Frances Stevens
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Frances Stevens (Character)
from To Catch a Thief (1955)

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To Catch a Thief (1955)
Frances Stevens: You want a leg or a breast?
John Robie: You make the choice.

Frances Stevens: Are you sure you were talking about water skis? From where I sat it looked as though you were conjugating some irregular verbs.

Frances Stevens: I've never caught a jewel thief before. It's stimulating. It's like... It's like...
John Robie: Like sitting in a hot tub?

[last lines]
Frances Stevens: So this is where you live? Oh, Mother will love it up here!

Frances Stevens: My nerves could stand a drink.
Jessie Stevens: Your nerves and your mother!

John Robie: Well, we only met a couple of minutes ago.
Danielle Foussard: That's right, only a few minutes ago.
Frances Stevens: Only a few minutes ago? And you talk like old friends...
Frances Stevens: Ah, well, that's warm, friendly France for you.

John Robie: Say something nice to her, Danielle.
Danielle Foussard: She looks a lot older up close.
[John Robie whimpers]
Frances Stevens: To a mere child, anything over twenty might seem old.
Danielle Foussard: A child? Shall we stand in shallower water and discuss that?

Frances Stevens: Doesn't it make you nervous to be in the same room with thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, and unable to touch them?
John Robie: No.
Frances Stevens: Like an alcoholic outside of a bar on Election Day?
John Robie: Wouldn't know the feeling.

Frances Stevens: I have a feeling that tonight you're going to see one of the Riviera's most fascinating sights.
Frances Stevens: I was talking about the fireworks!
John Robie: I never doubted it.
Frances Stevens: The way you looked at my necklace, I didn't know...

Frances Stevens: Even in this light, I can tell where your eyes are looking.
Frances Stevens: Look, John. Hold them. Diamonds... The only thing in the world you can't resist. Then tell me you don't know what I'm talking about.
Frances Stevens: Ever had a better offer in your whole life? One with everything?
John Robie: I've never had a crazier one.
Frances Stevens: Just as long as you're satisfied!
John Robie: You know as well as I do: this necklace is imitation.
Frances Stevens: Well, I'm not.

Frances Stevens: Maybe Mr. Houston doesn't care for gambling.
Jessie Stevens: Everyone likes to gamble in one way or another, even you!
Frances Stevens: I have an intense dislike for it.
Jessie Stevens: Francie, dear, when the stakes are right, you'll gamble!

John Robie: Miss Stevens?
Frances Stevens: Yes, Mr. Burns?
John Robie: You know what I think?
Frances Stevens: About what?
John Robie: You.
Frances Stevens: I don't really care.

Frances Stevens: I called the police from your room and told them who you are and everything you've been doing tonight.
John Robie: Everything? The boys must have really enjoyed *that* at headquarters!

John Robie: May I ask you a personal question?
Frances Stevens: I've been hoping you would.

Frances Stevens: The cat has a new kitten.

Frances Stevens: You're leaving fingerprints on my arm.

Frances Stevens: What do you say?
John Robie: My only comment would be highly censorable.

Frances Stevens: I'm in love with you.
John Robie: Now that's a ridiculous thing to say.

John Robie: You're here in Europe to buy a husband.
Frances Stevens: The man I want doesn't have a price.
John Robie: That eliminates me.

Frances Stevens: Mother, the book you're reading is upside down!

Frances Stevens: I bet you told her all your trees are sequoias.

Frances Stevens: John, why bother?
John Robie: It's sort of a hobby of mine - the truth.

John Robie: [In reference to a beautiful villa they are visiting] Why don't you own a place like this?
Frances Stevens: Palaces are for royalty. We're just common people with a bank account.