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Angela Petrelli (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Ten '1961' (#3.23)" (2009/II)
Claire Bennet: Okay, please, someone say something.
Angela Petrelli: How are the fries?

Angela Petrelli: [at Coyote Sands] My sister, my parents, they all died here. And if we don't come together, if we don't settle our differences, I'm afraid history is gonna repeat itself.

Angela Petrelli: I never wanted you to know what I suffered, I tried to forget. We made everyone forget.
Claire Bennet: Who's "we"?
Angela Petrelli: How do you think the Company was formed? It started here, with a vow to never let this happen again. We destroyed files, erased memories, we blackmailed, we killed, anything to keep our existence secret; and it worked - for fifty years.

Angela Petrelli: I tried to warn them, I tried to make them stop. I tried to save them, save Alice. And now Alice is alive.

Angela Petrelli: Why did you stay?
Alice Shaw: You told me. Your dream. You said I'd be safe if I stayed here...
Angela Petrelli: I...
Alice Shaw: And I trusted you. I thought I'd be safe here, and the world would be safe... from me.

Angela Petrelli: You don't have to stay here anymore. Let me help you. It's time to go home. I have socks for you.

Angela Petrelli: It's time to go back to the old methods.
Claire Bennet: You mean erasing people's memories and killing?
Angela Petrelli: It's a necessary evil.

Angela Petrelli: Since that night, whenever I... I feel lost, whenever I don't know what to do, I steal socks, for you - to remind myself there are simple ways to protect the ones we love.

Angela Petrelli: Come on, let's get out of here. Let's go home. Say good bye, Alice.
Alice Shaw: No.

Dr. Suresh: Einstein said, the life of the individual has meaning...
Angela Shaw: ...only in so far as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful.
Dr. Suresh: You've read Einstein!
Angela Shaw: No. I just dreamt that you would say that.

Angela Shaw: I had a dream about the future. I'm going to form a group. A company. It's going to protect people like us.
Young Robert Bishop: We're just kids.
Angela Shaw: Not anymore, we're not.
Young Charles Deveaux: What're we doin' in this dream?
Angela Shaw: Whatever we have to. They're right to be afraid of us. The things we can do, the things we're going to do to keep this secret safe... It's a necessary evil.

Dr. Suresh: If you leave, it destroys all our work. Don't you see the benefits your abilities could have for the world?
Angela Shaw: I only see my nightmares.

Angela Shaw: My dreams are confusing.

[repeated lines]
Angela Shaw: Say good night, Alice.
Young Alice Shaw: Good night, Alice.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Villains' (#3.8)" (2008/II)
Angela Petrelli: You were a great man, Arthur; you were a visionary. But somewhere along the line you lost your soul.

[Arthur and Angela are passionately embraced during their wedding anniversary]
Nathan Petrelli: All right, get a room.
Angela Petrelli: After forty-one years of marriage you take it where you can get it.

Angela Petrelli: So what do you think, Arthur? Do you still know me? Can you tell anything about me just by looking in my eyes?
Arthur Petrelli: You're my wife, Angela. I know you like I know my own heart.
Angela Petrelli: Really? So what am I gonna do now? Am I gonna kiss you? Or am I gonna kill you?

Arthur Petrelli: [telepathically] Nathan has to die.
Angela Petrelli: [repeating aloud] Nathan has to die.

Angela Petrelli: What's on your mind?
Daniel Linderman: The question is, Angela, what isn't on yours?

Angela Petrelli: I lied. It's not your mother's recipe.
[when Arthur realizes that he has been poisoned]

Angela Petrelli: Let's not idolize your father because he's dead. He wasn't God; he was a man - deeply flawed in ways you will never know.

"Heroes: Chapter Nineteen '.07%' (#1.19)" (2007/II)
Angela Petrelli: I regret a lot of the choices I've made in my life. You're getting the benefit of my experience.
Claire Bennet: [snappily] Whether I want it or not.
Angela Petrelli: [Angela smirks]
[to Claire]
Angela Petrelli: You get that mouth from me.

[first lines]
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] People think I collect art. What I really collect are lives fixed in paint. A perfect moment capturing an entire existence, made immortal.
Mohinder Suresh: What you've done isn't evolution, it's murder. What I am doing - is revenge.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] A monster's fight to survive... and live to kill again. A mother willing to fracture her own soul to protect her child.
D.L. Hawkins: Don't lie to me anymore. You told me she was gone now. Which one of you is in control. Niki? Jessica?
Niki Sanders: I'm not so sure.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] Youth's struggle for innocence, despite life's cruelty.
Claire Bennet: Who are you?
Angela Petrelli: I'm your grandmother.

Angela Petrelli: I cared about you a great deal. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, oatmeal cookies and school plays, but I did what I could. My husband and I made arrangements for you.
Claire Bennet: Arrangements?
Angela Petrelli: Then that fire happened and Nathan just assumed you were gone, so...
Claire Bennet: So you let him.
Angela Petrelli: It was the right thing to do. You needed to be protected.
Claire Bennet: Trust me, I don't need protecting.
Angela Petrelli: Because you can grow back your bones and spit out bullets? You have no idea, Claire. The life your abilities would bring you? You deserve better. And that's why you have to go and get you away like we planned.
[Claire is losing her patience with Angela Petrelli]
Claire Bennet: [to Angela] I haven't seen Peter or met my father yet.
Angela Petrelli: Neither of them is in a position to be anything to you right now. Be sensible.
Claire Bennet: By shipping me off to Paris?
Angela Petrelli: For now, yes. I'll be taking you there myself. You'll have a chance to grow up and develop into someone who can make her own choices, and then if you choose to come back and join this madness like I once did... at least I will have given you the option...
Claire Bennet: So you're like me?
[awkward pause]

[Claire walks into the room while Nathan and Angela mourn Peter]
Nathan Petrelli: [voice breaking] Claire?
Claire Bennet: I know you don't want me here. I just want to see him. I came all this way.
[short pause]
Angela Petrelli: Let the girl have her moment.
[Nathan and Angela leave the room]
Claire Bennet: [to Peter's seemingly lifeless body] I didn't even get to know you... You're the only one who ever made me feel safe. I thought you were like me.
[Claire strokes Peter's head, eventually pulling the glass shard out of the back of his head; Peter coughs loudly]
Angela Petrelli: Peter?

Peter Petrelli: It's a good thing I can't die, then.
Nathan Petrelli: What?
Peter Petrelli: Oh, I got that from Claire. She can regenerate.
Nathan Petrelli: No matter what happens?
Peter Petrelli: I think so.
Nathan Petrelli: What about the painting? If you explode, I mean if that happens, you could survive it?
Peter Petrelli: Doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, if I go nuclear, if I blow up New York, you know how many people are gonna die?
Nathan Petrelli: Point O seven per cent.
Peter Petrelli: Talk to her, Nathan. She wants to know her father.
Nathan Petrelli: I can't deal with that right now.
Peter Petrelli: She's not just some girl, she's your daughter. You know that Mom wants to send her to Paris? You can't let her go. Don't you get it? Claire's the girl I saved in Texas, save the cheerleader...
Nathan Petrelli: ...Save the world, I get it.
Peter Petrelli: And she turns out to be your daughter. Your daughter. Look around. Everything I said is happening is happening now. It's real. And maybe if Claire is here, I don't blow up. Maybe she's here to save us. Talk to her, Nathan. We need her.
[Angela Petrelli walks in]
Peter Petrelli: About what just happened, Nathan and I need to talk to you.
Angela Petrelli: It's okay, I know. I knew long before either of you did.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'The Butterfly Effect' (#3.2)" (2008/II)
Angela Petrelli: It's called the butterfly effect. You step on a butterfly today; three years from now a million people are wiped out.
Peter Petrelli: Let's just hope it's nobody that I know.

Angela Petrelli: I had another dream - one I'd rather not repeat. And all because you're not where you're supposed to be. So go back where you came from, Peter.
Peter Petrelli: Sorry, I'm a little too busy saving the world right now.

Angela Petrelli: You don't screw with time.

Elle Bishop: [after being 'sacked'] I have worked for this company my entire life. What am I supposed to do now?
Angela Petrelli: I suppose you'll have to get yourself another life.

[last lines]
Sylar: My name is Sylar. And you are not my mother.
Angela Petrelli: But I am dear - I am...

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Into Asylum' (#3.21)" (2009/II)
Peter Petrelli: Your coat's sopping wet. I found this one in the bins; it looked like something you'd wear.
Angela Petrelli: It should; it's mine.

Angela Petrelli: I'm afraid that unconditional love isn't really love at all.

Angela Petrelli: There used to be love in this family once. Look at us now. It's all my fault.
Peter Petrelli: You come here to be forgiven?
Angela Petrelli: I'm not sure even God has that in him.

Angela Petrelli: I was just like you, my head in the clouds, full of hope. I was gonna be a teacher. And then my power manifested, and the dreams came - visions of a bloody future, of deceit and death, the apocalypse. And when I awoke, I tried to warn everyone, but no one would listen. Why would they? Why should they? I was Cassandra, screaming that the sky was falling, but when they looked up, there wasn't a cloud in sight. And I did it with lies, and with manipulation, and betrayal; and it cost me everything - my friends, my husband, my boys. But Peter - it's the price I chose to pay to save the world.

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Cold Snap' (#3.20)" (2009/II)
Angela Petrelli: Family's a horrible price to pay for what we're trying to do. And the irony of sacrificing my relationship to my sons to save my sons isn't lost on me.

Angela Petrelli: This should be our last conversation. It's not safe for you to be seen with me.
Noah Bennet: I'm touched - or I would be, if I could imagine that you really care about my safety.
Angela Petrelli: What I care about is having an awful lot depending on a man too distracted to pack an umbrella on a cloudy day - or use a proper razor.

Angela Petrelli: Take my umbrella - don't say I never did anything for you.
Noah Bennet: Thanks... I wouldn't go home, if I were you - don't say I never did anything for you.

"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Angels and Monsters' (#3.5)" (2008/II)
Arthur Petrelli: You can see the future. I can't have that. It's too dangerous.
Angela Petrelli: You won't succeed. I'll stop you.
Arthur Petrelli: Don't be ridiculous. You won't even be able to move.

Nathan Petrelli: [after learning about the secret behind his own ability] It wasn't God...
Angela Petrelli: We were trying to be better than God.

Angela Petrelli: Someone has stolen the formula; they want to restart this project. They want to create a world filled with dangerous people - deadly, out of control. They will destroy everything. Please help me stop them.
Nathan Petrelli: Go to hell.

"Heroes: Chapter Thirteen 'Let It Bleed' (#4.14)" (2010/II)
Angela Petrelli: How are you?
Peter Petrelli: OK. I'm OK, Mom.
Angela Petrelli: Nathan was a better liar.
Peter Petrelli: Must have gotten that from you.

Angela Petrelli: Nathan was right. You need to fight the good fight. Revenge will only get you killed. And I cannot bear to lose you too.

Angela Petrelli: I tried to find a photo of you, but...
Claire Bennet: There are none. Not of the illegitimate daughter.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'One of Us, One of Them' (#3.3)" (2008/II)
Angela Petrelli: This is Bridget. And she has a very special ability. Any object she touches, she can see its history; everywhere it's been, everyone who's ever touched it.
Sylar: What's she gonna do to me?
Angela Petrelli: [leaning over Sylar, whispering] Feed you.

Noah Bennet: [about Sylar] He's a murderer!
Angela Petrelli: Then you and Gabriel have more in common than you care to admit.

Angela Petrelli: Noah, we just let a dozen criminals out into the world that is grossly unprepared to deal with them.
Noah Bennet: So your solution is to send a psychopath after the psychopaths?

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'Acceptance' (#4.4)" (2009/II)
Nathan Petrelli: Kelly didn't disappear. She died. I was there. What I want to know is why I can't remember anything.
Angela Petrelli: How would I know?
Nathan Petrelli: Because every time there's a secret buried someplace, I find you with a shovel behind your back.
Angela Petrelli: You should write mother's day cards.

[last lines]
Millie Houston: Where were we?
Angela Petrelli: Closure.
Millie Houston: Of course. To closure.
Angela Petrelli: To closure.

"Heroes Reborn: June 13th - Part Two (#1.8)" (2015)
Angela Petrelli: You must be Nathan.
Tommy Clark: Pretty young for a great-grandmother.
Angela Petrelli: You're pretty big for a one-year-old. I would've visited, but I've been a bit busy with your sister.
Tommy Clark: Malina. Sweet. Can I meet her?
Angela Petrelli: No, I'm sorry. You mustn't get so close. Not yet.

Angela Petrelli: Lately I have been plagued with dreams... Fire raining down, blood everywhere, and the twins saving the world under a clock tower in Odessa. It's hands stuck at 11:53.
Noah Bennet: Odessa?
Angela Petrelli: It's the way the world ends, Noah... under a burning Texas sky.
Noah Bennet: How much longer do we have?
Angela Petrelli: When the magnetic poles shift, animal migration patterns will be disrupted. So you'll see birds, butterflies, all flying in the wrong direction. And eventually the Northern Lights will appear will appear further south than ever before.
Noah Bennet: That's already begun, a year from now. Erica Kravid has given up on humanity. She just wants to let the world burn.
Angela Petrelli: I know. But thankfully, your grandchildren gave us another way.
Noah Bennet: And now we're gonna save them... every last one of them.
Tommy Clark: He really is a Petrelli, isn't he?

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part' (#1.21)" (2007/II)
Angela Petrelli: [to Nathan] Can you believe? Can you be the one we need? That's my boy.

Angela Petrelli: [to Nathan] Your destiny Nathan is to set the course of history after this unspeakable act has occurred.

"Heroes: Chapter Fifteen 'Run!' (#1.15)" (2007/II)
Nathan Petrelli: I cared about Meredith once. I owe her more than a phone call, I owe them both. Besides I'm this girl's father.
Angela Petrelli: You're a glorified sperm donor. Don't get so attached.
Nathan Petrelli: How can you be so cold?
Angela Petrelli: Because I know you, Nathan. And under that gruff exterior, you're a sap.

Angela Petrelli: [to Nathan] We reap what we sow Nathan, you have no one to blame but yourself.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Lizards' (#2.2)" (2007/II)
Angela Petrelli: Get out of my head!

Angela Petrelli: You think I killed Kaito over money?
Matt Parkman: Most common motives are money and sex.
Angela Petrelli: Well, I don't need the money and I wasn't sleeping with him - not for a long time...

"Heroes: Chapter One 'A Clear and Present Danger' (#3.14)" (2009/II)
Angela Petrelli: I think we have a bigger problem now.

Angela Petrelli: Claire, you have got to believe me, it's over. All of it. Primatech, the Company, Pinehearst - all of it. And we all have to accept that.
Claire Bennet: No. You're just trying to put me on the bench. He's out there, and if I'm the only one who sees that, then fine. I'll go find him myself.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Genesis' (#1.1)" (2006/II)
Angela Petrelli: You, in the meantime, for all your selflessness, and sitting with dying people... What? You gonna retire on what you make?
Peter Petrelli: Maybe I'll shoplift my socks.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Orientation' (#4.1)" (2009/II)
Matt Parkman: I've stopped, okay? I'm done, I'm out.
Angela Petrelli: There's no such thing as out, Detective, not for people like us.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Thanksgiving' (#4.11)" (2009/II)
Nathan Petrelli: Is there a problem, Mom? Some family. You look at me, you don't see your son. You see the man who killed your son.
Angela Petrelli: Don't be silly.
Nathan Petrelli: [to Peter] You don't see your brother. Well, that's because I'm not your brother.
Peter Petrelli: Nathan.
Nathan Petrelli: Guess again.
Angela Petrelli: Oh, God. Sylar is in there with you, isn't he?
Nathan Petrelli: We never should have gone to Texas, Pete.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'Turn and Face the Strange' (#3.22)" (2009/II)
Angela Petrelli: You want the answers? Then you'll have to dig.

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'An Invisible Thread' (#3.25)" (2009/II)
[Angela awakes, startled]
Claire Bennet: You okay? D'you've a dream?
Angela Petrelli: It's Nathan.
Claire Bennet: What about him?
Angela Petrelli: He's...
Claire Bennet: He's what?
Angela Petrelli: In trouble.
Noah Bennet: He's not the only one.

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'The Fifth Stage' (#4.12)" (2009/II)
Angela Petrelli: Please, Peter, think about what you're doing.
Peter Petrelli: I have. Gonna go get Nathan back.
Angela Petrelli: What happens when you find out there's not a Nathan to get back?
Peter Petrelli: I guess I'll just settle for revenge.

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' (#1.12)" (2007/II)
Simone Deveaux: [talking about Peter's health] He's burning up.
Angela Petrelli: Persistent idiopathic fever. Means they have no idea what's wrong. Find the best doctors in the world, just to have them tell me they don't know what they're doing in four different languages.

"Heroes: Chapter Fourteen 'Close to You' (#4.15)" (2010/II)
Angela Petrelli: People think that dreaming the future is a gift. They're wrong.

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Eris Quod Sum' (#3.7)" (2008/II)
Angela Petrelli: Oh Gabriel - you don't know the half of what you're capable of. Show them. Show them all why you are my favorite. Make mommy proud.

"Heroes: Chapter Thirteen 'Dual' (#3.13)" (2008/II)
Angela Petrelli: [of Sylar] You're only giving him what he wants - a child starved for attention throws a temper tantrum.
Claire Bennet: Well, I'd like to give him a good spanking.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine: Cautionary Tales (#2.9)" (2007/II)
[Parkman is telepathically trying to get information out of Angela Petrelli]
Angela Petrelli: If you take this secret from me, you're not just like your father...
[she wipes blood from her nose]
Angela Petrelli: are him.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Shades of Gray' (#3.19)" (2009/II)
Angela Petrelli: I've met many men like you, Mr. Danko. My company employed dozens of them. No family, nothing to hold you back, operate in the shadows, doing all the awful things other people just refuse to do. That's what makes you useful - and expendable.

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'Powerless' (#2.11)" (2007/II)
[last lines]
Angela Petrelli: [on the phone] You do know that you've now opened Pandora's box?

"Heroes: Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite' (#1.18)" (2007/II)
Claire Bennet: [Claire knocks on an apartment door; someone answers it] I'm sorry, I hope I have the right address. I'm looking for, uh... Peter Petrelli.
[cut to Peter's mother Angela standing at the door]
Angela Petrelli: [cut to Peter's mother Angela standing at the door] You picked a terrible time to do that. Peter's not here just now. You may as well come inside Claire.
[in French]
Angela Petrelli: Au moins maintenant elle sera en sécurité... et pas grâce à vous!
[translation: At least, now she will be safe... and no thanks to you!]
The Haitian: Ecoutez j'ai fait tout ce que j'ai pu... elle aurait bien fini par trouver sa propre voie...
[translation: Listen, I did all that I could. She would have ended up well finding her own way]
Claire Bennet: Who are you?
Angela Petrelli: I'm your grandmother. And I've been trying to protect you, but you haven't been that very easy. Quite stubborn aren't you? Just like your Father.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Four Months Later...' (#2.1)" (2007/II)
Angela Petrelli: You're drunk. Thank God your father isn't here to see you.
Nathan Petrelli: Or you, for that matter.
Angela Petrelli: You killed your brother. Drove Heidi away. Drove your kids away. If you followed our plan - if you'd done what you' were supposed to do, he would be alive now.
Nathan Petrelli: To think I almost listened to you. You're evil, Ma.

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Nothing to Hide' (#1.7)" (2006/II)
Angela Petrelli: I never kid about family brunch.

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'Cold Wars' (#3.17)" (2009/II)
Angela Petrelli: There's no halfway anymore. You're gonna have to play the role, make tough choices to prove your loyalty to them, to their cause.
Noah Bennet: You know me - I've always been comfortable with morally gray.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'The Eclipse Part 1' (#3.10)" (2008/II)
Angela Petrelli: We all have to make sacrifices.