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Doc Nagobads (Character)
from Miracle (2004)

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Miracle (2004)
Doc: Ah, so much hate and fear.
Craig Patrick: What?
Doc: Between the Soviets and the West. All these nuclear weapons pointed at each other. It's bound to end up in disaster.
Craig Patrick: Aw come on, Doc, they'll work it out. They don't have any other choice right?
Doc: I hope so, but it just seems to me like some people just never get along.
Craig Patrick: Like hockey players from Boston and Minnesota.
Doc: Our own private Cold War.

Craig Patrick: Hey, Doc, let me ask you a question.
Doc: Well, of course.
Craig Patrick: You've worked with Herb for a long time, right?
Doc: I've known Herb for quite some time.
Craig Patrick: So let me ask you, does he always treat his players like this?
Doc: No... no, this I have never seen. No - but Craig, Herb has a reason for everything he does.
Craig Patrick: Well, he's gonna end up with 20 players who hate his guts.
Doc: Well, maybe if they hate him they won't have time to hate each other.