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Quotes for
Glen (Character)
from Accepted (2006)

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Accepted (2006)
Glen: [holding a rambutan in his hand] WHAT ARE YOU?

Bartleby Gaines: What the hell happened?
Glen: An explosion of flavor. I'm working with some very unstable herbs.

Bartleby Gaines: And they all paid first semester's tuition?
Rory: Yep. 10,000 bucks apiece. I stopped counting after the first 100 checks.
Glen: That's 74 million dollars.
Rory: It's a million dollars, Glen.
Glen: Yeah... In human dollars.

Glen: [seeing the cobweb infested kitchen for the first time] This kitchen is bitchin.

Uncle Ben: Right or Left?
Glen: Right
Uncle Ben: Whose right?
Glen: Your call
Uncle Ben: You're an idiot!
Glen: You're upset, go with what you feel. You got about twelve feet.
[Trailer hits a tree]
Glen: Perfect
Uncle Ben: Asshole.

Hands: [while Bartleby is on the phone, Glen is on a ladder] Hey Glen! Catch!
Glen: [Jumps off of ladder into bush] Mother of hell!

Bartleby Gaines: Glen since when have you been working at the kwik and stop?
Glen: since I got boned HARD by every college I applied to
Bartleby Gaines: why what happened?
Glen: some political crap I got a zero on my SAT's.
Sherman Schrader: you do know you get 600 points just for signing your name right?

Glen: Holy Balls

Bartleby Gaines: Why'd you get fired?
Glen: I got fired for making a shrimp slushy.
Bartleby Gaines: That's disgusting! Why would you do that pal?
Glen: 'Cause I was hungry and thirsty!

Glen: Oh look there's my old girlfriend Sarah Pellfan... YOU BROKE MY HEART!

Glen: [ordering around in the kitchen] I got 85 pork tenderloins with balsamic vinegar demiglaze. Ka-blam! Eddie, we gotta pack these paninis for Rory's nature walk. Pronto! And someone get a rabbi down here to bless this chicken. Tomorrow we're gonna go kosher.

Hoyt Ambrose: You want me to give you something funny to laugh about?
Bartleby Gaines: You mean funnier than your future alcohol abuse?

Glen: Keep your voices down, people are playing.