Dr. Pendanski
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Dr. Pendanski (Character)
from Holes (2003)

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Holes (2003)
Mr. Sir: There ain't nothing down there. We woulda found it by now.
Mr. Pendanski: I wouldn't tell the queen bee that.
Mr. Sir: I ain't on stupid pills!

Mr. Pendanski: Good morning, Theodore!
Armpit: Man, it's Armpit! I don't know no fool named Theodore.
Mr. Pendanski: Well, I don't know no fool named Armpit.
[Hands him water]
Mr. Pendanski: Here's your water, who-ever-you-are.

Mr. Pendanski: D-I-G. What does that spell?
Zero: [takes shovel and whacks Mr. Pendanski across the face with it] DIG.

Mr. Pendanski: Here, Theodore.
Armpit: Man, the name is Armpit.

Mr. Pendanski: They all have their little nicknames, however I prefer to use the names their parents gave them,the names society will recognize them by.

Mr. Pendanski: You are here on account of one person; do you know who that one person is?
Stanley: Yeah, my no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather, that's who it is.
Mr. Pendanski: No, you.

Mr. Pendanski: No one cares about Hector Zeroni.
Stanley: I do.

The Warden Walker: How about you dig, and Caveman can fill the canteens? So what do you want to do?
Mr. Pendanski: I'll fill the canteens.

Mr. Pendanski: I'll have the chicken tenders, Warden.
[falls down again]

Mr. Pendanski: It smells like puke from a mule been 'ruminating on asparagus for two weeks.

Mr. Pendanski: Stanley, if you've got any questions, just ask Theodore. Theodore will be your mentor. Got that, Theodore?
Armpit: Yeah, man. Whatever, dude.
Mr. Pendanski: I'm depending on you. It should be no labor to be nice to your neighbor.

Mr. Pendanski: The early mole digs the deepest hole.

Mr. Sir: What're we gonna do?
The Warden Walker: You'll do as I say.
[puts her hat on and leaves]
Mr. Pendanski: What did she say?
Mr. Sir: Not much.
Mr. Pendanski: What do we do?
Mr. Sir: You'll do as I say.
[puts his hat on and leaves]
Mr. Pendanski: But you didn't say anything either.