Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley
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Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley (Character)
from An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

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An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)
Foley: In every class, there's always one joker who thinks that he's smarter than me. In this class, that happens to be you. Isn't it, Mayonnaise?

Foley: Mayo, I want you D.O.R.
Mayo: No sir. You can kick me outta here, but I ain't quitting.
Foley: Get into your fatigues, Mayo. By the end of this weekend, you'll quit.

[referring to Della Serra's haircut]
Foley: Now this is my idea of an ass bandit. Wait till some of the local girls get a look at you, Scrotum Head.

Mayo: I am talking to you, motherfucker!
Foley: What did you call me?

Foley: There's not gonna be any liberty for you boys cause you'll be going home by then.

[Upon graduation]
Foley: Congratulations Ensign Seeger.
Seeger: Thank you, Sir.
Foley: Gunnery Sgt, Ensign Seeger, Sir.

Mayo: [while hoisting and securing the "morning colors," Zack glances up at the barracks' orderly-room. He notices a stone-faced Sid coming down the steps, in street clothes, escorted by Foley] ... You didn't kick him out, did you? Wait, sir! Didn't he tell you what he's been going through?
Foley: It doesn't matter what he's been going through; that's what bartenders are for. What DOES matter is that he freaked out for SOME reason at twenty-five thousand feet, and that can't happen. Period.
Mayo: There's this girl he's gotten pregnant, and she's putting him through hell, sir.
Worley: He's right, Zack. It doesn't matter.
Mayo: Just like that? It's all over? With less than two weeks to go, you're out?
Foley: It can still happen to you too, Mayo-naise.

Mayo: [after discovering that Sid has hung himself] ... Sir, this officer candidate requests permission to see you in private... Sir.
Foley: [gently] ... Mayo, the whole class already knows about Candidate Worley, and we're sorry.
Mayo: Oh, I'm sure you are.

Foley: [his first cadence, for Zack and the other OC's; edited for TV] ... Sergeant Foley, can't you see; A Puget Deb is after me; Please don't let her catch my tail; I'd be better off in the county jail...! My mom was a Deb, my grandma too; That's all them gals know how to do; She'll catch my butt before she's through; Sergeant Foley, it's up to you!

Foley: [his second cadence, for Zack alone; edited for TV] ... Candidate Mayo's strutting in the dirt; Look at his face, he's starting to hurt; Here he is, thinking he's a great big star; But before too long he's gonna D.O.R.; Seen guys like you a hundred times; I'm telling you, Mayo, I'm one of a kind; Gonna give you more than you can take; I'm gonna watch you crumble and watch you break!

Foley: You can forget it! You're out!
Mayo: Don't you do it! Don't! You... I got nowhere else to go! I got nowhere else to g... I got nothin' else.

Foley: [first part of his first cadence, for Zack and the other OC's] Flying low and feeling mean; Spot a family by the stream; Pickle a pair and hear them scream; 'Cause napalm sticks to kids!

Foley: [second part of his first cadence, for Zack and the other OC's] Family of gooks are sitting in the ditch; Little baby sucking on his mama's tit; Chemical firms don't give a shit; That napalm sticks to kids!

Foley: [his second cadence, for Zack alone] Casey Jones was a son of a bitch; Drove his train through a 30 foot ditch; Came on out with his dick in his hand; Said "Listen ladies, I'm a hell of a man!"; Went into town and lined up a hundred; Swore up and down he'd fuck every one; Fucked 98 'til his balls turned blue; Then he backed off, jacked off, and fucked the other two!

Foley: Wave good-bye to your buddies, Mayonnaise! Oh, I forgot. You don't have any buddies, do you? Only customers!

[Mayo presents a silver dollar to Foley, who accepts it, slips it into his right pocket, and salutes]
Foley: Congratulations, Ensign Mayo.
Mayo: [returns the salute] Won't ever forget you, sergeant.
Foley: I know.
Mayo: Wouldn't have made this if it weren't for you.
Foley: Get the hell out of here.
Mayo: Thank you, sergeant.

Foley: Where you been? Listening to rock and roll music and bad-mouthing your country, I'll bet!

Foley: [Giving some "fatherly" advice to the newly-arrived male recruits] Not all the obstacles that can trip you up are on this base. Let me tell you something about the local girls. Ever since there's been a base here, there's been what you'd call the Puget Sound Debs. The poor girls come across the sound on the ferry every weekend with just one thing in mind, and that's to marry themselves a naval aviator. A Puget Deb will tell you, "Don't you worry about contraceptives. I've got that all taken care of." Don't believe it, sweet pea. A Puget Deb will do anything and say anything to trap you. I know this sounds silly, especially in this so-called modern age, but you scuzzy college pukes should watch out, because they're out there, and you, sweet peas, are the answer to their dream!

Foley: [Speaking to the newly arrived recruits] I expect to lose half of you before I'm finished. I will use every means necessary - fair and unfair - to trip you up, to expose your weaknesses as a potential aviator.

Foley: Oklahoma? Only TWO THINGS come outta Oklahoma, steers and queers. Which one are you boy? I don't see any horns!