Keith Charles
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Keith Charles (Character)
from "Six Feet Under" (2001)

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"Six Feet Under: The Foot (#1.3)" (2001)
Keith Charles: Most guys I meet, they kinda just want me to be one thing.
Claire Fisher: What? Like, big black sex cop?

Keith Charles: David, I can help, I'm a cop. That's what I do for a living.
David Fisher: You find feet?

Claire Fisher: I was following him home to get it back. When I saw him toss it. Now I've been here for hours and I can't find it.
Keith Charles: Describe it to me again?
Claire Fisher: It's a foot.

"Six Feet Under: Familia (#1.4)" (2001)
Officer Keith Charles: The next time you call someone a fuckin' fag, you make sure that fag's not an LA police officer... You got that?
[shoves badge into redneck's head]
Officer Keith Charles: Understand me?
Redneck SUV Driver: [whimpering] Yeah.
Officer Keith Charles: Now you got my badge, file a complaint, I dare you. Now get your punk ass outta here, fuckin' bitch.

Officer Keith Charles: What's right is getting her some top-shelf legal counsel and having her plead the fifth. I don't care what you have to do. Just keep her out of the system. She'll be eaten alive.

Officer Keith Charles: I know where you are. I was there. And I'll wait for you because I love you. But I'm not moving backwards for anybody.

"Six Feet Under: The Silence (#5.7)" (2005)
David Fisher: Kids should look out into the audience and have someone rooting for them. You know when I was in seventh grade, I was a sailor in "Anything Goes"?
Keith Charles: I know. You bring it up once a week.
David Fisher: Well, my mother came, but my father didn't.
Keith Charles: Why not?
David Fisher: Plane crash. He had to deal with a whole family that died.

David Fisher: I'm really glad you decided to come. It means a lot to me.
Keith Charles: Yeah, well, uh, I've always wanted to see a musical celebration of biodiversity.
David Fisher: Now remember, if you see Durell look in our direction, just scrunch down.
Keith Charles: What do you mean?
David Fisher: I didn't tell him we were going to be here.
Keith Charles: Why not?
David Fisher: Because I'm scared of him.
Keith Charles: I thought the whole point of this was to give him emotional support.
David Fisher: We are. He just doesn't know it. Let's keep it that way. Ooh, its starting!
[Lights dim]

"Six Feet Under: Falling into Place (#4.1)" (2004)
Claire: [Nate enters Fisher's kitchen with a stern and very beaten face] What happened to you?
Nate: Lisa's dead.
David: Ohhhh shit!
Nate: Her body washed up near Carpinteria a few days ago. Some kids found it.
Claire: Fuck.
Nate: It took the lab till yesterday to figure out it was her.
David: Do they know what happened?
Nate: She drowned.
David: She just... drowned?
Nate: That's what they said. No evidence of anything else.
Officer Keith Charles: But she could swim, right?
Nate: Yeah, it just looks like she drowned.
David: God!
Nate: So I have to go to the coroner up there and get her.
David: I'll come with you.
Nate: Thanks.
Claire: Nate, what happened to your face?
Nate: I got it in a fight.
George Sibley: [Ruth and George enter the kitchen] Good morning, morning glories! I hope we didn't keep any of your folks up last night.
[They see Nate]
David: They found Lisa's body. She's dead.
Ruth: Oh Lord! I'm sorry.
[Cuddles Nate]
Nate: So am I. So am I.

Officer Keith Charles: I gotta quit my job, that's the one thing I gotta do...
David: I think you should.
Officer Keith Charles: No, I mean it this time. Everybody in security is a fuckin' asshole.

"Six Feet Under: Coming and Going (#4.8)" (2004)
Celeste: [while seducing Keith] I don't get fucked in the ass.
Keith Charles: That makes one of us.

"Six Feet Under: Eat a Peach (#5.5)" (2005)
Officer Keith Charles: [They look at themselves in a mirror] Look at us. You know what we look like?
David: Homos?
[They laugh]

"Six Feet Under: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (#2.8)" (2002)
Keith Charles: Lord, for food in a world where many walk in hunger, for faith in a world where many walk in fear, and for friends in a world where many walk alone, we give you thanks, O Lord, on this Christmas Day. Amen.

"Six Feet Under: Everyone's Waiting (#5.12)" (2005)
George Sibley: [Making a toast] To Nate.
David: To Nate.
Bettina: To Nate.
Claire: To Nate.
Officer Keith Charles: To Nate.
Ruth: To my firstborn.
Anthony: To Uncle Nate.
Durrell: Yeah, to Uncle Nate.
Brenda: [to Maya] Can you say "To Daddy"?
Maya Fisher: To Daddy!
Brenda: To Nate.

"Six Feet Under: Pilot (#1.1)" (2001)
Keith Charles: We'll get through this.
David: Yeah, I'll be the strong one, the stable one, the dependable one, because that's what I do. And everyone around me will fall apart. 'Cause that's what they do.
Keith Charles: Hey. Don't you ever get exhausted being so hard on everyone, and yourself?
David: [sigh] Shut up.

"Six Feet Under: The Dare (#4.7)" (2004)
Officer Keith Charles: Javier I'm gay... I have a boyfriend, I sleep with men... I have a lot of sex and it's really really gay.
Javier: ...that's cool man.