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Mr. Woodhouse (Character)
from Emma (1996)

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Emma (1996)
Emma Woodhouse: Has an invitation arrived for a party at the Coles?
Mr. Woodhouse: No, thank Heaven. The Coles are nice people, but we should have to go outside to get there.

Mr. Knightley: You must be happy that she settled so well.
Emma Woodhouse: Indeed! One matter of joy in this is that I made the match myself. People said Mr. Weston would never marry again, and what a triumph!
Mr. Knightley: Triumph? You made a lucky guess!
Emma Woodhouse: Have you never known the triumph of a lucky guess? Had I not promoted Mr. Weston's visits and given encouragement where encouragement was needed, we might not have had a wedding today.
Mr. Woodhouse: Then please, my dear, encourage no one else. Marriage is so disrupting to one's social circle.

Mr. Woodhouse: Must the church be so drafty, Mr. Elton? It is difficult to surrender one's soul when one is worried about one's throat.
Mrs. Weston: Perhaps some tea and cake would revive you, Mr. Woodhouse.
Mr. Woodhouse: Cake! Surely you're not serving cake at your wedding, Miss Taylor! Far too rich, you put us all at peril! Where is Mr. Perry, the apothecary? I'm sure he will support me!
Mrs. Weston: Ah, he is over there, Mr. Woodhouse, having some cake.
Mr. Woodhouse: What?

"Emma: Episode #1.2" (2009)
Mr. Woodhouse: Poor Miss Taylor. We hardly ever see her now.
Emma: Father, we have only missed seeing them one day since they were married!

"Emma: Episode #1.3" (2009)
Mr. Woodhouse: You must wrap up warm, Emma, in case some of the young dancers do something remarkably reprehensible, like opening a window.