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Quotes for
Mick (Character)
from Idle Hands (1999)

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Idle Hands (1999)
Mick: That is some one-hit shit.

Anton: Hey, I didn't kill anyone on purpose, okay?
Mick: Yeah, well, we weren't in hell! I mean, there was this bright white light at the end of a long tunnel, right, and there was these chicks' voices, and that music...
Anton: Music?
Pnub: Yeah, kinda uncool music, like, Enya. And these chicks' voices, they were saying, "come to us, come towards the light".
Anton: So what happened?
Mick: We figured, fuck it, I mean, it was really far!

Mick: [to 911 operator] There is something wrong with my friend, I think he smoked some nutmeg or something.

Mick: I'm gonna go call 911. What's the number?

Mick: [holding an electric carving knife] Look at me! Look at me! I'm Leatherface!

[Anton is about to chop off his 'evil' right hand]
Mick: Wait a minute. If you chop off your right hand, how are you going to chop the other one off?
Anton: Oh no, man, the lefty's a keeper. I mean, I guess it wasn't idle enough.
Mick: Really?
Anton: Oh yeah, I mean, I hit the remote with it, light up with it, relieve a little tension. No, this is the answer.

Anton: You lied to me!
Mick: You killed me, let's try to keep this thing in perspective here!

Pnub: Maybe we should clean that up.
Mick: Yeah, and while we're at it, let's just clean the whole fuckin' house.

Mick: Yeah, I was a little bitter about the getting killed by my best friend thing, but I've had time to get over it.

Anton: All I do is sit around all day, smoke pot, watch TV...
Mick: No, no! No Kevin Costner speech, let's just go!

Mick: Anton it's killing me to see me to see you this stressed out man. You cut off your hand in the interest of who knows how many others. So, what I want you to do is take a little Anton time. Okay just relax, kick back my man.
Anton: No, no, no, you know what? Not this time. Okay I'm through with that, I mean all I do is I sit around all day I veg out, I watch TV, I smoke pot...
Mick: No, no, no, no Kevin Costner speeches okay? Let's just go.

Pnub: Hey, don't forget my bong.
Mick: You did not make that bong.
Pnub: Yeah, I arc-welded it and shit.
Mick: You don't even take auto shop.
Pnub: Fuck you!

Mick: It's Mighty Joe bong!

Pnub: Ok, that wasn't my fault, that thing should've come down a LOT slower!

Mick: Let's go walk through a nurse.

Mick: Hey, you're right, Anton screams like a girl.

[after the anticlimactic destruction of the hand]
Mick: That's it? That's it? No explosions, no hellfire, no -
[screeches demonically]
Mick: I mean, no, I'm glad everybody's all right, but... that was weak.

Anton: [Hears moaning coming from Mick's grave] Mick?
Mick: Over here. Anton, help me. Come on, man, I can't breathe down here. Anton? Anton, can you hear me?
Anton: [Kneels and leans over Mick's grave] Mick?
Mick: Yeah man, it's Mick.
Anton: You're dead!
Mick: No I'm not! You conked me on the head pretty good. I must've been unconcious.
Anton: You think?
Mick: I know fucker, now dig me up!

Pnub: [Anton, Mick and Pnub, find that the 'killer' has written the word 'ANT' on the floor in blood after finding the corpses of Anton's parents] "Ant?" They-they were killed by ants?
Mick: [annoyed] Please don't be stupid.
[to Anton]
Mick: Do you have, like, an evil aunt?

[last lines]
Mick: Hey, you were right. Anton does scream like a girl!
Pnub: You think we should tell him that we put that writing on the ceiling?
Mick: Fuck it!
Pnub: Hey, let's go walk through a nurse!
Mick: Okay, but be careful. Some of them are guys.

Mick: OK,I'm not going through all this Tanya.

Pnub: [after finding Curtis and his date dead in his car] What a waste.
Mick: I thought you didn't like Curtis.
Pnub: I'm talkin' about that ass!
Mick: Well, at least he died happy.