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Foxy Loxy (Character)
from Chicken Little (2005)

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Chicken Little (1943)
[last lines]
Narrator: Hey, wait a minute! This isn't right. That's not the way it ends in my book.
Foxy Loxy: Oh, yeah? Don't believe everything you read, brother!

Foxy Loxy: This is the Voice of Doom speaking! Special bulletin! Flash! The sky is falling! A piece of it just hit you on the head! Now be calm. Don't get panicky. Run for your life!

Foxy Loxy: [to the Narrator] But I'm not a fox for nothing and besides there's more than one way to pluck a chicken
[thinks for a moment]
Foxy Loxy: psychology! Why should I just get one when I can get them all
[starts reading from the psychology book]
Foxy Loxy: Quote: to influence the masses aim first at the least intelligent, unquote, now let's see who looks nice and stupid
[observes the barnyard birds]
Foxy Loxy: Cocky Locky? Turkey Lurkey? Ducky Lucky?, Goosey Poosey?, Henny Penny? Chicken Little?
[sees Chicken Little hit himself on the head with his yo yo]
Foxy Loxy: Hey... ahhh he looks nice and stupid!

Foxy Loxy: [flips through the pages of the psychology book] Oh a wise guy eh? I'll fix him, now let's see now ah here we are! Quote: undermine the faith of the masses and their leaders, unquote
[puts on a bonnet, gloves, and a purse and impersonates a female voice]
Foxy Loxy: Well I suppose Cocky Locky knows what he's talking about, well yes he ought to know, but listen girls suppose he's wrong, he's only human you know and if he should happen to be wrong we'd all be killed
[the hens start panicking and gossiping among themselves]
Foxy Loxy: [looks at Turkey Lurkey, puts on a pair of glasses, and speaks in a sophisticated upper crust accent] Now in my opinion Cocky Locky shows definite totalitarian tendencies, he's trying to dictate to us, we can judge for ourselves whether the sky is falling or not
[peeks over at the ducks and geese, messes up his hair and pretends to be drunk]
Foxy Loxy: Say fellas I hear old Cocky Locky's been hitting the mash lately,
Foxy Loxy: yeah he's full of corn, his brain is pickled
Foxy Loxy: [Ducky Lucky starts spreading the rumor]

Chicken Little (2005)
Mr. Woolensworth: Abby Mallard.
Foxy Loxy: [fake cough] Ugly Duckling!
[students laugh]
Mr. Woolensworth: Class, I will not tolerate rude behavior at the expense of a fellow...
Abby Mallard: Hey, hey, hey. No worries, Mr. Woolensworth.
Mr. Woolensworth: Yaah! You mustn't sneak up on me, Ugly - er, Abby.

Alien Cop: Okay, everything's been put back to normal, except for this one over here.
Foxy Loxy: [dressed in a pink dress and curls] Hi, y'all.
[Everyone else gasps]
Chicken Little: Foxy?
Foxy Loxy: [singing in a girly manner] Lollipop, lollipop / Oh, lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop...
Alien Cop: She got her brainwaves a little scrambled during reconstitution, but, no worries! We can put her back the way she was.
Runt of the Litter: No! She's perfect.
[joins Foxy]
Runt of the Litter: Lollipop.
[popping sound]
Foxy Loxy, Runt of the Litter: Lollipop.
Alien Cop: Scary.