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Quotes for
Killearn (Character)
from Rob Roy (1995)

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Rob Roy (1995)
Killearn: She cut me! The bitch cut me! I'm cut bad!
Alasdair MacGregor: Not bad enough for me.
[drowns him]

Will Guthrie: I hear you back-stabbed Tam Sibbald.
Robert Roy MacGregor: Were you and Tam kin?
Will Guthrie: Near enough. I shagged his sister.
Killearn: [whispered aside] Likely so did Tam.

Killearn: My God, what a crew you highlanders are. With your airs and honors, come beggin' a thousand pound as though you were doing the lender a favor. Sheep-shaggers, the lot of ye. Baaa!

Robert Roy MacGregor: There best be no skullduggery here, Killearn. Alan McDonald stands under my protection.
Killearn: [sarcastic] Well, that's a great comfort to us all, I must say. What with a thousand pounds at risk.