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Frank Churchill (Character)
from Emma (1996)

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"Emma: Episode #1.4" (2009)
Frank Churchill: [of Jane] Look at her. Isn't she divine? An angel sent to me here on Earth.
Emma: Then treat her well.
Frank Churchill: I cannot promise to always be serious, but I can promise you that.

Frank Churchill: [about Jane] Look at her, an angel sent to Earth for me.
Emma: Then be sure to treat her right.
Frank Churchill: I can't promise to always be serious, but I can promise that.

"Emma: Episode #1.3" (1960)
Frank Churchill: What would you think of my marrying, Sir? Do you think I am too young?
Mr. Weston: Of course not. If you had your future to make, it would be different, but a young man of your expectations...
Frank Churchill: If my aunt and uncle disapprove of my choice, I would have very few expectations left, Sir.

"Emma: Episode #1.6" (1960)
Frank Churchill: [apologizing to Emma for deceiving her about Jane Fairfax] You must consider exactly what position I was in. I had fallen in love with her at Weymouth - and yet I did not dare to address her openly. Had my poor aunt discovered the truth I should have been forced to renounce either Miss Fairfax or my inheritance. The latter I would have done gladly. By doing so I should have deprived the woman I loved of future wealth and position. What could I do but induce her to stoop to a secret engagement?

Emma (1996)
Frank Churchill: Is your horse just washing his feet or are the darker forces at work here?
Emma Woodhouse: The latter, I'm afraid. Something's happened to the wheel and I cannot move.
Frank Churchill: You'll just have to live here then. Buhbye.

"Emma: Episode #1.2" (1960)
Frank Churchill: I'm very glad to know you, sir.
George Knightley: And I you. I remember you well as a boy.
[Emma and Weston drift a short way off]
Frank Churchill: I must confess, Mr. Knightley, I am so entranced by everything I find at Highbury that I feel sorry I ever had to leave.
George Knightley: Perhaps you will visit more frequently, now you find it agrees with you.
Frank Churchill: As frequently as I can, sir, though it is not always in my power. My aunt puts many difficulties in the way.
George Knightley: [Dryly] So I understand.
Frank Churchill: Well, what do you think of the situation, Mr. Knightley? I read in the papers that the government is expected to fall within the week. Do you expect it to?
George Knightley: I am not interested in politics, Mr. Churchill. They seem to be conducted by men generally too dishonest to lead a life of crime.
Frank Churchill: [Amused] I agree with you heartily. A gentleman has better pursuits. I passed Donwell Abbey on the way here and saw a very fine herd of cattle in your meadow. Do you use the new methods of breeding?
George Knightley: I have always found the old methods to work very well. Excuse me, sir. I must speak to Mrs. Weston.