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Quotes for
Henry Mason (Character)
from "Desperate Housewives" (2004)

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"Desperate Housewives: Don't Look at Me (#2.19)" (2006)
[Bree has brought down a box of Andrew's porn]
Bree Van De Kamp: Oh, dad, I-I forgot to warn you. These are some of Andrew's adult videos. I don't approve, but boys will be boys.
[Henry files through the box of porn]
Eleanor Mason: Oh, Henry, stop looking at that filth.
Henry Mason: I don't get it. Where are the women?
Eleanor Mason: What are you talking about?
Henry Mason: This is all just a bunch of... naked men.
[Eleanor takes the magazine from Henry]
Eleanor Mason: Sweet mother of God. What the hell are they doing?
Henry Mason: I don't know, and I don't know what I'm even looking at.
Eleanor Mason: Henry, this is pornography for ho-homosexuals.
[Bree enters]
Bree Van De Kamp: Oh, shoot! I wish you hadn't gone through that. Now we have to have an unpleasant conversation, and we were having such a nice time.
Henry Mason: Bree, is... is Andrew... gay?
Bree Van De Kamp: Oh, dad, Andrew hates labels. I'm sure it's just a phase.
Eleanor Mason: Excuse me, but he has a magazine titled "Leather Daddies in Love." That does not sound like a phase to me.

Henry Mason: [Andrew's grandfather is thumbing through Andrew's gay porn collection] I don't get it... where are all the *women?* This is all just a bunch of guys!

Eleanor Mason: It took me a week to forgive Esperanza.
Henry Mason: Now she's like family again.
Eleanor Mason: Family who stole from us.

Andrew Van De Kamp: Well, could you live with a woman who hits you?
Eleanor Mason: Bree!
Bree: Oh, I slapped him once and he deserved it!
Andrew Van De Kamp: I just asked her to stop drinking.
Henry Mason: You were drinking?
Eleanor Mason: She's in A.A. Her sponsor has long hair.
Bree: Andrew, I find your concern ironic given how tanked you were when you ran over our neighbor's mother with your car!
Eleanor Mason: Is she okay?
Bree: She's dead!
Andrew Van De Kamp: Well, mom watched as her boyfriend committed suicide. And he was the same guy who killed dad!
Bree: Andrew falsely accused me of molestation... in a mall!