Jane Fairfax
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Jane Fairfax (Character)
from Emma (1996)

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Emma (1948) (TV)
Jane Fairfax: [to Miss Bates, refusing Emma's gift of arrowroot after the picnic at Box Hill] I am not in need of kindness from Miss Woodhouse.

"Emma: Episode #1.3" (2009)
Jane Fairfax: There are plenty of places which deal in the governess trade.
Mrs. Elton: Oh, dear! You make it sound like slavery.

Emma (1996)
Emma Woodhouse: Was he handsome?
Jane Fairfax: Many say he is.
Emma Woodhouse: Was he agreeable?
Jane Fairfax: He was in no way disagreeable.
Emma Woodhouse: Was he a man of information?
Jane Fairfax: All his statements seem correct.

"Emma: Episode #1.4" (2009)
Jane Fairfax: When's the wedding?
Emma: My father hopes never! I will still be engaged at seventy.