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Kelly Robinson (Character)
from I Spy (2002)

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I Spy (2002)
Kelly Robinson: Hey, I can see you, and me, and you, and... oh, I like this!

Kelly Robinson: Hey, what's this? It looks like a sock.
Alexander Scott: It's a secret spy mask, put it on.
Kelly Robinson: [Kelly puts it on]
Kelly Robinson: Hey man, this is a sock!

[after jumping from a building onto a catering tent to escape from bad guys]
Kelly Robinson: Hey! That wasn't so bad!
Alexander Scott: Yeah! Are your legs numb?

Kelly Robinson: He's a bad guy, right?
Alexander Scott: I don't know. People are flip-flopping so much I lost track.

Rachel: I'm with B.N.S.
Kelly Robinson: Yeah, what's B.N.S. stand for? Bitch that Needs some Slapping?

Kelly: I'm 57 and 0 baby.

Kelly Robinson: [they're running away after a mission gone wrong because of Kelly] You know, I was born semi-pyschic, and I had a bad hunch something was gonna happen in that room.
Alexander Scott: Then, why did you go into the room?
Kelly Robinson: I'm only semi-pyschic! I ain't Miss Cleo!

Hungarian Cop: [in Hungurian] Hands up! What's going on here?
Alexander Scott: [in Hungurian about Kelly] The black guy! The black guy mugged me!
Hungarian Cop: [tells Kelly in Hungurian to put his hands up]
Kelly Robinson: I'd like to file a complaint! Wait!
[being put into handcuffs]
Kelly Robinson: Why am I being arrested? Why am I the only one getting arrested? This is bullshit! He kicked me, too! He kicked me in my nuts!
[being put into police van]
Kelly Robinson: Why am I getting arrested if I got kicked in my nuts! How come you just arresting the black man? My nuts was kicked!

Kelly Robinson: Kelly Robinson.
Alexander Scott: Are you going to be referring to yourself in the third person, the whole time? Because that can get a little irritating.

Kelly Robinson: Hey, what's in that bag.
Alexander Scott: Spy stuff.

Kelly Robinson: What you doing hanging from the ceiling like that? What you doing?
Alexander Scott: No, don't walk in here.
Kelly Robinson: Let me tell you something man, you ain't gonna be telling me what to do all the time. I'm Kelly Robinson, don't talk to me like that.
[walks into a infra red security system]
Kelly Robinson: Oh, shit.

Kelly Robinson: I put this in my eye?
Alexander Scott: I got the camera in my eye.

Alexander Scott: Oh, my gosh.
Kelly Robinson: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Kelly Robinson: [to Alex] Hey, come on now. Hey, come on now. Let me at least see the goods.

Kelly Robinson: [to Alex] Let me show you something a little Kelly Robinson style. Hold on, here we go!

Alexander Scott: Did you see that? That was a big explosion.
Kelly Robinson: Damn!

"I Spy: There Was a Little Girl (#1.26)" (1966)
Kelly Robinson: What's eating you, anyway?
Alexander Scott: Why, I don't know, man. Tensions or something. Y'know, it's as if, uh, it's as if a dead cat walked across my grave.
Kelly Robinson: Well, that's silly. How could a dead cat walk?
Alexander Scott: Well, that's what I mean. Causes tension just having me think about it.

Alexander Scott: [Taking over Kelly's unfinished game of solitaire] You're the only man I know that will use deuces and jokers wild at a solitaire game.
Kelly Robinson: Gotta win a game once in a while.

"I Spy: It's All Done with Mirrors (#1.27)" (1966)
Dr. Karolyi: [Addressing the captive Kelly] You are half of one of your country's most effective intelligence teams, and I know you have been briefed about my experiments in conditioning animal behavior.
Kelly Robinson: Brainwashing. Yeah, well, I always send mine out.
Dr. Karolyi: Ah, but we do our laundry right here on the premises.

Kelly Robinson: I'll have myself a shower and a shave and I'll be once again your alert, clean-cut, clear-eyed, government-issue Captain Marvel.

"I Spy: The Conquest of Maude Murdock (#1.22)" (1966)
Kelly Robinson: [Kelly and Scott are being held at gunpoint by two Spanish-speaking guards; Kelly is preparing to try and hit the fusebox] Look here, old man, I could use a little diversion about now.
Alexander Scott: What kind of a disturbance do you want?
Kelly Robinson: I don't know, but make it quick.
Alexander Scott: Mary Poppins!
[the guards look to Scott in surprise, the lights go out and gunfire is heard in the darkness]

Kelly Robinson: [Thanking their faithful taxi driver Jaime for waiting, even after getting beat up] You stuck with us, my man. You're all right.
Jaime: That's why I'm hanging around with you, because I'm learning about love.
Kelly Robinson: Oh, yeah? What do you think about it?
Jaime: It is madness.
Kelly Robinson: And it hurts too, doesn't it?

"I Spy: Trial by Treehouse (#2.6)" (1966)
Kelly Robinson: Listen uh, it wasn't my fault man. I uh. I run into an oil slick back there.
Alexander Scott: Where?
Kelly Robinson: I don't know, it's back there somewhere.

Kelly Robinson: You're a very lucky man.

"I Spy: Bet Me a Dollar (#1.20)" (1966)
Kelly Robinson: [Speaking to his doctor, after being treated for a knife wound sustained while breaking up a fight] What about the fight? I mean, what happened?
Dr. Munoz: Oh, we call it "machismo." "Who is the better man?" It started in the bar and finished on the pavement.
Kelly Robinson: [Smiling and shaking head in understanding] Yes, we call it the same thing and it usually starts in the same place.

"I Spy: One of Our Bombs Is Missing (#2.10)" (1966)
Kelly Robinson: [after Kelly gets a phone call and quickly kicks their beautiful dates out from their hotel room] We gotta get over to the American Embassy!
Alexander Scott: [bewildered] But, I mean why - how come - uh?
Kelly Robinson: They've lost a nuclear device! We lost an A-bomb, and we gotta find it!
Alexander Scott: [dejectedly following Kelly out the door] We were having fun here, just a minute ago.

"I Spy: Return to Glory (#1.21)" (1966)
Kelly Robinson: [Walking along the sidewalk, gnawing on a stick] Wanna piece of my sugar cane?
Alexander Scott: No, man.
Kelly Robinson: It's great stuff. In time it makes your teeth all gold.

"I Spy: Turkish Delight (#1.19)" (1966)
Kelly Robinson: [to Scotty] How come you always embarrass me when I'm rescuing you?