Dr. Walter Jenning
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Dr. Walter Jenning (Character)
from Howard the Duck (1986)

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Howard the Duck (1986)
Dr. Jenning: It feels like something inside me, gnawing at my guts... what's wrong with me?
Beverly: Well... what did you have for lunch?

Dr. Jenning: In the lab that night, we saw a single feather fall. We weren't aware that the rest of you, Howard, had landed in that alley just two miles away. Any questions?
Howard T. Duck: Yeah. Where are my pants?

Dr. Jenning: It was just a routine procedure, meant to measure the density of the gases that surround Alpha Centauri. However, partway through the experiment, there was a deviation, and, uh... we lost control of the laser spectroscope.
Howard T. Duck: What do you mean, "lost control"?
Dr. Jenning: Some unknown force was redirecting the laser beam from its original target, so that it hit your planet instead.
Howard T. Duck: Hit my planet? How about 'hit my living room'? Talk about an invasion of privacy!

[Jenning has almost crashed into a diner]
Howard T. Duck: You think that's funny, Jenning?
Dr. Jenning: I'm not Jenning anymore! The transformation is complete. I am now... someone else.
Howard T. Duck: Try telling that to your insurance company.

Dr. Jenning: I told you, bird-brain, I am not Jenning anymore! I am now one of the Dark Overlords of the Universe.
Beverly: Hmm, Dark Overlord of the Universe?
Howard T. Duck: That must be quite a responsibility.

Dr. Jenning: [at the diner, as the Dark Overlord] I have disguised my true form, which would be considered... hideous and revolting, here.
Beverly: Lucky for the people eating.

[the diner has turned into turmoil]
Dr. Jenning: [as the Dark Overlord] An evil unlike any you can imagine is about to engulf the Earth.
Waitress: Oh, no, no, we are fighting here all the time.

Dr. Jenning: The world is in great danger.
Howard T. Duck: Yeah, it certainly is when *you're* out on the highway.

State Trooper: I wanna see your license, "Jack"!
Dr. Jenning: [as the Dark Overlord] I have no license. I am *not* Jack.
[electrocutes state trooper]

Dr. Jenning: [setting fire to the diner] If you can't take the heat, get out of that kitchen!

Dr. Jenning: You are about to make history a second time, my little friend.
Howard T. Duck: Thanks. But once was plenty.

Dr. Jenning: [In demon form] Eat claw, duck!