Phil Blumburtt
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Phil Blumburtt (Character)
from Howard the Duck (1986)

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Howard the Duck (1986)
Phil Blumburtt: DUCK!
Howard T. Duck: And proud of it!

Phil Blumburtt: [working on the ultralight] Did you find the toolbox?
Howard T. Duck: Yeah, I know why you want a toolbox - you got a screw loose.

Phil Blumburtt: Howard, in prehistoric times you flew. Fly, Howard! Find your instincts, trust your birdness, FLY!

[Howard and Phil have landed in a pond]
Howard T. Duck: Philsy, help! Philsy, help me!
Phil Blumburtt: Never heard of a duck that couldn't swim.
Howard T. Duck: Shut up and save me!

Phil Blumburtt: I've already got a theory.
Beverly: What theory?
Phil Blumburtt: Well, this is, of course, the evolutionary ladder showing how man progressed from monkey to me, for instance.
Howard T. Duck: You consider that progress? Jeez, you're all hairless apes? That's really disgusting.
Phil Blumburtt: Now, I want you both to imagine, somewhere in the universe, is Howard's world. Picture it, in your mind, a world almost exactly like ours except the progenitor of the dominant species was not a monkey - but, a duck!
Howard T. Duck: Sound theory. Every school duck knows this stuff!

Phil Blumburtt: Hi, sorry I missed the show. I came to watch you undress though and I brought a pizza.

Phil Blumburtt: Get out of there. Duck!
Howard T. Duck: And proud of it.