Janice Parkman
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Janice Parkman (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Hiros' (#1.5)" (2006/II)
Janice Parkman: I don't know what to say!
Matt Parkman: How about 'pass the salad'?

Matt Parkman: 'Cause we're calling in sick today!
Janice Parkman: No.
Matt Parkman: Oh, yeah!
Janice Parkman: No!
Matt Parkman: I got it all planned out. You just go get dressed.
Janice Parkman: I'm dressed!
Matt Parkman: No! Something nicer. Come on!

Janice Parkman: [to Matt] I love you. It's like you're in my head.

Janice Parkman: [to Matt after he makes dinner] You were missing for a day and now this.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Six Months Ago' (#1.10)" (2006/II)
Matt Parkman: How can you want to kiss me?
Janice Parkman: [in her thoughts] You're my hero. Don't you know that?
[out loud]
Janice Parkman: Hey, you are everything that I want.

Janice Parkman: I don't know why you don't just tell them the truth.
Matt Parkman: Yeah, I'll just waltz in there and tell them I can barely read, half the words I see backwards. There's a good career move.

"Heroes: Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' (#1.16)" (2007/II)
Janice Parkman: You know, Matt, for a guy that can read other people's thoughts, you should spend a little time on your own.
Matt Parkman: You know what? I'm just trying to figure how I can take care of our family. I don't have a job, Jan!

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Strange Attractors' (#4.7)" (2009/II)
Matt Parkman: [to Janice] I did a... I did a terrible thing...
Sylar: Aw, this should be good.
Matt Parkman: I used my ability to push one man's memories into another man's head.
Sylar: Yeah - my head! There is somebody out there using my body without my permission...
Janice Parkman: I didn't even know that you could do that.
Matt Parkman: It was wrong. I know that, but I had to do it to get rid of this really bad criminal.
Sylar: Well, that's not very nice...
Matt Parkman: [holding his head] Or, or, or at least... just his mind. And now his consciousness is, is rattling around up in here...
Sylar: Oh, there's so much space.
Matt Parkman: [to Sylar] Will you SHUT UP?

"Heroes: Chapter Thirteen 'The Fix' (#1.13)" (2007/II)
Matt Parkman: Yes, I will call the plumber today.
Janice Parkman: Are you always gonna be in my head?
Matt Parkman: Well, I can't control this thing.
Janice Parkman: You can't or you won't?

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Nothing to Hide' (#1.7)" (2006/II)
Janice Parkman: [in her head] Oh, God, he knows.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' (#1.8)" (2006/II)
Janice Parkman: You punched a superior officer. That has to have some kind of repercussions.
Matt Parkman: He may outrank me, but superior is taking it a little too far.