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George Sibley (Character)
from "Six Feet Under" (2001)

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"Six Feet Under: Everyone's Waiting (#5.12)" (2005)
George Sibley: [Making a toast] To Nate.
David: To Nate.
Bettina: To Nate.
Claire: To Nate.
Officer Keith Charles: To Nate.
Ruth: To my firstborn.
Anthony: To Uncle Nate.
Durrell: Yeah, to Uncle Nate.
Brenda: [to Maya] Can you say "To Daddy"?
Maya Fisher: To Daddy!
Brenda: To Nate.

George Sibley: [after her reminder that he left her and her brother, never to fully regain contact] I'm sorry.
Maggie Sibley: Don't be. That's the way life is, right? I mean, you ruin things, you walk away. You go somewhere else until it's ruined... Just let me go.

"Six Feet Under: Coming and Going (#4.8)" (2004)
Ruth Fisher: I want to know why your other wives left you!
George Sibley: Because they asked too many fucking questions!

"Six Feet Under: Twilight (#3.12)" (2003)
George Sibley: If you marry six people, a few of them are gonna die.

"Six Feet Under: Dancing for Me (#5.2)" (2005)
George Sibley: What do you call an Italian hooker?
[Ruth looks at him but doesn't answer]
George Sibley: A pasta-tute.
Ruth Fisher: That kind of humour doesn't really appeal to me, George.
George Sibley: I guess it's not that funny.
Ruth Fisher: You're Goddamn right it's not funny! None of this is funny! You tricked me into marrying you! You knew you were crazy and didn't tell me, and now I have to take care of you for the rest of my life! What did I do to fucking deserve this!

"Six Feet Under: Falling into Place (#4.1)" (2004)
Claire: [Nate enters Fisher's kitchen with a stern and very beaten face] What happened to you?
Nate: Lisa's dead.
David: Ohhhh shit!
Nate: Her body washed up near Carpinteria a few days ago. Some kids found it.
Claire: Fuck.
Nate: It took the lab till yesterday to figure out it was her.
David: Do they know what happened?
Nate: She drowned.
David: She just... drowned?
Nate: That's what they said. No evidence of anything else.
Officer Keith Charles: But she could swim, right?
Nate: Yeah, it just looks like she drowned.
David: God!
Nate: So I have to go to the coroner up there and get her.
David: I'll come with you.
Nate: Thanks.
Claire: Nate, what happened to your face?
Nate: I got it in a fight.
George Sibley: [Ruth and George enter the kitchen] Good morning, morning glories! I hope we didn't keep any of your folks up last night.
[They see Nate]
David: They found Lisa's body. She's dead.
Ruth: Oh Lord! I'm sorry.
[Cuddles Nate]
Nate: So am I. So am I.

"Six Feet Under: Time Flies (#5.4)" (2005)
Billy Chenowith: It's hard to get your shit together with someone watching all the time.
George Sibley: Yeah, it is. But when no one's watching, then where are you? Where the fuck are you then?