Gwen Meighen
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Gwen Meighen (Character)
from Airport (1970)

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Airport (1970)
Gwen Meighen: Nuts to the man in 21D.
Ruth: You said it.

Gwen Meighen: Vern, we just don't have time.
Capt. Vernon Demerest: But I have a cab waiting downstairs and we can make the airport in fifteen minutes. Now the driver doesn't mind waiting. His meter's running and so is mine.
Gwen Meighen: But I've got to finish packing.
Capt. Vernon Demerest: You get me up to full throttle then throw me into reverse. You could damage my engine that way.
Gwen Meighen: Look, we'll be in Rome tomorrow, we'll have three days. Try a little patience.
Capt. Vernon Demerest: Or a cold shower.
Gwen Meighen: Think about something else.