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Quotes for
Laure (Character)
from Femme Fatale (2002)

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Femme Fatale (2002)
Nicolas Bardo: I'm sorry... You look so familiar. Haven't we met before, somewhere?
Laure Ash: Only in my dreams.

Laure Ash: I'm a bad girl Nicolas. Real bad. Rotten to the heart.

Laure Ash: So I went back to the states and got everything a bad girl wants.

Laure Ash: [talking about herself] What happened to poor Lily? She must have drowned and washed out to sea.

Laure Ash: You know why no good deed goes unpunished? Because this world is hell and you're nothing but a fucking patsy.

Laure Ash: C'mon, Nicolas. You don't have to lick my ass. Just fuck me!

Laure Ash: What did you do with that other gun I gave you?
Nicolas Bardo: The cops took it.

Laure Ash: Hey how come you're the only man in this room who doesn't want to fuck me.

Laure Ash: [to Nick] Maybe Napolean and I can sail off into the sunset and you can go fuck yourself.

Laure Ash: You didn't think I'd give you a gun loaded with real bullets did you?

Laure Ash: I'm your fucking fairy god-mother. I just dreamt your future. And mine too.

Laure Ash: Do I pull the trigger or do you get your ass on the plane - and have a wonderful life?