Pvt. Jim Paxton
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Pvt. Jim Paxton (Character)
from Tigerland (2000)

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Tigerland (2000)
Staff Sgt. Thomas: What's the purpose of this cluster fuck?
Bozz: [spoken quickly] Wilson tried to switch targets with Cantwell, Sergeant.
Wilson: What?
Jim: [talking quickly] True Sergeant I saw him do it!

Bozz: If I told you there was a bunch of people around here who could get us to Mexico, away from the war, would you go?
Paxton: No... no I wouldn't. I enlisted, so there is a place for me... and if I don't go, somebody is gonna take that place. And if they die, they're dying for me.

[first lines]
Paxton: [voice-over] My father said the army makes all men one, but you never know which one. He didn't know Roland Bozz.

[last lines]
Paxton: [voice-over] I never saw Bozz again. Some guys said he died in Nam, but he was never listed. Some said he just disappeared over there. One guy called me and said he thought he saw him in Mexico a few years ago with a beautiful woman. But knowing Bozz, he'd be pissed off I was talking about him anyway.