Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke
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Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke (Character)
from Fort Apache (1948)

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Rio Grande (1950)
[Lt. Col. York lectures new recruits]
Lt. Col. Kirby York: I don't want you men to be fooled about what's coming up for you. Torture, at least that. The War Department promised me 180 men. They sent me eighteen. You are the eighteen... so each of you will have to do the work of ten men. If you fail, I'll have you spread-eagled on a wagon wheel. If you desert, you'll be found, tracked down and broken into bits. That is all.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: But put out of your mind any romantic ideas that it's a way of glory. It's a life of suffering and hardship, an uncompromising devotion to your oath and your duty.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: But he must learn that a man's word to anything, even his own destruction, is his honor.

[York plans the rescue of children held prisoner by Apaches]
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Is it dark enough for you to get in there?
Trooper Travis Tyree: With two men I pick, sir.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Two men you pick? I know you're a excellent judge of horse flesh, Trooper Tyree. You proved that when you stole my horse. But how are you as a judge of men for a dangerous mission?
Trooper Travis Tyree: I consider myself a good judge of men I trust, sir.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: Any liquor in this village?
Trooper Travis Tyree: Mucho tequila. They were slugging it down copious like when I left.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Drums? Singing?
Trooper Travis Tyree: Yes, sir.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Vengeance dance. They'll dance until dawn.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: You said it, soldier, that's enough for me!
Mrs. Kathleen York: Ramrod, wreckage and ruin, still the same Kirby York.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Special privileges to special born, still the same Kathleen.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: [breaking up a solders' fight] Qincannon, what started this?
Sgt. Maj. Timothy Quincannon: I refuse to answer sir... respectfully.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Heinze?
Sgt. Maj. Timothy Quincannon: I refuse to answer, sir.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Yorke?
Trooper Jefferson 'Jeff' Yorke: No, sir.
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Soldiers' fight, eh? Carry on.
[leaves the site]
Trooper Heinze: Sorry, soldier.
Trooper Jefferson 'Jeff' Yorke: Thanks, Heinze.

Lt. Col. Kirby York: At Chapultopec, my father, your grandfather, shot for cowardice the son of a United States senator

Lt. Col. Kirby York: [Jeff holds his salute] What are you waiting for?
Trooper Jefferson 'Jeff' Yorke: Trooper Yorke expects his salute to be retuned, sir. Army regulations.
[Quincannon laughs]
Lt. Col. Kirby York: Quincannon!
[Col. Yorke rises, salutes]