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Jim Craig (Character)
from Miracle (2004)

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Miracle (2004)
Jim Craig: Wait a second, I've given you all I've got, and now you're pulling the plug on me?
Herb Brooks: Have you? Given me your very best? Because I know there's a lot more in you, a whole other level, that for some reason you just don't want to go to!... Aww, what the hell, you don't understand what the hell I'm talking about.
Jim Craig: No... you know what I understand, Herb? I don't understand you, nobody on this team understands you. You, with your ridiculous sayings, and your drills, and those stupid psychology tests that you had everybody take-
[cut off by Herb]
Herb Brooks: Everybody?
[Starts jogging up the stairs, while Jimmy yells after him]
Jim Craig: What, so this is what this is all about? Because I didn't take your test? Fine, you want me to take your test, I'll take your test. Is that what you want?
Herb Brooks: No. I wanna see the kid in the net who wouldn't take the test.
[walks up the remaining stairs, and out the door, with Jimmy staring after him]

Jack O'Callahan: [walking up to Craig, who's reading the tryout roster] Jimmy Craig.
Jim Craig: Hey, Jack.
Jack O'Callahan: What's up, you sieve?
Jim Craig: [shakes hands] How's it going?
Jack O'Callahan: Good.
Jim Craig: [referring to tryout roster] Is there any reason why Joey Mullen's not here?
Jack O'Callahan: Yeah, about thirty thousand of them all sitting in his New York bank account.
Jim Craig: He got a $30,000 signing bonus?
Jack O'Callahan: Crazy, isn't it?
Jim Craig: Yeah.
Jack O'Callahan: [referring to tryout roster] How's it looking?
Jim Craig: [pauses and starts walking into locker room] A lotta guys from Minnesota and Boston.
Jack O'Callahan: Yeah, *that's* gonna work.

Herb Brooks: I'm thinking about sitting you down Jim.
Jim Craig: What? Wait what are you talking about?
Herb Brooks: No, it's not your fault. I played you way too much, and you're too tired. Besides that, I think it's time I give Janny a look. He's been waiting for seven months.
Jim Craig: YOu're kidding me? Now?
Herb Brooks: Of course I mean now!
Jim Craig: That's my net man. You can't do that!
Herb Brooks: They just scored ten goals Jim. Right now it's everybody's net.

Mike Ramsey: This is ridiculous.
Mike Eruzione: Don't worry about it, Rammer. It'll be all right. Right OC?
Jack O'Callahan: Herb's not gonna do a damn thing boys. He's just messing with our minds.
Jim Craig: Oh, you think so, Jack?
Jack O'Callahan: Yeah I do.
Jim Craig: Well, we all know Herb made the Olympic team back in sixty.
Jack O'Callahan: So?
Jim Craig: So a week before the games, Coach Riley calls him in his office and sends him home.
Jack O'Callahan: What's your point?
Jim Craig: My point, Jack is that one week later Herb's home on his couch with his old man watching his team win the gold medal. Come that close and get nothing. He'll do whatever it takes. That's my point.

Herb Brooks: You know, I've been meaning to ask you, how's your family doing?
[referring to how his family is coping since his mother's death]
Jim Craig: They're doing all right.
Herb Brooks: And you?
Jim Craig: I'm doing okay.
Herb Brooks: Look, I've got twenty-six guys trying to make this team; Jim, only twenty are going to Lake Placid, so I have to know now how committed you are to being here, because if you're not, you're just wasting our time.
Jim Craig: Look, Coach, my dad's going through a rough time right now. He's got nothing, he lost his job, and with Atlanta trying to sign me...
[trails off]
Jim Craig: [Herb turns to leave, but then Jimmy keeps talking] Bottom line: my mom wanted this, me playing on this team. Can't say no to someone who drove me to practice everyday right?
Herb Brooks: You still haven't answered my question, Jim.
Jim Craig: I'm here, aren't I?
Herb Brooks: I'll see you in the morning.
[pauses, throws Jimmy's test in the garbage as he walks away]
Herb Brooks: Don't forget to bring your game.

Jim Craig: Thanks for coming out.
Donald Craig: I wouldn't have missed it. Hey, you beat Harvard.
[both father and son, start getting emotional]
Jim Craig: Yeah.
[pause, Jimmy starts looking around]
Jim Craig: I should get going.
[Donald nods]
Jim Craig: I love you, Pop.
Donald Craig: You too, son.
[Donald pulls Jimmy into a hug, and pats his back]
Donald Craig: Jimmy?
Jim Craig: Yeah?
Donald Craig: You keep that glove up.
Jim Craig: You got it.

Herb Brooks: [knocks on the door of the dorm room, Jimmy opens it] Hey, Jim.
Jim Craig: Hey Coach.
Herb Brooks: Just wondering why you didn't take this test.
[waves the stack of psychology tests that he has in his hands]
Jim Craig: Yeah, umm... it's nothing against you or anything. I just don't see what it has to do with stopping the puck.
Herb Brooks: That's okay, you just took it anyway.