Captain Bialar Crais
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Captain Bialar Crais (Character)
from "Farscape" (1999)

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"Farscape: Into the Lion's Den: Part 2 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (#3.21)" (2002)
Captain Biallar Crais: Scorpius. I am just making my final goodbyes.
Scorpius: Where are you, Crais?
Captain Biallar Crais: I am standing in your heart, and I am about to squeeze.

Captain Biallar Crais: [last words] Talyn... starburst.

Captain Bialar Crais: All that I have cared for have gone: my parents were taken away from me, my brother dead - so now I live, I plan, I do all in the service of my own interests. In that I believe I am not unique in the universe.

"Farscape: Infinite Possibilities: Part 1 - Daedalus Demands (#3.14)" (2001)
Stark: It's working, working!
Capt. Bialar Crais: Is the navigation console responding?
Stark: No. But I'm feeling better.

Capt. Bialar Crais: What can you see?
Stark: Damage! Damage! Damage!
Capt. Bialar Crais: Whatever would I do without your verbal gifts?
Stark: Oh you want more words? Well the conduits are damaged. Bulkheads: damaged. External sensors: damaged too. There is nothing that is not damaged.
Capt. Bialar Crais: Least of all you.
Stark: I can see.
Capt. Bialar Crais: If only you could think.

"Farscape: Family Ties (#1.22)" (2000)
Captain Bailar Crais: Allow me to make a case for my value in these... negotiations, your highness.
Dominar Rygel XVI: Hmm?
[shoves Rygell head-first into his own bath water]
Dominar Rygel XVI: You madman!
Captain Bailar Crais: Do you know what this is?
Dominar Rygel XVI: You madman!
Captain Bailar Crais: This is your death certificate. Proof you expired.
Dominar Rygel XVI: You're early. Come back tomorrow, huh!
Captain Bailar Crais: I am not your reaper. Scorpius is. Did you really think you could strike an honest bargain with a Scarran half-breed like him? The moment Crichton is in custody, he's ordered your execution to show everyone what he thinks of traitors. Slow death.
Dominar Rygel XVI: Why tell me?
Captain Bailar Crais: Because, ironically, we find ourselves in similar situations. No matter what I do, I have no life beyond court-martial, incarceration, execution.

Captain Bailar Crais: Your intelligence would qualify significantly for promotion.
Officer Aeryn Sun: Pity. I don't think a referral from you would mean anything now.

"Farscape: Green Eyed Monster (#3.8)" (2001)
Captain Biallar Crais: John...
John Crichton: Don't call me John!
Captain Biallar Crais: Crichton, then. Are you accusing me of theft?
Aeryn Sun: Talyn, you've seen them both naked. Perhaps you can tell us who's bigger.

John Crichton: That's no moon.
Captain Biallar Crais: Talyn, focus on propulsion.
John Crichton: That's a Budong!

"Farscape: Won't Get Fooled Again (#2.15)" (2000)
Captain Biallar Crais: Freeze. You're under arrest. You have the right to the remains of a silent attorney. If you cannot afford one... tough noogies. You can make ONE phone call. I recommend Trixie: 976-Triple-5-LOVE. Do you understand these rights as I've explained them to you?
John Crichton: No
Captain Biallar Crais: Then I can't arrest you!

Captain Biallar Crais: I like your style, hombre, but this is no laughing matter. Assault on a police officer, theft of police property, illegal possession of a firearm, five counts of attempted murder. That comes to 29 dollars and 40 cents. Cash, check or credit card?

"Farscape: Thanks for Sharing (#3.7)" (2001)
Capt. Bialar Crais: You don't believe me, Crichton.
John Crichton: Only because I know you.

"Farscape: Unrealized Reality (#4.11)" (2002)
[During an "interview" with an Ancient]
Zhaan: As a Pa'u, I am generally the teacher. But with John... I learned as much as I gave.
Jool: Whenever he touched me, there was an almost... electric caring.
Captain Biallar Crais: John Crichton... made me a better captain...
Stark: I sensed a, a purity of spirit.
Captain Biallar Crais: ...a better leader...
Stark: A purity of soul.
Captain Biallar Crais: ...a better man.

"Farscape: Relativity (#3.10)" (2001)
Capt. Bialar Crais: We have no idea where we are going. We could be going around in circles.
John Crichton: We're not going in circles, nimrod, 'cause we've never been here before. We're completely lost.

"Farscape: Infinite Possibilities: Part 2 - Icarus Abides (#3.15)" (2001)
Capt. Bialar Crais: Scarran dreadnaught, this Captain Bialar Crais, Peacekeeper. Approach any closer, you will be engaged and destroyed.
Stark: They must be terrified.

"Farscape: Meltdown (#3.12)" (2001)
Stark: Must find Sierjna.
Captain Bialar Crais: Stark? Stark! You release control of Talyn at once.
John Crichton: Good old Stark, count on him to jump right in and wig right out.

"Farscape: The Ugly Truth (#2.17)" (2000)
[Crais is explaining to Crichton that he didn't start the fight in which Talyn was severely injured]
Captain Crais: You don't believe me, Crichton.
John Crichton: Only because I know you.

"Farscape: Premiere (#1.1)" (1999)
Captain Biallar Crais: Human? It will require some study. I will personally enjoy pulling you apart to see what you're made of.