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Quotes for
Trey Atwood (Character)
from "The O.C." (2003)

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"The O.C.: The Risky Business (#2.18)" (2005)
Trey Atwood: Stallone, huh? Nah, I'm more of a Van Damme fan.
Ryan Atwood: Are you kidding me? Seagal, man.
Seth Cohen: Yeah, divided house cannot eat. Now we all gotta get together behind a single action hero.
Sandy Cohen: Steve McQueen.
Seth Cohen: Steve M-who?

Trey Atwood: Don't mess with those Newpsies.

Seth: Julia is Marissa's mom.
Trey Atwood: Oh, so Ryan's mother-in-law.
Sandy: What? What Ryan and Marissa? What?
Seth: It's on.
Sandy: Really? I'm always the last to know.
Ryan: There's nothing to know.
Trey Atwood: Oh really? 'Cause that's not what it looked like the other night, you coming to Marissa's rescue and all.
Sandy: Well, he's very chivalrous, not unlike the young Steve McQueen.
Seth: Yeah, some people say chivalry's dead. I don't believe it.
Ryan: There's nothing going on with me and Marissa.
Sandy: Nothing?
Trey Atwood: Really?
Seth: Ryan...
Ryan: We're taking it slow.
Trey Atwood, Sandy: Yeah! Taking it slow! Alright!
Sandy: Well it's a good thing she's no longer you neighbor.
Seth: That's right! It's hard to take it slow with her next door.
Kirsten: So, Caleb and Julie are off on their trip.
Sandy: What are we gonna do without them?
Kirsten: Well, for starters, housekeeper got deported and so there's no one to stay with Marissa. So I told Julie that Marissa could stay here for the week.
[Trey, Sandy and Seth look and Ryan]
Seth: That'll keep things at a snail's place.

"The O.C.: Pilot (#1.1)" (2003)
[first lines]
Trey Atwood: I'm your big brother, if I don't teach you this - who will?
[smashes car window]
Ryan: I don't know, Trey.
Trey Atwood: Quit being a little bitch! Get in!
[Ryan slams driver door shut]
Trey Atwood: Yeah.
[Ryan looks behind at the approaching cops]
Trey Atwood: Come on, let's go, Ryan!
[Ryan gets inside]
Trey Atwood: Yeah! Yo, you should see your face man!
[about to crash]
Ryan: No, no, no!

"The O.C.: The O.C. Confidential (#2.20)" (2005)
Trey Atwood: You know, he looked like every other kid in the town. Tall, tan, and a face you just wanna... flatten.