Rob Roy MacGregor
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Rob Roy MacGregor (Character)
from Rob Roy (1995)

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Rob Roy (1995)
Archibald Cunningham: What did you do with that bag of guts Killearn? Vex me not, McGregor, or I shall have you dragged a while. And I am a man of my word.
Robert Roy MacGregor: You're a thief, a murderer and a violator of women.
Archibald Cunningham: Aah... I had hoped you'd come to me long since on that score.
Robert Roy MacGregor: If I had known earlier you would have been dead sooner.
Archibald Cunningham: I will tell you something, to take with you. Your wife was far sweeter forced than many are willing. And truth put to it, I think not all of her objected...

Robert Roy MacGregor: If it's a boy, call him Robert. If a lass, name her after my love, Mary McGregor.

Robert Roy MacGregor: Do you know how fine you are to me, Mary MacGregor?
Mary MacGregor: And you to me.

Robert Roy MacGregor: You should have told me, Mary.
Mary MacGregor: Oh Robert, I should have but I could not. You were right.
Robert Roy MacGregor: No, you were right. I must have my own way too often. I should have packed my pride and given Montrose his way!
Mary MacGregor: No, Robert!
Robert Roy MacGregor: And all this has come on us. Craigrostan would still be ours, Alasdair and Coll would be alive...
Mary MacGregor: And wrong would have been done you!
Robert Roy MacGregor: And what about the wrong done you? Wrong past bearing.
Mary MacGregor: No, not past bearing! Not past bearing. Not if I have my Robert, and he has himself. And you would not, not if you had done a lesser man's bidding.
[Robert is silent]
Mary MacGregor: "Honor is the gift a man gives himself." You told our boys that. Would you have stolen from yourself that which makes you Robert Roy MacGregor?

[on their way to Robert's duel with Cunningham]
Duke of Argyll: Tell me, MacGregor, is this matter of honor concerning your wife?
Robert Roy MacGregor: It's concerning me, Your Grace. Mr. Cunningham and I have matters outstanding.
Duke of Argyll: She will not thank you for making her a widow, honor or no.
Robert Roy MacGregor: Perhaps you'd like to wager a sum for her maintenance.
Duke of Argyll: Well, if it will help you die any the easier, I'll lay twenty guineas for her.
Robert Roy MacGregor: Fifty would go further.
Duke of Argyll: By God, you have a style to you, MacGregor! I like that!

Mary MacGregor: Robert, there is more. I am carrying a child and I do not know who is the father."
Robert Roy MacGregor: Ach, Mary...
Mary MacGregor: I could not kill it, husband.
Robert Roy MacGregor: It's not the child that needs killing.

Robert Roy MacGregor: Did you boys know there's going to be a new addition to the family?
Duncan MacGregor: Is it inside you?
Mary MacGregor: Yes.
Duncan MacGregor: How does it get out?
Robert Roy MacGregor: Same road it got in.

[Robert asks the Duke to arrange a duel with Cunningham]
Duke of Argyll: MacGregor!
Robert Roy MacGregor: Sir?
Duke of Argyll: He will kill you, MacGregor. I would lose money I wagered otherwise.
Robert Roy MacGregor: Your lordship has my permission to profit what way he will.

Referee: You are here on a matter of honor. I am here to see that you settle it honorably. There will be no back-stabbing, you will not throw your blades, nor will you use weapons other than those agreed. If quarter should be asked...
Robert Roy MacGregor: No quarter will be asked.
Archibald Cunningham: Or given.

Duke of Argyll: I will know who to wager on, the next time.
Robert Roy MacGregor: [utterly mirthless chuckle] I hope Your Grace will live so long.

Will Guthrie: I hear you back-stabbed Tam Sibbald.
Robert Roy MacGregor: Were you and Tam kin?
Will Guthrie: Near enough. I shagged his sister.
Killearn: [whispered aside] Likely so did Tam.

Robert Roy MacGregor: What passes for honor with me is likely the same as what passes with Your Lordship. When my word is given, it is good.
Montrose: Well, you are to be congratulated on such cheaply-bought nobility.

Montrose: You are damned, MacGregor. Damned to hell.
Robert Roy MacGregor: [laughing] Come, Your Lordship. Leave the Devil some work. You've done enough for one day.

Robert Roy MacGregor: There best be no skullduggery here, Killearn. Alan McDonald stands under my protection.
Killearn: [sarcastic] Well, that's a great comfort to us all, I must say. What with a thousand pounds at risk.

Robert Roy MacGregor: [on the interest owed to Montrose] Aye, that's the price of cash.

Son: Father, will the MacGregors ever be kings again?
Robert Roy MacGregor: All men with honor are kings. But not all kings have honor.
Son: What is honor?
Robert Roy MacGregor: Honor is...
[Mary looking on]
Robert Roy MacGregor: what no man can give ya. And none can take away. Honor is a man's gift to himself.
Son: Do women have it?
Robert Roy MacGregor: Women have the heart of honor. And we cherish and protect it in them. You must never mistreat a woman, or a lame man. Or stand by a see another do so.
Son: How do you know if you have it?
Robert Roy MacGregor: Never worry on the getting of it. It grows in you, and speaks to you. All you need do is listen.

Robert Roy MacGregor: [first spoken lines] How far?
MacDonald: A day. Maybe two.

"The Monkees: Monkees à la Mode (#1.24)" (1967)
Rob Roy Fingerhead: Now then, where's your style?
Mike: Hmm, oh well, we usually keep it in the bathtub.

Madame Quagmyer: Rob Roy, Miss Willis has turned in her story on The Monkees. It is accurate, truthful and completely factual.
Rob Roy Fingerhead: Is she out to destoy us?
Madame Quagmyer: Apparently. I want you to take a crack at it.
Rob Roy Fingerhead: I anticipated you, madame.
[Rob Roy hands over his article]
Madame Quagmyer: Hm! Divoon...

Rob Roy Fingerhead: [in tears] I broke my camera...
Micky: [facing camera] It was a mercy killing.