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Jug Martin (Character)
from Larceny, Inc. (1942)

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Larceny, Inc. (1942)
Jug Martin: Weepy, I don't like the idea of going into a bank through the front door.

Jug Martin: The situation calls for strategy.

Jug Martin: I see the problem, strategy.

Jug Martin: Hey, Pressure, why didn't she ever write me all that time we were in prison?
J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell: Well. maybe it's because she knows you can't read.
Jug Martin: I never thought of that.

Jug Martin: Pressure?
J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell: Yeah?
Jug Martin: What have we got to lose? If we go in with Leo and get caught, we're back in time for the Elmira game. Hunh?
J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell: Ha, you're flannel-brained.
Jug Martin: All right, I still think he's got somethin' hot.
J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell: Yeah, he's got somethin' hot all right! Yeah, a comfortable chair upholstered with wire!

Jug Martin: Why we'll all be typhoons!

Jug Martin: Hey, fellas. look! Let's crack that bank on Sixth Avenue, huh?
J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell: You say that once again, and I'm gonna crack that skull of yours on Seventh Avenue.

Jug Martin: [Talking about the bank] Listen, this is a pushover. Leo told us the vault was in the cellar and it's put together with glue!
Weepy Davis: Hallelujah! I ain't had my hands on a vault in close to a decade!
J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell: Oh, cut it, cut it, you goons! None of that Jesse James stuff! This situation calls for strategy.

J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell: We need finesse for this job.
Jug Martin: Who's that?