Isaac Mendez
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Isaac Mendez (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' (#1.16)" (2007/II)
[last lines]
Peter Petrelli: [looking at painting of Simone and Isaac together] This is why you sent them after me, jealousy? With me out of the way you'd have Simone all to yourself.
Isaac Mendez: [shouts] You stole her away from me!
Isaac Mendez: But I did it to save New York, to stop the bomb.
[he grabs a gun and aims his gun at Peter]
Isaac Mendez: I can do it right now.
[points the gun at Peter]
Isaac Mendez: With just one bullet and I can be a hero.
Peter Petrelli: [turning invisible] You're not a hero, Isaac. You're a junkie. You couldn't even save yourself! That's why she left you Isaac. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!
Isaac Mendez: Show yourself! Simone!

Noah Bennet: So Peter's invisible?
Isaac Mendez: That sounds so crazy.
Noah Bennet: Any more than a man who can paint the future?

Noah Bennet: Look, there's a chance Peter might come here first, before we reach him.
Isaac Mendez: [Mr. Bennet hands Isaac a gun] What do you expect me to do with this?
Noah Bennet: Save the world.

Isaac Mendez: I would do anything for you Simone, anything.
Simone Deveraux: Find Peter.

Peter Petrelli: What are these marks, huh? What do they mean?
Isaac Mendez: They're nothing. They mean nothing.
Peter Petrelli: [to Isaac] Don't lie to me!

"Heroes: Chapter Nineteen '.07%' (#1.19)" (2007/II)
Isaac Mendez: [to Sylar] It's all right. I finally know my part in all this - to die, here, with you - but not before I show them how to kill you and stop the bomb. I finally get to be a hero.

Isaac Mendez: You're late.
Sylar: I guess you know why I'm here.
Isaac Mendez: You're the one who's gonna kill me.
Sylar: That's true.
Sylar: This is usually the part when people start screaming.
Isaac Mendez: I tried fighting the future. It's too big for me. Maybe you can do better.

Isaac Mendez: [to Courier Fan Boy] Promise you won't post any spoilers?

Isaac Mendez: I wasted my life. Destroyed anything good that ever came to me. At least I did one good thing before I died. You can't fight the future.
Sylar: Neither can you.

Isaac Mendez: You are the one who is gonna kill me.
Sylar: That's true. This is usually the part when people start screaming.

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'Fallout' (#1.11)" (2006/II)
Isaac Mendez: [whispering] And very recently, I painted a picture of... a man exploding.
Hiro Nakamura: How do you stop an exploding man?

Hiro Nakamura: [cell phone rings and Hiro answers it] Hello?
Isaac Mendez: [calling Hiro's cellphone] Hiro Nakamura?
Isaac Mendez: Yes?
Hiro Nakamura: This is Isaac Mendez.
Ando Masahashi: Mr. Isaac!
Isaac Mendez: Hiro... We need to meet.
Ando Masahashi: [in Japanese] Who is it?
Hiro Nakamura: [in Japanese] Destiny!
Ando Masahashi: [in Japanese]
[to Hiro]
Ando Masahashi: I wish... destiny would lose our number...

Eden McCain: [Isaac is sketching when Eden walks in] Anything interesting?
Isaac Mendez: Nothing predictive if that's what you're asking. I don't think I can do it clean.
Eden McCain: You'll get there.
Isaac Mendez: To be honest it's nice to be drawing just to draw again. That's what I liked about comics, you don't have to take them too seriously.
Eden McCain: Good guys catching bad guys. Which reminds me... Claire. The cheerleader... she's alive.
Isaac Mendez: [Isaac breathes a sigh of relief] Peter. He saved her.
Eden McCain: No, you did. With your gift... I mean thanks to you, Sylar won't be able to hurt anybody anymore.
Isaac Mendez: This means we can change the future. Maybe stop that bomb.
Eden McCain: Well, I wish you the best of luck.
Isaac Mendez: Why? Where you going?
Eden McCain: Off the reservation.
Isaac Mendez: You're leaving... what good is painting the future if no one would do anything to change it.
[Eden gave Isaac a kiss on his cheek while slipping a cell phone and a keycard into his hand]
Eden McCain: [whispers] So change it.

Hiro Nakamura: And I saw you.
Isaac Mendez: What about me.
Hiro Nakamura: I saw you on the floor. You were dead. With your head... cut... off.

"Heroes: Chapter Fourteen 'Distractions' (#1.14)" (2007/II)
Simone Deveaux: [about Peter] You've been trying to find him, why?
Isaac Mendez: I know what he can do. He's the one who is going to turn New York into this
[pointing to the new painting of New York burning]
Isaac Mendez: I'm not going to let him.
Simone Deveaux: How do you know so much about him?
Isaac Mendez: Because I painted it!

Isaac Mendez: [to Simone] You finally believe I can paint the future, and you want to use it to find your new boyfriend.

Isaac Mendez: This city took me in. Everything important that ever happened to me happened here. Good. Bad. You. Now it's all going to be destroyed because I can't stop it.
Simone Deveaux: You don't know that
Isaac Mendez: It keeps coming back - worse every time. You saw what this looks like after the bomb. The world will never recover from that.
Simone Deveaux: It's not true. You can't lose hope.
Isaac Mendez: What hope is there?
Simone Deveaux: There's you! What you can do. Why else would you be allowed to see the future unless it was to do something about it? You can't just see the future, Isaac, you make it. You'll find a way.
Isaac Mendez: You really believe that?
Simone Deveaux: I believe in you.

Noah Bennet: [answering the phone] Yes.
Isaac Mendez: [on the phone] I think I found a way to stop him. I found him.
Noah Bennet: [on the phone] Sylar?
Isaac Mendez: [on the phone] I thought you had Sylar.
Noah Bennet: [on the phone] I will again. Soon. You mean Petrelli, where is he?
Isaac Mendez: [on the phone] I think he's been here this whole time and I've been painting him except no one can see him like he's a ghost or invisible. What does that mean?
Noah Bennet: [on the phone] It means an old friend isn't quite as dead as we thought he was.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' (#1.8)" (2006/II)
Peter Petrelli: Where's the cheerleader?
Isaac Mendez: I don't know.
Peter Petrelli: But you painted her.
Isaac Mendez: You painted her too.

Eden McCain: Isaac. This is Mr. Bennet, the man I told you about.
Noah Bennet: Hello, Isaac. Drawing anything interesting?
Isaac Mendez: It's nothing.
Noah Bennet: Oh, you know that's not true. You have the ability to paint the future. That's something. Something very important.
Isaac Mendez: Feels like a curse.
Noah Bennet: No, it's a blessing. Don't let anybody tell you differently. We're gonna help you understand that.
Isaac Mendez: I'm grateful you're helping me. I'm just not sure why.
Noah Bennet: To be one hundred per cent honest with you, I need your help.

Noah Bennet: I need your help. I need you to paint this painting.
Isaac Mendez: I'm sorry. I've been trying, but I can't. Not without drugs.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (#1.3)" (2006/II)
Simone Deveaux: I found all your junk. The drugs, all of it. I flushed everything.
Isaac Mendez: How am I supposed to paint the future?
Simone Deveaux: Nobody can paint the future! That's the drugs talking.

Isaac Mendez: I don't want to lose you, Simone. But if you don't believe in me, then you shouldn't be here.
Simone Deveaux: Fine. You think you can paint the future. Paint one without me in it.

"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Hiros' (#1.5)" (2006/II)
Peter Petrelli: Isaac, I need your help.
Isaac Mendez: You need help? Ask Simone.

Peter Petrelli: I saw it.
Isaac Mendez: What?
Peter Petrelli: I saw something in the uh, in the canvas, the picture. This painting. I can finish it.
Isaac Mendez: You can paint?
Peter Petrelli: No, no I can't. But I drew the future after I saw you the other day. It was only stick figures, but... it came true.

"Heroes: Chapter Four 'Collision' (#1.4)" (2006/II)
Simone Deveraux: Isaac.
Isaac Mendez: Paintings are by the door.
Simone Deveraux: I thought I was buying the new pieces?
Isaac Mendez: I need the new pieces.
Simone Deveraux: Because they tell you what's gonna happen in the future?
Isaac Mendez: How much for the old paintings?
Simone Deveraux: To tell you the truth, Isaac, I don't know if I could sell those.
Isaac Mendez: So you only like the ones I painted when I was high. Interesting. So, you won't give me an advance?
Simone Deveraux: That depends what you're gonna do with the money.
Isaac Mendez: I need painting supplies.
Simone Deveraux: I take it you're not talking about oils and canvas?

Isaac Mendez: Are you in love with him? It looks like you're in love with him.
Simone Deveraux: I don't how I feel about him. And I don't know how I feel about you.
Isaac Mendez: So here we are not knowing how we feel about each other and this entire city is gonna go
[makes explosion noise]
Isaac Mendez: . Unless I stop it.
Simone Deveraux: You think you can save us all by shooting up?
Isaac Mendez: I can save everybody.
[laughs softly]
Isaac Mendez: I'm gonna be a hero.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Better Halves' (#1.6)" (2006/II)
Peter Petrelli: Grab that side. I must be missing something. Some sign of where they are. See these paintings, they fit together like pages in a comic book. There's a panel missing. What was right there?
Isaac Mendez: Nothing. This is everything I painted last night. But there's a piece about that size. I painted it weeks ago. Simone has it.
Peter Petrelli: Simone?
Isaac Mendez: She took a bunch of my painting to sell. It's with them.
Peter Petrelli: What was it of?
Isaac Mendez: I don't remember. I was high.
Peter Petrelli: Then we need to get it back.
Isaac Mendez: Tell her a guy from the future said he needed it. I'm sure she'll love that.

Eden McCain: Isaac Mendez?
Isaac Mendez: Who are you?

"Heroes: Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite' (#1.18)" (2007/II)
[first lines]
Isaac Mendez: [to Peter] I thought it was you. It was supposed to be you. Can't you do something?

Isaac Mendez: How am I supposed to pretend this didn't happen?
Candice Wilmer: Maybe you should have thought about that before you shot her. Twice.