Billie Jenkins
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Billie Jenkins (Character)
from "Charmed" (1998)

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"Charmed: Kill Billie: Vol.1 (#8.6)" (2005)
Piper: Fine, but if you get caught on tape I will vanquish you.
Billie Jenkins: [laughs, thinking Piper's joking]
[To Paige]
Billie Jenkins: She's serious?
Paige: [shrugs] Ah, just don't get caught.

The Dogan: Cocky little witch, aren't you? Or foolish.
Billie Jenkins: I prefer the former.

Piper: You can fight demons but you're afraid of pumpkins?
Billie Jenkins: I'm not afraid of pumpkins.

"Charmed: Run, Piper, Run (#8.3)" (2005)
Billie Jenkins: Well, can't we just vanquish him?
Piper: Billie, we don't usually vanquish humans.

Billie Jenkins: [referring to the human ADA] Can't we vanquish him?
Piper: We don't usually vanquish humans.

Maya: Sorry I kicked you in the face.
Billie Jenkins: Well, I'm sorry we almost got you killed.

"Charmed: Forever Charmed (#8.22)" (2006)
Dumain: My lords, we come from the future to warn you about it. The Charmed Ones will get The Hollow at the same time Billie and Christy will.
Christy Jenkins: Which means we've gotta get to it before they do this time.
[Billie and The Charmed Ones appear]
Dumain: Get of here!
[they vanquish The Triad]
Dumain: No!
Piper Halliwell: Oh, yes.
[Piper vanquishes both Dumains]
Christy Jenkins: I don't understand. How could this happen?
Paige Matthews: Billie projected us here. By focusing on you.
Piper Halliwell: Paige.
Paige Matthews: Ring!
[Paige orbs the ring away from Christy]
Christy Jenkins: [to Billie] How could you?
Billie Jenkins: Christy, please. It's over. Just come home.

Paige Matthews: [Paige, Piper, Phoebe, and Grams orb in] Right, now all we have to do is find Billie and Christy.
Billie Jenkins: [Billie walks in] You don't have to look far.
Billie Jenkins: Can we talk?
[another pause]
Billie Jenkins: Look, I am so sorry for what I've done to you guys, after everything you've done for me. I just wanted my sister back so badly, I couldn't even see that she was manipulating me.
Piper Halliwell: Well, that's very convenient, but how are we suppossed to know this isn't a trap?
[Billie shakes her head]
Paige Matthews: Guess we have to let her talk.
Phoebe Halliwell: Where's Christy?
Billie Jenkins: I don't know. Probably at Magic School trying to figure out a way to kill you.
Penny "Grams" Halliwell: But you're not.
Billie Jenkins: No. No. That was before. They twisted everything to make us think we were doing the right thing.
Piper Halliwell: Who?
Billie Jenkins: The Triad. They used us. They used Christy. Thay have spent the last fifteen years turning her into a killer. That's all they've care about. That's all they've wanted.

"Charmed: Rewitched (#8.5)" (2005)
Phoebe: [Piper and Phoebe chiding Billie about casting a love spell on Phoebe and Dex, which caused them to marry]
Billie Jenkins: Yeah, I still don't know what I did was so bad!
Phoebe: [Indicating about her wedding ring] This, this is what's bad!
Piper: [Sees Phoebe's ring] Whoa! Hey! Wow, that's huge!
Phoebe: Pfft.

Billie Jenkins: Hear these words, hear my rhyme, bless these two in this time, bring them both into the fold, help them now cross love's threshold.

"Charmed: Desperate Housewitches (#8.4)" (2005)
Leo: [talking about Piper making Wyatt a costume for a school play, Piper wants to use magic] You wanted a normal life, remember?
Piper: Yes, but that was before I realized our son was going to be humiliated in front of his entire class!
Billie Jenkins: Oh, that happened to me all the time. Only made me stronger.
Piper: And shut it!

[about demons taking over Magic School]
Piper: What do they want with Wyatt?
Billie Jenkins: They need him to help bring back... "the Source"?
[Piper, Phoebe, and Paige exchange nervous glances]
Billie Jenkins: Okay, Leo looked just like that when he heard that name. Who is this guy? I mean, how do we nail him?
Piper: You don't. We do. You're not ready, trust me.

"Charmed: Payback's a Witch (#8.12)" (2006)
Billie Jenkins: Do you want me to call for his guns?
Paige Matthews: No, no! You can't use magic. There are cameras everywhere. We can't risk exposure.

Henry Mitchell: [referring to Nick Edwards] I've never seen him like this. It's like he just snapped.
Billie Jenkins: Oh, really? Is that what he did?

"Charmed: Malice in Wonderland (#8.2)" (2005)
Paige: Witches don't wear costumes.
Billie Jenkins: So the conical hat and black cape are everyday wear?

"Charmed: The Jung and the Restless (#8.19)" (2006)
Billie Jenkins: Because. Because I don't like it, okay? It sucks. I just... I feel like I walked out on my family.

"Charmed: The Lost Picture Show (#8.7)" (2005)
Billie Jenkins: I'm pretty much caught up here, but I charge ten bucks an hour to babysit.
Sam Wilder: Babysit?
Billie Jenkins: Yeah. That's what I'm doing here, right? It's not exactly a demon hunt, but in for a penny, in for a pound, huh?
Sam Wilder: Okay, look. I need to find Paige. I need you to look after J.D. Do *not* let him out of the house. If he finds out what year it is, he'll go crazy.
Billie Jenkins: Okay, fine. I'll just cast a spell on him.
Sam Wilder: No! No spells. He doesn't know anything about magic, and he can't, either. He's had more than enough magic used on him already.
Billie Jenkins: Fine. Twelve bucks an hour. But when you find Paige, tell her I have a midterm to study for and a sister to find. She owes me big time for this. This is so ri...
[J.D. enters]
J.D. Williams: Hey, baby. What's shaking?
Billie Jenkins: [smitten] No charge.

"Charmed: Battle of the Hexes (#8.8)" (2005)
Billie Jenkins: I think this whole thing's just a little outdated. You know, it might used to have been more clear-cut, but now men are just wimps or thugs. It's women that are balanced.

"Charmed: Still Charmed and Kicking (#8.1)" (2005)
[about a fireball a demon is holding]
Billie Jenkins: Doesn't that burn your hand?

"Charmed: Hulkus Pocus (#8.9)" (2005)
Phoebe Halliwell: We're going to save you. We're gonna save magic while we're at it.
Billie Jenkins: How can you save magic when you don't believe in your own anymore?

"Charmed: Mr. & Mrs. Witch (#8.11)" (2006)
[After Billie's parents got turned into assassins]
Billie Jenkins: What is going on?
Phoebe: Piper what did you put in their food?
Piper: Food was in the food. Thank you.
Phoebe: How do you explain this?
Piper: Well don't look at me, she's the one who said assassin.
Billie Jenkins: It's a figure of speech!