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Cole Turner (Character)
from "Charmed" (1998)

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"Charmed: Hell Hath No Fury (#4.3)" (2001)
Phoebe: Well, because she's our sister.
Piper: Not for long.
[Piper and Phoebe run out of the attic]
Cole: [Cole grabs a chair and sits down]
Phoebe: [Phoebe runs back into the room] Are you coming?
Cole: To vanquish your sister?
Cole: I think I'll sit this one out.

Phoebe: Cole is not your problem, Piper, and you know it.
[They fight]
Paige: Book!
[the Book of Shadows orbs to her]
Paige: Please let there be something in here.
[Cole conjures an energy ball]
Phoebe: Cole don't! You think I abandoned you. You think it's my fault that Prue died. You blame me, you should just admit it.
[Piper hits her]
Paige: You don't wanna kill me, Piper, you don't even know me! It's not about me, it's not about Phoebe is it?
Phoebe: Leo!
[Leo orbs in. Piper swipes at Paige. Paige orbs behind Piper]
Paige: Phoebe's not the sister who abandoned you, it's Prue isn't it?
[Piper grabs Paige around the throat]
Phoebe: Leo do something!
[Leo orbs Paige and Piper out]
Cole: Where did he take them?
Phoebe: To what Piper's really angry at.
[Cut to scene of Piper, Paige and Leo orbing into Mausoleum. Piper backs away, the camera pans to show the three of them are standing in front of Prue's urn chamber]
Paige: Tell her Piper! It's alright to hate her!
[Piper shakes her head and turns to the door]
Paige: You should hate her!
[Piper grabs the door which is locked and shakes it]
Paige: When my parents died I hated them for it! I was alone and I hated them! It is okay to hate Prue!
[Piper turns around and walks up to Paige]
Piper: How dare you!
[Piper turns and runs to Prue's urn chamber and hits it]
Piper: How dare you leave me! How could you go and die and leave me here alone! Please come back! I need you! Please come back! Aah!
[Piper falls to the floor crying, Leo walks to her]
Leo Wyatt: It's okay, it's okay honey.
Piper: It's not okay. I mean she risked her life everyday and she never thought about what would happen to me and Phoebe if she was gone!
Leo Wyatt: I know.
Piper: How could she think that I could live without her?

Leo Wyatt: [to Piper after she uses her power on him] Okay! Now we REALLY have to talk! You... do... NOT... use... your powers... on a MORTAL!
Cole: [entering from the side] Back... away... from... her... slowly, Leo.
Leo Wyatt: [just noticing Cole] What?
Cole: She's becoming fury, no reasoning with her now.

Phoebe: Why don't you go see who's at the door for us, okay?
Cole: Sure. If it's The Source, I'll just ask him to come back later.

"Charmed: Charmed Again: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2001)
Leo: Are you sure she orbed? Are you sure that wasn't something else?
Phoebe: Leo, she disappeared. Bright, white, shiny... thingies came and she reappeared.
Phoebe: What else could it be?
Leo: It just doesn't make any sense.
Cole: Why not?
Leo: Why would Shax want to kill a whitelighter?
Cole: Maybe he doesn't know she's a whitelighter.
Leo: Right... The Source sends out his personal assassin but doesn't know who he's after.
[Piper clangs dishes in background]
Phoebe: Is it possible she didn't know she's a whitelighter?
Leo: No, why?
Cole: Because she acted as if she didn't. She acted just as surprised as we were when she orbed out.
Leo: That doesn't make any sense either.
Phoebe: Okay, why don't you go up and ask the Elders what does make sense, so we don't go risking our lives again?
Leo: I'll be right back.

Cole: [Cole shimmers into room] Sorry I took so long. I had to dodge a couple bounty hunters.
Leo: Did you find anything out?
Cole: You have no idea what I found out. Turns out The Source doesn't think she's a whitelighter at all, in fact, he thinks she might be another
[pauses and points at Piper and Phoebe]
Cole: Charmed One. That's why he put Shax on it. He thought he ended the Power of Three, now he's worried that the girl may some how reconstitute it.
Phoebe: No, but that's not possible,
[turns to Leo]
Phoebe: Is that possible?
[Leo shrugs, Piper turns and walks out of the room]
Phoebe: Piper?
Cole: Piper?

Cole: Sam?
Leo Wyatt: Her whitelighter.
[referring to Patty]
Cole: Hmmm. Apples don't fall far from the forbidden tree, I see.
Piper: Shhh!

"Charmed: Happily Ever After (#5.3)" (2002)
Phoebe Halliwell: I don't know what you're up to but whatever it is, it is not gonna work.
Cole Turner: Don't you think you're being a little paranoid?
Phoebe Halliwell: With my demon ex-husband from hell? No, Cole, I don't.

Cole Turner: Let go of my pumpkin.

Cole Turner: This is your sister and I swear I had nothing to do with it.

"Charmed: Enter the Demon (#4.4)" (2001)
Paige: [Paige comes home- thought it is Phoebe in her body] Oh Cole... You scared me.
Cole: Sorry. Didn't mean to; with the rain outside and everyone on Yenlo alert.
Paige: Yeah, Yenlo. That's why I rushed home.
Cole: You're chilled. Here put this on.
[he goes to give her his jacket]
Cole: .
Paige: Oh, you keep it.
Cole: I'm sorry. Am I making you feel uncomfortable?
Paige: No of course not, I was just wondering what Phoebe would feel about this.
Cole: Phoebe?
Paige: Uh, yeah, your girlfriend, Phoebe, remember?
Cole: Yeah, you see the problem with Phoebe is she's so obsessed with training. She's not interested in
Cole: romance anymore.
Paige: That's not true, uh, I mean, she...
Cole: You on the other hand, strike me as being full of passion, desire. I miss that.
Paige: I gotta go.
[she moves to get away. Cole kisses her passionately, and Paige in Phoebe's body comes downstairs]
Phoebe: Hey!
[Paige grabs Cole by the hand and flips him onto his back]
Paige: How could you do this to me?
Cole: Oh, come one
[laughing, then to Paige]
Cole: I'm just trying to have a little fun Phoebe. Isn't that what you were complaining about me not doing?
Paige: Yeah, but I never meant for
Paige: did you just call me Phoebe?
Cole: Would you rather I kissed her?
[looks at Phoebe]
Paige: No.
Phoebe: No? How do you know?
Cole: Well, for one thing
[talking to Phoebe]
Cole: you suck at levitating and for another you set me straight about the way I've been treating the real Phoebe, as only a sister could.
Paige: You did?
Phoebe: Someone had to.
Cole: Okay. I'm gonna go. Let you guys work this out. When you're yourself again, Give me a call.
[he grabs Paige's butt]
Cole: We'll have some fun.

Paige: [in Phoebe's body] How did I get down here?
Cole: Never drop your guard.
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] What did you just call me?
Cole: Well, you really took a shot if you can't remember you're name.
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] Oh, no. I am so screwed and so frosted.

Phoebe: [in Paige's body] What's going on?
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] Don't worry, Phoebe. It's me, Paige. We switched bodies.
Phoebe: [in Paige's body] What did you do?
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] Why do automatically assume it was something that I did?
Phoebe: [in Paige's body] Paige!
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] All right, all right. I did it, but it was an accident. I swear. I just wanted to know what it was like to be you and somehow the potion I was working on just sort of blew up.
Phoebe: [in Paige's body] You wanted to be me? Are you crazy? Okay. Okay. We gotta fix this. What ingredients did you use?
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] I'm not sure. Just please don't tell Piper. She already thinks I'm a screw-up as it is.
Phoebe: [in Paige's body] Hello! Paige, we are in each other's bodies. I think Piper is the least of our problems. Okay, fine. I won't tell her. Now wipe that look off my face.
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] Thanks. God, this top is tight.
Phoebe: [in Paige's body] Yeah, but it sure looks great.
Cole: So, ready to get back at it?
Phoebe: [in Paige's body] Yeah, just a minute sweetie.
Cole: Not you. Phoebe.
Paige: [in Phoebe's body] Uh, sure, sugar. Whatever you say. Lets go work up a sweat.
Phoebe: [in Paige's body] Uh, just a minute. Actually, Phoebe has to stay with me. She has to help me with the potion. It blew up in my face.

"Charmed: Centennial Charmed (#5.12)" (2003)
Paige Matthews: She's still alive. Grab her hand.
Phoebe Halliwell: What?
Cole Turner: I don't know how you got here, Paige. But if it's any consolation, I know exactly where I'm gonna bury you... right next to yourself.
Paige Matthews: Grab her hand.
[Surrounded by blue light, they release the Power of Three and Cole's energy ball bounces off of them]
Phoebe Halliwell: The Power of Three.
Paige Matthews: That's us. Potion! I do hate long good-byes.
Phoebe Halliwell: No!
Paige Matthews: Phoebe, are you crazy? Throw it before he shimmers out!
Cole Turner: She's not gonna throw it. Are you?
Paige Matthews: Throw the potion.
Cole Turner: We've been through so much together... haven't we? Our love's so strong, nothing can destroy it, not even this. We're meant to be together.
Phoebe Halliwell: I don't think so.
[Vanquishes Cole]

Cole Turner: I don't care! I am not spending another hundred birthdays without her.

Cole Turner: This is all messed up. How'd it get messed up? You have no idea what I've given up for you.
Phoebe Halliwell: What about what I've given up, Cole? I've given up my family, my heritage, my life!
Cole Turner: Oh, yeah? From where I'm standing, it looks like you have a pretty damn good life to me!
Phoebe Halliwell: Look the only one getting anything out of this is you. And I have no idea what that is. The only reason I'm still here is to make sure that what happened to Prue does not happen to Piper and you know it.

"Charmed: The Good, the Bad and the Cursed (#3.14)" (2001)
Outlaw: See you in hell.
Cole: Been there, done that.

Cole: I'm not gonna use my powers against you anyway. In fact, I'm never gonna use them again.
Cole: Ever. It keeps me from being evil.
Prue: No you will always be evil, you're a demon.
Cole: Half-demon! My human half can suppress it if you...

Prue: If we show you that we have gifts too, will you trust us then?
[to Cole]
Prue: Show him.
Cole: Show him what?
Prue: Your gift. Show him your gift.
[Cole shimmers out and then shimmers back in]

"Charmed: Charmed Again: Part 1 (#4.1)" (2001)
Cole: [after Patty explains about Paige] Who's Sam?
Leo: Her Whitelighter
Cole: The apple doesn't fall far from the forbidden tree.

Patty Halliwell: We didn't tell anybody because we were afraid that there would be reprisals, afraid that, you girls would be denied your powers. Your birthright. It happened after your father and I were divorced, when Sam and I were together.
Cole: Sam?
Leo: Her white lighter.
Cole: Apples don't fall far from the forbidden tree, I see.
Piper Halliwell: Shh! Go on.
Patty Halliwell: You were both toddlers. You just thought Mommy got a little fat. You never knew I was pregnant.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: I was the only one who knew.
Patty Halliwell: And Sam, obviously.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Right. Well, yes, of course.
Patty Halliwell: We wanted to keep the baby, of course. But mother...
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Well, I knew it would be disastrous. You know, before you and Leo, Piper, it wasn't just forbidden. It was unthinkable for witches to be with white lighters. I mean, let alone have children with them.
Patty Halliwell: So, that's why we had to, why we decided, to give the baby up. Sam and I took her to a local church as soon as she was born. And we asked the nun there to find a home for her, and she found one. A very, very good home.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Yes.
Leo: Explains why the Elders didn't know about her.
Phoebe Halliwell: All right, hold it. Wait just one minute. Are you telling me, that that girl, our innocent, is really... our sister?
Patty Halliwell: Your baby sister.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Their baby half-sister.
Patty Halliwell: But by my half, which makes her a sister witch. Well, actually, not yet anyway. Not until all three of you are here together by the Book. Just like before.
Penny 'Grams' Halliwell: Charmed. Again.

"Charmed: Primrose Empath (#3.6)" (2000)
Phoebe: So, how bout those 9ers?
Cole: The what?
Phoebe: The 9ers, the 49ers, the football team.
Phoebe: You don't follow football?
Phoebe: He isn't human.
Cole: [Cole chokes on the water he's drinking]
Phoebe: You okay?
Cole: Check!

Phoebe: Uh, you know what, uh, is there something wrong?
Cole: No.
Phoebe: It's just you haven't said anything since we left the restaurant.
Cole: A lot on my mind, I guess.
Phoebe: Work?
Cole: Yea, sort of.
Cole: I don't know how to say this...
Phoebe: Uh-oh. Don't ever start a sentence like that with a girl...
Phoebe: You don't want to see me anymore? Right? Never accept a lunch date.
Cole: It's got nothing to do with you. I mean, how I feel about you.
Phoebe: I don't understand.
Cole: It's complicated.
Phoebe: I think that I deserve to know.
Cole: I promise you'll understand soon, maybe more than you'd want to.

"Charmed: Death Takes a Halliwell (#3.16)" (2001)
Cole: I can't do that. If the demons get to you, they'll find out the way to get to me is to kill Phoebe. And I can't let that happen.
Inspector Reece Davidson: When you say demon, you...
Cole: I don't mean it as a metaphor.

Cole: Inspector, you're in a room with three witches and a demon, you really think that gun's gonna help?

"Charmed: The Seven Year Witch (#7.16)" (2005)
Piper Halliwell: What are you exactly? Ghost, demon, poltergeist, nightmare?
Cole Turner: None of the above. We're caught in a cosmic void... between life and death.
Piper Halliwell: I'm stuck with you?
Cole Turner: No. If you play your cards right, you can get out of this nasty limbo. I'm the one who's here for all eternity.
Piper Halliwell: Paying penance for your evil past.
Cole Turner: You always were the smart one.
Piper Halliwell: Cut the crap.
Cole Turner: And direct. I miss that. Actually no, I don't.

Cole Turner: You've tried going upstairs twice, out the front door four times, and through the wall five.
[Piper is pushed out of the wall and back into the living room and falls on the floor against the couch with a thud]
Piper Halliwell: Unh!
Cole Turner: Make that six times. But, hey, you haven't tried the chimney yet.
Piper Halliwell: I thought ghosts could go any damn place they pleased.
Cole Turner: You're still attached to your body. You're not a ghost. But you will be if you don't start trusting me. There is only one way out of here.
Piper Halliwell: The last Halliwell that trusted you ended up burying your demonic spawn.
Cole Turner: Not one of my finer moments, but Phoebe'll make a great mom. Can you blame me for wanting to be the dad?
Piper Halliwell: You're wasting your time.
Cole Turner: Now is that any way to treat family?

"Charmed: Bride and Gloom (#3.13)" (2001)
Cole: You're the only one who knows I'm alive.
Phoebe: Actually that's not true. I couldn't keep lying to my sisters. I had to tell them.
Cole: Okay. That's okay. I understand, as long as you didn't tell Leo.
[pause, Phoebe turns her head]
Cole: Oh for God's sake, Phoebe, why didn't you just put an ad in the paper? Tell the whole damn world.
Phoebe: Maybe I should have.

Cole: There's no such thing as evil love. It's just gratification. Lust.

"Charmed: Black as Cole (#4.8)" (2001)
Cole Turner: Speaking of unanswered questions...
Phoebe Halliwell: There is a demon on the loose, Cole, we don't have time for this.
Cole Turner: Shouldn't we make time for it?
Phoebe Halliwell: No, not now, we shouldn't.
Piper Halliwell: What are you guys talking about?
Phoebe Halliwell: Nothing.
Cole Turner: Nothing.

Cole: [entering Manor with Phoebe, both are covered in green goo] Don't you think we should talk about this?
Phoebe: Talk about what?
Piper: Wow, looks like you two got a juicy one.
Phoebe: Yeah, but unfortunately no the one who kills witches.
Piper: How do you know?
Cole: Because upper-level demons have a human form and they bleed red, not green.
Piper: Ah.
[Phoebe heads upstairs]
Piper: .
Cole: Where are you going?
Phoebe: I'm going up to take a shower first and then I'm going to check The Book of Shadows. I wanna ID this demon I'm wearing, try to find some answers.
Cole: Speaking of unanswered questions...
Phoebe: There is a demon in the loose Cole, we don't have time for this.
Cole: Shouldn't we make time for it?
Phoebe: No, not now we shouldn't.
Piper: What are you guys talking about?
Phoebe: Nothing.
Cole: Nothing.
[shakes head]
Phoebe: Please Cole, let's just focus on vanquishing the demon.
Cole: Fine. I'll go see what I can find out.
[shimmers out]

"Charmed: The Demon Who Came in from the Cold (#3.19)" (2001)
Phoebe: I'm so glad you made it back before my graduation.
Cole: I wouldn't miss it for the world. Or the underworld.

Cole: The rumors are true. I loved a witch, still do actually at least my human half does, but that was a mistake. I realize that now. I'd forgotten who I really was.

"Charmed: Y Tu Mummy También (#5.10)" (2003)
Jeric: We won't give up her body without a replacement.
Cole Turner: Well, I figured. How do you feel about redheads?

Cole Turner: [introducing himself to Jeric] Cole Turner. I used to be the Source of All Evil.

"Charmed: A Witch's Tail: Part 2 (#5.2)" (2002)
Cole Turner: All you have to do to free yourself is admit how you truly feel about me... in your heart.

"Charmed: Power Outage (#3.7)" (2000)
Phoebe: Um, about the other night. Are you sorry that we uh...
Cole: Not at all. Are you?
Phoebe: Depends on what happens next.
Cole: Too bad you can't predict the future.
Phoebe: Who says I can't?

"Charmed: Sleuthing with the Enemy (#3.8)" (2000)
Cole: Is there something wrong Phoebe? Something you're not telling me.
Phoebe: Don't you think you have that backwards?
Cole: Meaning?
Phoebe: Well, you're the one with all the secrets, right?
Cole: Am I? You sure about that?
Phoebe: I don't know what I'm sure about anymore.
Cole: Yea, I know how you feel.
Phoebe: I doubt that.
Cole: I think I know what's going on here Phoebe and I'm sorry its come to this. But I'm not sorry about us. You need to know that.
Phoebe: You never told me where you were from.
Cole: You never asked.
Phoebe: I'm asking now.
Cole: Why don't you ask me what you really want to know Phoebe. I won't lie to you.
Phoebe: Who are you?

"Charmed: The Honeymoon's Over (#3.1)" (2000)
Phoebe: Something good happened. Can't you just accept that?
Cole: [Cole shakes his head]
Cole: It's not in my nature.

"Charmed: Charmed and Dangerous (#4.13)" (2002)
[about the demon in Phoebe's premonition]
Cole Turner: He doesn't work for The Source, he *is* The Source.

"Charmed: A Witch in Time (#5.8)" (2002)
Bacarra: I'm Bacarra, I've come here from the future.
Cole: ... Well, I can't say I've heard that before.

"Charmed: Muse to My Ears (#4.9)" (2001)
Cole: [the Charmed ones are being inspired by a muse] I think Leo should orb me down to the Underworld. I may not be a demon anymore, but I still know the terrain.
Phoebe: And you may just find yourself in ever-lasting pain!
Paige: ... That was a rhyme.
Phoebe: I know; and now is not the time.

"Charmed: Just Harried (#3.15)" (2001)
Cole Turner: Oh, no, I'm not a cop. I'm a fortune teller and I predict you're gonna give me a confession.

"Charmed: A Paige from the Past (#4.10)" (2002)
Phoebe Halliwell: I never answered your question. Ask me again.
Cole Turner: Will you marry me?
Phoebe Halliwell: Yes, I will.

"Charmed: We're Off to See the Wizard (#4.19)" (2002)
[Phoebe is trying to avoid telling Cole she's pregnant]
Cole Turner: Phoebe, what's wrong?
Phoebe Halliwell: Why? What makes you think there's something wrong?
Cole Turner: Because every time you lie, I can see your wisdom teeth?

"Charmed: Marry-Go-Round (#4.15)" (2002)
Cole Turner: And perfect
Phoebe Halliwell: For what?
Cole Turner: A wedding.
Piper Halliwell: I couldn't agree more.
Phoebe Halliwell: Really?
Paige Matthews: You've got the rings.
Leo Wyatt: And we're all here.
Phoebe Halliwell: Okay, I do. I mean, I will. Let's go.
Dark Priest: Not two but one, then life be gone. You may kiss the bride.
Phoebe Halliwell: We did it.
Cole Turner: Yes, we did.
The Seer: It is done.

"Charmed: Lost and Bound (#4.12)" (2002)
Paige: Hey, Cole, how's your progress going on
[walks into the bathroom and sees Phoebe standing naked in the bathtub]
Paige: Oh, God! Full frontal Phoebe. Sorry.
Cole Turner: [stuttering] She just flashed.
Paige: Yeah, I got that.
Cole Turner: No, no, I mean she flashed black and white.
Paige: Again? She's like an old TV that's on the blink or something.
Cole Turner: Hey, uh, maybe that's the connection. The TV show "Bewitched", is that in black and white or color?
Paige: Originally, black and white.
Phoebe: [shivers] Brr. I'm very chilly.
Paige: Uh, Phoebe, sit down.
Phoebe: Okay.
[Phoebe sits back down in the tub]
Paige: Why are you asking me about "Bewitched"?
Cole Turner: Because Phoebe was worried about becoming an old-fashioned housewife like Samantha. And that might be fine for some people, but for Phoebe, that could be kind of dangerous. So I'll take care of her, and you need to write the Power of Three spell.
Paige: No, I've never done that before.
Cole Turner: Well, you're gonna have to learn fast, so go, hurry.

"Charmed: The Fifth Halliwell (#4.16)" (2002)
Cole Turner: [to the Seer, after spotting her at P3] I was with the entire family. Are you out of your mind?

"Charmed: Once Upon a Time (#3.3)" (2000)
Cole Turner: It's a long drive home. Do you think I could use your restroom?
Phoebe Halliwell: Number one or number two.
Prue Halliwell: He has to go tootie!
Cole Turner: Excuse me?
Phoebe Halliwell: Okay, you can come in but you have to do it very fast, whatever it is.

"Charmed: All Halliwell's Eve (#3.4)" (2000)
Phoebe: So, you're an angel?
Cole: Oh, this? No, not really.
Phoebe: That's okay, neither am I.

"Charmed: Long Live the Queen (#4.20)" (2002)
Piper Halliwell: Phoebe, you heard what he said, he's gonna kill us, help us!
Phoebe Halliwell: Forgive me.
Cole Turner: I'm sorry. It's for the best.
Phoebe Halliwell: I know it is.
[Phoebe kisses him]
Piper Halliwell: Phoebe?
Phoebe Halliwell: I'm sorry too.
[Phoebe traps him]
Cole Turner: Phoebe, no. No!
Phoebe Halliwell: I'm sorry, baby, I'm so sorry.
Piper Halliwell: Prudence, Penelope, Patricia, Melinda...
Phoebe Halliwell: Ashford, Helen, Laura and Grace...
Cole Turner: I will always love you.
Paige: Halliwell witches stand strong beside us.
Phoebe Halliwell: Vanquish this evil...
Paige, Phoebe Halliwell, Piper Halliwell: From time and space.
[Cole is vanquished]

"Charmed: Brain Drain (#4.7)" (2001)
Phoebe: Is something wrong.
Piper: No. Everything is just right.
Paige: Except my chair...
Piper: Yeah... which, ummm, I'll actually pay to replace.
Paige: Oh God no. It's not your fault.
[Paige pauses]
Paige: Or is it?
Piper: Actually, yeah... it is. I was just upset that there was yet another demon in our house, in our lives. And I know I should stop fighting it and just accept it, but...
Paige: Nah. It wasn't my favorite chair. Besides, it is kinda good to know I am not the only one who struggles with the idea of being a witch.
Phoebe: No, trust me, you are in good company.
Leo: Well, the good news is that you won't have to deal with the Source anytime soon, because Cole hurt him pretty bad.
Cole: Not bad enough though, he'll be back.
Phoebe: So.
[Phoebe rubs her hands up and down Cole's chest]
Phoebe: He's gone for now. First time in a long time. Maybe we should take advantage of that.
Cole: [Cole pulls Phoebe up against him] Why Ms. Haliwell, are you trying to seduce me?
Phoebe: Always.
Piper: Ewwww...
Phoebe, Cole: [Phoebe and Cole race up the stairs laughing]
Paige: Okay... I'm just going to go to the store and get some milk or something...
[Paige leaves]
Leo: [to Piper] You sure you're okay?
Piper: Yeah. I mean, I'm never going to stop wanting a normal life, but I think thats the one thing that actually keeps me sane.
Leo: Well, you deserve a normal life Piper. We both do. And maybe we'll get that once we banish the Source once and for all.
Piper: And who knows. Maybe one day I could have a baby shower of my own. What do you think?
Leo: Well in that case...
[Leo picks Piper up and cradles her in his arms]
Piper: Oh!
Leo: [Leo grins] Need to practice a little.
Piper: Leo!
Piper, Leo: [Piper and Leo orb off in a shower of blue sparks. You hear Leo laughing]