Bernie Lomax
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Bernie Lomax (Character)
from Weekend at Bernie's (1989)

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Weekend at Bernie's (1989)
[Bernie has just finished typing up the ransom note intended for Richard and Larry's "big fall"]
Bernie Lomax: [chuckles] Oh, this is good. This is very good.
[puts the note in a suitcase, then gets up and abruptly sees Paulie behind him; freaks out]
Bernie Lomax: Ah! Oh, I didn't hear you come in.
Paulie, Vito's Hit Man: I know. I'm real good at that.
Bernie Lomax: I told ya the guys aren't here yet, did I?
Paulie, Vito's Hit Man: [nods head] It's quite a shack you got here.
Bernie Lomax: Well, it's home.
Paulie, Vito's Hit Man: Ooh, can I have a cigarette?
Bernie Lomax: Hmm?
Paulie, Vito's Hit Man: Cigarette.
Bernie Lomax: [last words] Sure. Sure, sure, sure, sure.
[Bernie bends over to get the cigarettes, but Paulie injects a fatal overdose of heroin in his buttocks]
Bernie Lomax: Ow! Oh, what was th -
[succumbs to the heroin]
Bernie Lomax: Ooh! Ooh, ooh, oooh.
[Bernie slumps back into his desk chair, now dead. Paulie releases the needle from his buttocks]
Paulie, Vito's Hit Man: Quite a ride, huh, Bern?