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Janeway (Character)
from Marathon Man (1976)

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Marathon Man (1976)
Janeway: Listen, why don't we begin with what happened tonight, hmm? Perhaps you could... you know, give me some of the details.
Babe: I was here, Doc... died, you came.
Janeway: That's it?
Babe: I'm a demon for details.

Janeway: My name's Peter Janeway. But you can call me Janey, all of my friends do.
Babe: I'm not your friend.

Janeway: All right, you guys! Let's go! Move out of there!
Melendez: Blow it out your ass, motherfucker!

Janeway: I don't think he knows anything. And I think he knows too much.
Christian Szell: You can afford to think what you wish. I can't.

Janeway: Szell's brother's been killed in Manhattan. An accident with an oil truck.
Doc: Oh, boy. Any changes?
Janeway: Only everything.
Doc: They're getting all the couriers.

Janeway: [Referring to his dead brother] What did he do?
Babe: He was in the oil business.
Janeway: Wrong. I know exactly how Doc made his living, and the closest he ever came to the oil business was when he filled up at the friendly neighborhood gas station.

Janeway: [In the car with Babe] All right, things are starting to come together. Keep your head down before you get it blown off. Those two guys I just wasted work for a man named Christian Szell. Does that name mean anything to you?
Babe: No.
Janeway: He ran the experimental camp at Auchswitz, where they called him "The White Angel" - "The Weisse Engel" - because he has this incredible head of white hair. He's probably the wealthiest and most wanted Nazi left alive. And he's hiding out somewhere in Uruguay. In 1945, Szell let it be known around Auchswitz that he could provide escape for any Jew who was willing to pay the price. He started out with gold naturally, but very quickly worked his way up to diamonds. Have you heard any of this before?
Babe: No.
Janeway: Szell saw the end early. And he snuck his brother into America with his diamonds. They're right here in New York in a safe deposit box. Szell's brother had the key. The only other key was kept by Szell in Uruguay. And now, if he has to come out of hiding to use it, he's gonna expose himself to incredible risk. Well, everything worked out fine until his brother got killed in a head-on collision with an oil truck.
Babe: [raspy] Why did you say "naturally" when you said he'd started with gold?
Janeway: Because he knocked it out of the Jews' teeth before he burned them. Szell was a dentist.
[Janeway's car makes a left turn at another street]
Babe: He's not coming to America, Mr. Janeway. He's here.
Janeway: He can't be here. We'd already know it if he was.
Babe: He's here. That was the dentist that almost killed me. He kept saying, "Is it safe?, is it safe?" over and over.
Janeway: Did he had white hair? Keep your head down! Did he had white hair?
Babe: He was bald.
Janeway: Bald? The son-of-a-bitch has shaved his head! He's here! And he's panicked!
Babe: Why is he after me?
Janeway: Because your brother was one of the couriers that transported the diamonds to Paris. And obviously, Szell thinks Doc said something to you before he died. Now did he say anything to you?
Babe: What do you mean my brother? You're saying my brother worked for Szell?
Janeway: [shouts] No! He worked for us! Everything we do cuts both ways. Szell ratted on all of his buddies. He kept track on all of the old Nazis throughout the world. Whenever we want to bring one of them in, we went to Szell. Now listen, Babe. You gotta do one thing for me, just one thing.
Babe: Name it. What?
Janeway: Quit protecting Doc!
Babe: I'm not.
Janeway: He kept himself alive long enough to tell you something. Now what did he say to you?
Babe: He didn't say anything.
Janeway: He must've said something. Tell me what he said!
Babe: [screams] Nothing!

Janeway: [tantrums] Shit!
[Janeway arrives back at Szell's hideout where Karl and Erhard are waiting; Janeway is revealed as a double agent, which horrifies Babe even more]
Babe: [screams to Janeway] I saw you kill them! You killed them! You killed them! You killed them! You fucking killed them! You killed my brother!

[after Szell tortures Babe by drilling into a healthy tooth, he still gets no information about Babe's brother, frustrating Szell]
Christian Szell: [shouts] Erhardt!
[Erhardt steps into the dental room]
Christian Szell: He knew nothing. If he had known, he would have told. Get rid of him!
Janeway: I don't think you've heard the news.
[Szell steps into Janeway's office]
Christian Szell: What is that?
Janeway: You're leaving tomorrow on the 1:00 flight.
Christian Szell: You are a very confident young man.
Janeway: It's all a front. Just think of me as any other young executive on the come.
[Janeway sees Karl and Erhardt dragging a badly tortured Babe]
Janeway: You're uncontrollable. What you offer us is valuable, but it's not worth the chaos you're causing.
Christian Szell: And if I am unable to conclude my business by 1:00?
Janeway: Well, you'll just have to manage that, won't you? As far as we're concerned, Mr. Szell, you're a relic, and you're on your way.
Christian Szell: Thus far, I find you rather detestable. May I say that without hurting your feelings?
Janeway: Praise from Caesar. I'm just doing my job. I believe in my country.
Christian Szell: So did we all.