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Quotes for
Jen (Character)
from The Dark Crystal (1982)

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The Dark Crystal (1982)
Jen: The prophecy didn't say anything about this!
Kira: Prophets don't know everything!

Jen: [reading the prophecy] When single shines the triple sun/What was sundered and undone/Shall be whole, the two made one/By gelfling hand or else by none.

Jen: Wings? I don't have wings!
Kira: Of course not. You're a boy.

Aughra: Where is he?
Jen: He's dead.
Aughra: Could be anywhere, then.

Jen: Where is this Augrah? How does she look like? How will I find her? "Follow the Greatest Sun for a day to the home of Augrah"... hmph. Some directions!

Jen: Are you a Gelfling? Like me?
Kira: [surprised] Yes!
Jen: I thought I was the only one.
Kira: I thought I was.

Jen: I wish I'd never heard of this shard!

Jen: Dear, dear master. I'll find the shard. I'm not ready to go alone...
Jen: Alright. Alone then.

Aughra: Now, ask what the Great Conjunction is, what's the Great Conjunction?
Jen: What's the Great Conjunction? You tell me!
Aughra: THE GREAT CONJUNCTION IS THE END OF THE WORLD! Or the beginning. Hm! End of Aughra? Hmph! End, Begin, all the same, Big Change...

Jen: Where are we?
Kira: Safe.
Jen: I don't think anywhere is safe any more.

Kira: What's writing?
Jen: Words that stay. My master taught me.

Jen: Wings? You have wings! I don't have wings
Kira: Of course not - you're a boy

Jen: [Aughra pours out some shards] Which one is it?
Aughra: Don't know? MmmmmMmmmmah! Don't know? Listen, Gelfling, there is much to be learned. And you have no time.

Jen: Oh, Master, nothing is simple any more.