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Patty Halliwell (Character)
from "Charmed" (1998)

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"Charmed: That '70s Episode (#1.17)" (1999)
Patty Halliwell: Ready to order?
Patty Halliwell: Take your time. I'll come back.
Piper Halliwell: No! Wait! We're ready. Aren't we, Pru ...
Prue Halliwell: Uh, prunes. Um, prunes. She wants to know if you have any prunes.
Patty Halliwell: Prunes? Sure. Yeah, I think so. I just started here. I'll go check.

Piper Halliwell: This is gonna sound really weird, but we're actually your...
Prue Halliwell: Cousins. From out of town.
Piper Halliwell: Right. Cousins. And we, uh, we need to tell you something really important about the baby that you're carrying, sort of.
Patty Halliwell: Not that this is any of your business, but I can't get pregnant anymore. Medically impossible. Excuse me.

Patty Halliwell: Can't you just bake cookies with them like all the other grandmothers?
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: The recipes they learn from me don't come from Betty Crocker, dear.

Patty Halliwell: How'd you know I was pregnant? Who are you people?
Phoebe Halliwell: Your daughters.

Penny "Grams" Halliwell: Where was I born?
Patty Halliwell: Mom!
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: I'm still not convinced that they're not warlocks.
Prue Halliwell: Boston. In a hotel room. Breech.
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: What was my husband's name?
Prue Halliwell: Which husband?
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: Who's Melinda Warren?
Phoebe Halliwell: The beginning of our family line. She gave us our powers, our destiny.
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: What's the secret ingredient in my blueberry cobbler?
Piper Halliwell: Honey. And a splash of rum.
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: What's IBM selling at in your time?
Patty Halliwell: Mom!

Prue Halliwell: Oops.
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: What happened?
Patty Halliwell: Where did you go?
Piper Halliwell: We didn't go anywhere. We were just standing here, and the next thing we knew ...
Phoebe Halliwell: We were just standing here.

Patty Halliwell: Little Prue and Piper have their powers, and Phoebe gave me a premonition, so she must have hers. If we can teach the girls the chant, maybe the three of us can get you back to your time.

"Charmed: Forever Charmed (#8.22)" (2006)
Patty Halliwell: Did we miss anything?
Piper Halliwell: No, well, we changed the past and fixed the future and saved the present. That's all.

Paige Matthews: referring to Patty being dead: Does she know?
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: Yes, yes. We know. We're both dead by now. We're over it.
Patty Halliwell: Speak for yourself.

Patty Halliwell: [to Piper] You loved your Grams.
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: [realizing someone's in the house] Who's there?
Piper Halliwell: [to Patty] Oh! No. Mom...
Patty Halliwell: It's just me, Mom.
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: Patty?
Patty Halliwell: Mmm-hmmm.
[Grams faints]
Patty Halliwell: MOM?
[rushes to her]
Patty Halliwell: What happened?
[to Piper]
Patty Halliwell: Why'd she faint?
Piper Halliwell: Well, probably because you're... dead.

Piper Halliwell: Anyway the point is: if I'm going to get my husband back, we have a battle to finish.
Phoebe Halliwell: And we're going to have to get mom back safely, otherwise Paige and I won't be born.
Patty Halliwell: Good point.
Paige Matthews: Well fantastic. Are there any other problems we should be worrying about?
Phoebe Halliwell: [Wyatt and Chris appear] Wyatt?
Piper Halliwell: Chris? What are you two doing here?
Chris Halliwell: Somebody just screwed up our future!

"Charmed: Charmed Again: Part 1 (#4.1)" (2001)
Patty Halliwell: We didn't tell anybody because we were afraid that there would be reprisals, afraid that, you girls would be denied your powers. Your birthright. It happened after your father and I were divorced, when Sam and I were together.
Cole: Sam?
Leo: Her white lighter.
Cole: Apples don't fall far from the forbidden tree, I see.
Piper Halliwell: Shh! Go on.
Patty Halliwell: You were both toddlers. You just thought Mommy got a little fat. You never knew I was pregnant.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: I was the only one who knew.
Patty Halliwell: And Sam, obviously.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Right. Well, yes, of course.
Patty Halliwell: We wanted to keep the baby, of course. But mother...
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Well, I knew it would be disastrous. You know, before you and Leo, Piper, it wasn't just forbidden. It was unthinkable for witches to be with white lighters. I mean, let alone have children with them.
Patty Halliwell: So, that's why we had to, why we decided, to give the baby up. Sam and I took her to a local church as soon as she was born. And we asked the nun there to find a home for her, and she found one. A very, very good home.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Yes.
Leo: Explains why the Elders didn't know about her.
Phoebe Halliwell: All right, hold it. Wait just one minute. Are you telling me, that that girl, our innocent, is really... our sister?
Patty Halliwell: Your baby sister.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Their baby half-sister.
Patty Halliwell: But by my half, which makes her a sister witch. Well, actually, not yet anyway. Not until all three of you are here together by the Book. Just like before.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Charmed. Again.

"Charmed: Charmed Again: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2001)
Piper Halliwell: Here these words. Hear my cry spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee. Cross now the Great Divide.
[Patty Halliwell appears]
Phoebe: There's someone here we thought you should meet.
Patty Halliwell: Paige.
Paige Matthews: Mom?
[Patty steps up and embraces Paige]
Patty Halliwell: Welcome home.

"Charmed: Pre-Witched (#3.17)" (2001)
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Who are we to decide that they're witches?
Patty Halliwell: Who are we decide that they're not?