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Dave Silk (Character)
from Miracle (2004)

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Miracle (2004)
Rob McClanahan: [from across the room] Hey Rizzo! What's going on?
Mike Eruzione: Mac!
[turns to O.C]
Mike Eruzione: Easy big guy.
Jack O'Callahan: [referring to Eruzione and Silk] I don't know how the two of you can sit in the same room with that clown.
Mike Eruzione: Let it go. It's over. Let it go.
Cox: What's going on here?
Dave Silk: O.C's got a little unfinished business over there.
Jack O'Callahan: Not for long I don't.
Mike Eruzione: Hey what did I tell you man?
Cox: McClanahan? You're not still going on about the 76 playoffs are you? O come on O.C. that was like three years ago!
Jack O'Callahan: YOu know what Coxy let me ask you a question. Why'd you wanna play college hockey?
Cox: Isn't it obvious? For the girls!
Jack O'Callahan: I'm serious Coxy. Why'd you wanna play college hockey?
Cox: Cause I love to play hockey. I wanna go to the NHL just like everyone does.
Jack O'Callahan: Well I wanted to win a national championship. That panzey over there cheap shots me. I get tossed out of the game. He steals the ring right off my finger! How would you feel?
Mike Eruzione: Everyone was throwin cheap shots that night.
Jack O'Callahan: You know Rizzo. It's funny you say that. Cause I was just wondering what side you're on!
Mike Eruzione: I'm on your side!
Jack O'Callahan: You know it really seems that way.