No!
Tripp: I'm looking around this table, hombres, and I see three winners, huh? And to every one of those out there who sees something different, I say "bring it on," 'cause it's gonna take a stick of dynamite to get me out of my parents' house.

Paula: I'm Paula.
Tripp: I'm Tripp.
Paula: You know, usually I don't sleep with someone on the first date.
Tripp: I don't think this counts as a first date.
Paula: It would be a date if you asked me to have a drink tonight.
Tripp: Mmm. You wanna have a drink tonight?
Paula: Mmm. Can't. How about lunch tomorrow?
Tripp: Sure. Wait. Tomorrow's Saturday.
Paula: [perplexed] Sometimes I eat on Saturday.

Tripp: Shut up, dude! Don't help him!

Mr. Axelrod: You're gonna let her walk away?
Tripp: I'm giving her space, Mr. Axelrod. Now, I'm going after her.

Tripp: We've been out one time. She's a nice girl, I'm a nice guy, we had fun, and I must tell you, son... nothing is doomed.

Tripp: [trying to feed a chipmunk a chocolate bar] You want a treat from the big city, boy?
Demo: He's not a child, Tripp. Look how peaceful he is.
Tripp: Come here, little boy. You want a little bit of chocolate, baby-boo-boo?
Demo: You're giving him a Power Bar?
Tripp: Everybody loves chocolate. Baby-boo-boo?
Demo: Tripp, he's saying no.
Tripp: Look into my eyes.
Demo: He's saying no, Tripp.
Tripp: Baby-boo-boo?
[chipmunk bites Tripp's hand]
Tripp: Aaow!

Tripp: Take it you like Japanese food?
Paula: Oh, I love it. I'm also gonna order huge dessert, drink too much, and maybe talk about my old boyfriends.
Tripp: Yeah?
Paula: Does that intimidate you?
Tripp: Not at all.

Paula: I had a nice time.
Tripp: I did, too.
Paula: Good.
Tripp: I had fun.
Paula: Good.
Kit: [screaming at the bird outside] SHUT UP! SHUT UP, YOU CRAZY BASTARD BIRD!
Paula: Hey, Kit.
Kit: What? Hi. Can you guys see me?
Paula: Yeah.
Tripp: Yeah.
Kit: Oh, great.
Tripp: What?
Paula: Dinner and a show.
[kisses him]
Paula: Good night.
Tripp: Good night.

Paula: I'm so glad you're here.
Tripp: Yeah, of course I am.
[about her dog]
Paula: Um, can I have a minute alone with him? Thank you.
Tripp: I'll be right outside.
Paula: Okay.
[Tripp leaves]
Paula: [to the Vet] Ah, thanks, Gretchen.
Veterinarian: Anytime.
Paula: Oh, gosh, Emotional Crisis Day is so critical. I cry, he cries. It totally bonds us. So how long do you think he's going to sleep for?

Paula: So do it. Buy a crummy old boat. Who cares, as long as you're out there.
Tripp: Well, I'm working on it. Thing is, you gotta be ready. I mean, it's a big commitment. And if you're not ready, you just end up, well, a lonely guy with a big boat payment.
Paula: Who says you have to be lonely?

Tripp: It's over. She gotta go.
Ace: You're dumping Paula?
Demo: What happened?
Tripp: Same thing that always happens. Everything is going along nice and smooth, we're having a good time, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere - whoap! - she gets serious. I hate to say it, boys, but it is time to take the girl home.

Paula: So, you live with your parents.
Tripp: Mm-hm. Z'hat a problem?
Paula: No. Not for me.

Demo: What are you gonna do now?
Tripp: I don't know. I'm in unchartered waters here, boys.

Tripp: And the thing is, Mom, Dad, I've lived upstairs since I was three, and it's been great.

Tripp: You're all getting what you wanted. Paula, you don't have to pretend to like me anymore. And, Mom, Dad, you wanted me out of the house. I'm out.

Demo: [to Tripp] You were bitten by a chuckwalla. That shouldn't have happened. It's a reptile of peace. I have a theory. This isn't the first time that nature's lashed out at you like this. I believe it's because your life is fundamentally at odds with the natural world.
Tripp: Huh?
Demo: Therefore, nature rejects you.

Tripp: Dude, did you just drop me from a forty-foot cliff? I mean, you want to talk about a friend, man. You went behind my back and blackmailed your way into getting your girlfriend.
Demo: He's right.
Ace: I'm sorry I dropped you from a cliff.
Tripp: It's okay.
Demo: Granted, he used you, but not out of malice. Look at him. How many chances is he gonna get? He saw a chance for love, Tripp, and he took it, which is exactly what we wanted for you.
Tripp: Am I getting advice from my two loser buddies who still live at home?
Ace: Actually, I own my home.
Demo: What?
Tripp: No, you don't.
Ace: I bought it a couple of years ago from my Mom. That way, she has a place to live and I don't get nailed on the inheritance tax.
Demo: Smart.
Tripp: Wow.
Ace: And Demo, here, has chosen the life of a wanderer. I mean, sure, he technically still lives at home.
Demo: Yeah.
Ace: But his permanent address is in his heart. He's a bum.
Demo: I think what we're trying to say is that the two of us are happy, and we're perfectly functional.
Ace: And you, Tripp, are not.

Tripp: Hey, Pop?
Al: Hey! Tripp. What are you doing here?
Tripp: Just came by to get some stuff. What... what are YOU doing?
Al: Feeding my fish.
Tripp: Yeah. I see that. You're naked. In my room.
Al: Well, this is my Naked Room. I mean, it's my house. A man ought to be able to do whatever he wants to do in his own house. Wore a suit for forty years.
Tripp: So now we got forty years of...
Al: No suit.
Tripp: No suit. All right. I'm gonna let you get back to feeding your fish.

Tripp: So what do we do now?
Paula: Actually, it's... it's quite simple. You just have to decide. Do you want to spend the rest of your life having fun or do you want to spend it with me?
Tripp: Hmm...
Paula: Shut up! Not everything you say is perfect.
Tripp: We can have a LITTLE bit of fun, can't we? Huh?

Tripp: All right, assuming that pretending to own a yacht was a brilliant, romantic yet ultimately flawed idea, how do you see the rest of the day playing out?
Paula: I don't know. I'm so hungry, I can't think. Seagulls ate my lunch.
Tripp: What if I took you to a restaurant?
Paula: Are you gonna pretend to own it?
Tripp: No. All the restaurants I own are in Europe.

Tripp: Let's go shoot some strangers, huh?