Helen MacGregor
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Helen MacGregor (Character)
from "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" (1954)

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Rob Roy (1995)
Archibald Cunningham: Think of yourself a scabbard, Mistress McGregor, and I the sword. And a fine fit you were, too.
Mary: I will think on you dead, until my husband makes you so. And then I will think on you no more.

Mary: I love the bones of you, Robert McGregor, but you take too much to heart that canna' be helped.

Robert Roy MacGregor: Do you know how fine you are to me, Mary MacGregor?
Mary MacGregor: And you to me.

[Argyll refuses Mary's initial pleas for help]
Mary: Your Grace, Robert finds himself in this position for taking Your Grace's part.
Duke of Argyll: My part? What cause had he to do that? And in what manner?
Mary: He refused to bear false witness against you, when the Marquis asked him to say that you were a Jacobite, to slander your name at court.
Duke of Argyll: Montrose asked this of him?
Mary: In remission of this debt. But Robert refused.
Duke of Argyll: I did not know your husband bore me such goodwill.
Mary: Indeed, Your Grace, I think he favors you no more than any other great man. "As wolves at lambing," that is his word for you all. Robert refused, not for Your Grace, but for his own honor, which he values above his own family, his kin and his clan, and for which I have oft chided him. But were he otherwise, he would not be Robert Roy MacGregor. Robert would not approve of my coming here to ask you for help, nor come himself if he were here.
Mary: But I have no choice, unless I give him up entire to his enemies. And though I love his honor, it is but a moon-cast shadow to the love I bear him. By the grace of God, I have his child inside me and I will have a father for it.
Duke of Argyll: [much affected] You do your man no dishonor, Mary. Faith, he is a man much blessed by fortune.

Robert Roy MacGregor: You should have told me, Mary.
Mary MacGregor: Oh Robert, I should have but I could not. You were right.
Robert Roy MacGregor: No, you were right. I must have my own way too often. I should have packed my pride and given Montrose his way!
Mary MacGregor: No, Robert!
Robert Roy MacGregor: And all this has come on us. Craigrostan would still be ours, Alasdair and Coll would be alive...
Mary MacGregor: And wrong would have been done you!
Robert Roy MacGregor: And what about the wrong done you? Wrong past bearing.
Mary MacGregor: No, not past bearing! Not past bearing. Not if I have my Robert, and he has himself. And you would not, not if you had done a lesser man's bidding.
[Robert is silent]
Mary MacGregor: "Honor is the gift a man gives himself." You told our boys that. Would you have stolen from yourself that which makes you Robert Roy MacGregor?

Mary MacGregor: Robert, there is more. I am carrying a child and I do not know who is the father."
Robert Roy MacGregor: Ach, Mary...
Mary MacGregor: I could not kill it, husband.
Robert Roy MacGregor: It's not the child that needs killing.

Robert Roy MacGregor: Did you boys know there's going to be a new addition to the family?
Duncan MacGregor: Is it inside you?
Mary MacGregor: Yes.
Duncan MacGregor: How does it get out?
Robert Roy MacGregor: Same road it got in.

Mary: You look bemused.
Betty: No worse bemused than I deserve, Mrs. MacGregor. For I have a bastard's bastard in me. And no home for him when he comes out.

Mary: To these men, the truth is but a lie undiscovered.