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2nd Lt. Michael Shannon O'Rourke (Character)
from Fort Apache (1948)

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Fort Apache (1948)
Lt. Col. Owen Thursday: Captain Yorke, send a wagon and a detail to repair the wires and bring back the bodies.
Captain Yorke: Yes, sir. Sergeant Major, assemble a platoon from A Troop...
Lt. Col. Thursday: A platoon? I said a detail, Captain: an officer and four men.
Captain Yorke: The apaches may still be around, sir...
Lt. Col. Thursday: I'm running a command not a debating society, Captain Yorke.
Captain Yorke: A detail of four men. I will be in command...
Lt. Col. Thursday: Mr. O'Rourke will be in command.
Captain Yorke: Mr. O'Rourke in command. Have them take sixty rounds of carbine ammunition per man...
Lt. Col. Owen Thursday: That's a lot of ammunition for men who've been trained to shoot. Thirty will be ample.
Captain Yorke: ...thirty will be ample... and eighteen per revolving pistol. You'll call for volunteers.
RSM O'Rourke: With the colonel's permission, I volunteer.
Lt. Col. Owen Thursday: Permission refused. Carry out your orders, Sergeant Major.
Captain Yorke: You'll leave within the quarter hour, Mr. O'Rourke. Questions?
[RSM O'Rourke has left the office. Lt. O'Rourke salutes Col. Thursday and leaves]
RSM O'Rourke: [speaking to his son outside] Michael. Michael, you know what's expected of you, now.
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: Sure, Dad, I know.
[leaves the building]
RSM O'Rourke: [to the bugler] Derice, go get Quincannon out of the guardhouse. Wait.
[to the courier]
RSM O'Rourke: O'Feeney, go to the stables and find Mulcahy, Shaddock and Johnny Reb. Tell 'em they're volunteerin' for an extra-hazardous mission... above and beyond the call of duty. Tell 'em their regiment is proud of 'em. Now, get goin', the whole of youse.

Captain Yorke: [quoting regulations] "An officer, upon reporting to a new post, must wait upon his commanding officer at the first possible moment. He will leave his card."
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: [continuing to quote the regulation] "He will leave an additional card for each lady in the commanding officer's family."
Captain Yorke: [continuing] "All other officers on the post will, in turn, leave their cards at the quarters of the incoming officer."
[to O'Rourke]
Captain Yorke: Right?
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: Right!
[to Philadelphia]
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: Now do you understand?
Philadelphia Thursday: It was just a duty call?
Captain Yorke: That's it - just a duty call. But there's nothing in the regulations that says the commanding officer's daughter should receive such cards on her backporch... in her nightie.
Philadelphia Thursday: Pish tosh! This is not a nightie.
[to O'Rourke]
Philadelphia Thursday: It's a dressing gown, isn't it?
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: I wouldn't know.

Captain Yorke: Were you born in Philadelphia?
Philadelphia Thursday: No, Pomfret, Connecticut. I was named after my mother.
Captain Yorke: Oh, she was born in Philadelphia?
Philadelphia Thursday: No, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She was named after grandmother. Grandmother was the first Philadelphia in our family.
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: Oh, then she was...
Philadelphia Thursday: No, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Captain Yorke: Lt. O'Rourke, follow me.
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: But, the troop, sir...
Captain Yorke: Don't argue. Mulcahy, take over.
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: Captain Yorke, I refuse...
First Sgt. Festus Mulcahy: Get outta here, ya skirt! Or I'll put ya across me knee and belt the pants off'ya! Get out now!
[O'Rourke rides after Yorke as the troopers start laughing]
First Sgt. Festus Mulcahy: As you were, men!
[Draws his sabre]

[Philadelphia is visiting in the home of the O'Rourke's - Col. Thursday comes in, displeased]
Lt. Col. Thursday: Come, Phil.
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: Col. Thursday, sir, I would like...
Lt. Col. Thursday: Mr. O'Rourke, I want no words with you at this time.
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: But, Colonel, sir...
Lt. Col. Thursday: You heard me, sir. Now get out of here before I say something I may regret.
RSM Mchael O'Rourke: This is my home, Colonel Owen Thursday. And in my home I will say who is to get out and who is to stay. And I will remind the Colonel that his presence here - uninvited - is contrary to Army regulations... not to mention the code of a well-mannered man!
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: Dad, please. Col. Thursday, sir, what I've been trying to tell you, sir, is that I love your daughter; and I ask her now, in your presence,
[turns to Philadelphia]
2nd Lt. Michael O'Rourke: to be my wife.
Philadelphia Thursday: Yes, Michael.