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Quotes for
Dawn Atwood (Character)
from "The O.C." (2003)

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"The O.C.: The Gamble (#1.3)" (2003)
Dawn: I didn't know what I was doing when I married your dad. I was too young when I had your brother. But with you... You were always the smart one. You know? The good one. When you got arrested... I knew I'd failed, and... you were my last hope. I should go.
Ryan: Wait.

Ryan: What are you even doing here?
Dawn: I came... for you.
Ryan: Why? What do you want from me? You left a note. A note.
Dawn: Okay, let me explain...
Ryan: You abandoned me. You threw me out. You just took off.
Dawn: I know, honey. I was... and A.J., and... the drinking, and... It's going to be different now.
Ryan: That's what you said when we moved from Fresno after dad got arrested.

Dawn: So... you caught me.
Kirsten: You can't do this. You're his mother.
Dawn: I'm a mess. Not a mother.