Ruth Fisher
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Ruth Fisher (Character)
from "Six Feet Under" (2001)

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"Six Feet Under: Everyone's Waiting (#5.12)" (2005)
George Sibley: [Making a toast] To Nate.
David: To Nate.
Bettina: To Nate.
Claire: To Nate.
Officer Keith Charles: To Nate.
Ruth: To my firstborn.
Anthony: To Uncle Nate.
Durrell: Yeah, to Uncle Nate.
Brenda: [to Maya] Can you say "To Daddy"?
Maya Fisher: To Daddy!
Brenda: To Nate.

Ruth: [talking on the phone] I have to ask you something.
Maggie Sibley: Sure.
Ruth: You were with Nate the night he...
Maggie Sibley: Yes.
Ruth: Was he happy?
Maggie Sibley: He was... feeling, I think, that his life was very complicated.
Ruth: I'm not talking about his life. I'm talking about that night. Was... Was he happy?
Maggie Sibley: He was.
Ruth: Good... Were you?
Maggie Sibley: Yes... Yes I was happy.
Ruth: Good. Thank you for that... It helps.
Maggie Sibley: Ruth... I'm sorry, I have to go.

Ruth: If my experience is anything to go by, motherhood is the loneliest thing in the world. Nathaniel wasn't even here when Nate was born. He was still in Vietnam. Even when he came home and David was born. And having terrible asthma, Nathaniel was never really here for me. Whether it was the war or just him, I don't think I'll ever know.
Brenda: You know Nate and I were.
Ruth: I know, I know. I know he loved you the very best he could. And I know you needed more. So did I. And I hope and pray that you put everything. Everything behind us and let me help you, because I know you're gonna need it.
Ruth: Thank you. I will need it. I do need it.

Ruth: A what?
Marcie: A meth lab.
Bettina: Marcie, get serious!
Ruth: I don't know what that is.
Bettina: Its illegal and she's pulling your leg.
Marcie: We'd make a lot of money.
Bettina: So could opening our own professional assassin service, but that's not gonna happen either.
Ruth: Why not? I think I'd like that.
Marcie: We could steal people's kidneys.
Bettina: Oh, God, no! It's too messy.
Marcie: Ooh, um, I heard on NPR about those people that go in and clean up violent crime scenes. They make a shitload of money!
Ruth: No! I'm not going to clean up someone else's violent crime.
Bettina: Oh, we just have to accept it. There's nothing else. We have to become hookers.
Ruth: I'm thinking of starting a day care service.
Bettina: Seriously?
Ruth: Yes. For dogs.
[All break into laughter]

Claire: [leaving the funeral home to move to New York] Mom.
Ruth: You gave me life. My sweet baby girl... Don't let them work you too hard at you new job.
Claire: I won't, Mom. I really hope you can come and visit.
Ruth: I'll try.
Ruth: [hugs Claire] Oh, Clarie, I pray you'll be filled with hope for as long as you possibly can.
Claire: Thank you for everything and thank you for giving me life.
Ruth: You gave me life.
Claire: Oh my, God, I don't wanna go!

"Six Feet Under: The Foot (#1.3)" (2001)
Ruth Fisher: [after Nate, David and Rico discover that a foot from a corpse is missing, Ruth opens the dryer] Oh my God, what is this?

Ruth Fisher: You wake up one day and your baby's stolen a foot. Where have I been?

Ruth Fisher: You wake up one day and your baby's stolen a foot. Where have I been?
David Fisher: Losing $25,000.

"Six Feet Under: Singing for Our Lives (#5.8)" (2005)
Durrell: You look like a witch.
Ruth Fisher: I assure you, I'm not.
Durrell: I didn't say you were. I said you look like one.

Ruth Fisher: Then you can take me off your list of baby-sitters. I'm taking my cookies.

Ruth Fisher: I think I've already made a mess of it. I don't know why I try and cut my own hair.
Claire: Mom, pamper yourself. Go to a salon. It's not like we're living on the prairie.

"Six Feet Under: Everyone Leaves (#3.10)" (2003)
Ruth Fisher: I guess we all want to be loved. It's hard to say no to that, no matter who it's coming from.

Arthur Martin: [as Ruth does laundry just after they had an argument] I have some kerchiefs and some undershirts... I hear some people call them wife-beaters, which I think is kind of funny...
Ruth Fisher: There's nothing funny about beating your wife.

"Six Feet Under: Life's Too Short (#1.9)" (2001)
Nikolai: Are you going with your little friend, the one with the funny car?
Ruth Fisher: It's an electric car and it's very good for the environment.
[Nikolai laughs]
Ruth Fisher: Why are you laughing?
Nikolai: Because you're not.

Ruth Fisher: [to the vision of Nathaniel Fisher] We were such children when we met. Then we watched those children disappear.

"Six Feet Under: Ecotone (#5.9)" (2005)
Hiram Gunderson: Say my name.
Ruth Fisher: Hiram! Get off me!

Ruth Fisher: Oh, go give yourself a handjob!

"Six Feet Under: The Secret (#2.10)" (2002)
Ruth Fisher: So, what's new?
Brenda Chenowith: Actually, I spent all night doing it with this couple from Orange County, and I have absolutely no idea why.

Nikolai: Ruthie, why do I want little cherries in my drawers?
Ruth Fisher: It's hard to explain. You just do.

"Six Feet Under: Familia (#1.4)" (2001)
Ruth Fisher: Mr. Powerful and his entourage are here.

Ruth Fisher: I have to ask you something.
Claire: OK.
Ruth Fisher: You promise to give me an honest answer?
Claire: Maybe.
Ruth Fisher: Did you set that fire?
Claire: No, Mom, I would never do anything like that.
[Ruth looks relieved]
Claire: I may have swiped that foot, though.

"Six Feet Under: Coming and Going (#4.8)" (2004)
Ruth Fisher: I want to know why your other wives left you!
George Sibley: Because they asked too many fucking questions!

"Six Feet Under: The Liar and the Whore (#2.11)" (2002)
Ruth Fisher: Claire, are you depressed?
Claire Fisher: I'm not going to even answer that.
Ruth Fisher: Well, whatever you're going through, I hope you're not going to blame me.

"Six Feet Under: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (#2.8)" (2002)
Ruth Fisher: Well, when are you going to invite him? I need to know how many yams to buy.
Claire: Look - if he's coming, I'll tell him to bring his own yam.

"Six Feet Under: The Plan (#2.3)" (2002)
Ruth Fisher: I joined "The Plan".
Claire Fisher: Isn't that like a cult or something?
Nate Fisher: No, it's one of those '70s self-discovery clubs that yell at you and don't let you go to the bathroom for 12 hours, right?
Ruth Fisher: [takes out yogurt cup] I think this will do. All right, I'm leaving you without dinner. I'll be back really late.
Claire Fisher: This whole concept of Mom self-actualizing is making me nauseous.
Nate Fisher: You're sure it's that and not the concept of Mom pissing in a plastic jar?

"Six Feet Under: In the Game (#2.1)" (2002)
Ruth Fisher: David, are you bringing a special friend to dinner?
David Fisher: Why are my friends always special?
Ruth Fisher: Okay, then. If you're having sex with anyone, is he coming to dinner?

"Six Feet Under: Dancing for Me (#5.2)" (2005)
George Sibley: What do you call an Italian hooker?
[Ruth looks at him but doesn't answer]
George Sibley: A pasta-tute.
Ruth Fisher: That kind of humour doesn't really appeal to me, George.
George Sibley: I guess it's not that funny.
Ruth Fisher: You're Goddamn right it's not funny! None of this is funny! You tricked me into marrying you! You knew you were crazy and didn't tell me, and now I have to take care of you for the rest of my life! What did I do to fucking deserve this!

"Six Feet Under: The Will (#1.2)" (2001)
Claire Fisher: Great. So I get nothing.
Ruth Fisher: You get an education, Claire, something not all people are privileged to.
Claire Fisher: Well, what if I don't want to go to college?
Attorney: Nowadays college is a necessity in life not only to succeed, but to survive.
Claire Fisher: Spare me the tough-love rationalization, just bottom-line it, please.
Attorney: If you choose not to go to college, the money will be available to you when you're 25.
Claire Fisher: It's like blackmail from beyond the grave.

"Six Feet Under: I'll Take You (#2.12)" (2002)
Ruth Fisher: I would like to go on record as saying I am in full support of you going to art school.
Claire Fisher: Consider it recorded. But I'm just taking a tour. Let's not get our panties in a wad over it.

"Six Feet Under: Falling into Place (#4.1)" (2004)
Claire: [Nate enters Fisher's kitchen with a stern and very beaten face] What happened to you?
Nate: Lisa's dead.
David: Ohhhh shit!
Nate: Her body washed up near Carpinteria a few days ago. Some kids found it.
Claire: Fuck.
Nate: It took the lab till yesterday to figure out it was her.
David: Do they know what happened?
Nate: She drowned.
David: She just... drowned?
Nate: That's what they said. No evidence of anything else.
Officer Keith Charles: But she could swim, right?
Nate: Yeah, it just looks like she drowned.
David: God!
Nate: So I have to go to the coroner up there and get her.
David: I'll come with you.
Nate: Thanks.
Claire: Nate, what happened to your face?
Nate: I got it in a fight.
George Sibley: [Ruth and George enter the kitchen] Good morning, morning glories! I hope we didn't keep any of your folks up last night.
[They see Nate]
David: They found Lisa's body. She's dead.
Ruth: Oh Lord! I'm sorry.
[Cuddles Nate]
Nate: So am I. So am I.

"Six Feet Under: An Open Book (#1.5)" (2001)
Ruth Fisher: Claire... wake up! We're leaving, pack up!
Claire Fisher: Oh, my God, Mom, I feel like Anne Frank!
Ruth Fisher: If you don't hurry, we'll have to go spinning!
Claire Fisher: Oh, my God!

"Six Feet Under: Time Flies (#5.4)" (2005)
Ruth: Well seriously. What kind of a plan is that, to let a sick bird run wild in the house pooping?

"Six Feet Under: The New Person (#1.10)" (2001)
Ruth Fisher: Thank you. I've had the best time coming to this funny little restaurant and having you yell at me in the bathroom.