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Quotes for
Elsa (Character)
from Marathon Man (1976)

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Marathon Man (1976)
[When Elsa leaves the library, Babe hesitates, and then runs after her. He finds her as she is climbing the stairs to her apartment and makes small talk, trying to prolong the conversation. When she keeps walking away, he bursts into an honest confession]
Babe: Look, I'm sorry I stole your book.
Elsa Opel: What?
Babe: I took your book and put it underneath mine. I, I didn't know how to talk to you, I was embarrassed, so I took your book.
Elsa Opel: Aren't you embarrassed now?
Babe: Yeah. I'm, I'm humiliated.
Elsa Opel: So, why do you pursue people who sit at your library table?
Babe: I don't. It's just that... you're pretty.
Elsa Opel: Ohh!
[She smiles and turns to walk away from him for about the seventh time]
Babe: Well, I can't talk about how smart you are; I don't even know you. Anyway, I'm done lying with you.
Elsa Opel: Are you always so incompetent with women?
Babe: Oh, yes. Today's way above average for me.
Elsa Opel: Congratulations.
[She is still smiling as she unlocks her door to leave him]
Elsa Opel: Good night.
Babe: That's too bad. I could make you so happy. I'm smart as a whip; you won't meet another thief like me in the library again. Come on; why don't you say you'll see me, huh?
Elsa Opel: All right. I'll see you again. But it won't come to anything.
Babe: You can't tell.
Elsa Opel: [wistfully] Yes, I can.
[She shuts her door in his face]