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Quotes for
Zero (Character)
from Holes (2003)

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Holes (2003)
Mr. Pendanski: D-I-G. What does that spell?
Zero: [takes shovel and whacks Mr. Pendanski across the face with it] DIG.

Zero: I'm not stupid, I know everyone thinks I am, I just don't like answering stupid questions.

Stanley: You know what I keep thinkin' of?
Zero: What?
Stanley: How fine this Mary Lou must've looked like in a bikini.

Zero: What do you thinks up there?
Stanley: I don't know, a great big Frosty-Freeze?
Zero: Good, 'cause I could use a hot fudge sundae.

Zero: Did they have red X's on them?
Squid: You got Zero to talk.
Armpit: Hey yo, what else can you do Zero?
[Zero looks at his food]
Stanley: Yeah. Yeah they did.

Stanley: I feel really awkward with you reading over my shoulder like that, so...
Zero: I can't read.

Magnet: Nobody messes with the Caveman.
X-Ray: Did you see the Caveman back there?
Stanley: I don't wanna mess with anybody.
Zig-Zag: Come on, Caveman.
Stanley: ...I'm Caveman?
Zero: Better than Barfbag.

Zero: You know, those stars look like a shovel to me.
Stanley: Exactly... Hector, I feel lucky.
Zero: [laughing] The onions have gone to your head.
Stanley: What do you say we dig one more hole?

Stanley: [Hands Zero an onion] Here, eat this.
Zero: What is it?
Stanley: It's a hot-fudge sundae, just eat it.