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Micah Sanders (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter One 'Genesis' (#1.1)" (2006/II)
Micah Sanders: I'm just working on my computer. The logic board was bad. So I had to build a new one.
Niki Sanders: A new one. Did anyone ever tell you you're the smartest little man on the planet?
Micah Sanders: You do. All the time.

Niki Sanders: [answering machine message] Hi, this is Nikki. Leave me a message.
Micah Sanders: Mom, are you there? When are you coming to get me? I hate it here. You said you'd be back soon. Just come pick me up, okay?

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Cold Snap' (#3.20)" (2009/II)
Tracy Strauss: You must have been a boyscout. What's the boyscout motto? 'Be prepared'?
Micah Sanders: Yeah, clearly you weren't a boyscout.
Tracy Strauss: 'cause I'm a girl?
Micah Sanders: 'cause the first rule of scout law is to be trustworthy, and, uh, you suck at that.

Micah Sanders: My mom who was the everyday American was a hero. You're just a... politician.
Tracy Strauss: Who are you, Che Guevara?
Micah Sanders: Che Guevara led a revolution. This is a rebellion. So whose side are you on? And 'mine''s not an answer.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'Homecoming' (#1.9)" (2006/II)
D.L. Hawkins: The Good news is... It's just gonna be you and me from here on out. Partners.
Micah Sanders: You mean, like Batman and Robin?
D.L. Hawkins: Yeah, like Batman and Robin. Only... I ain't wearing no tights. You can wear tights, but I'm not wearing tights.

D.L. Hawkins: [shouting at Micah who is running away] Micah. Micah.
[after catching him]
D.L. Hawkins: What were you thinking? You know how scared I was?
Micah Sanders: Now you know how it felt when you left us.
D.L. Hawkins: What am I supposed to do here?
Micah Sanders: Go back. She needs us.
D.L. Hawkins: We've discussed this. Your Mom...
Micah Sanders: Dad, I know she's different, okay? I see it, too. Something happened to her when you left. It got really bad. Then, sometimes, she'd show up instead of Mom.
D.L. Hawkins: She?
Micah Sanders: Jessica.
D.L. Hawkins: Jessica.
Micah Sanders: Dad. Mom's sick. She can't help herself. She can't control it.
D.L. Hawkins: I know. Does your Mom know about Jessica?
Micah Sanders: I don't think so. Dad, we can't just leave her. If you still love her, help her.
D.L. Hawkins: Alright.

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part' (#1.21)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: Mom, I don't like Mr. Linderman.
Niki Sanders: [Candice posing as Niki] How come?
Micah Sanders: I don't know, he smells funny.

Micah Sanders: Who are you? How did you do that?
Candice Wilmer: I can make you see anything I want. Makes it kinda hard to get away, huh?
Micah Sanders: Where's my Mom?
Candice Wilmer: [mutes the sound on the T.V.] Look, I don't want to hurt you. I like you. But if you don't listen to what Mr. Linderman says. Well, I'll show you things that will seriously mess you up for life. So, you need to behave. Okay?

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' (#1.12)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: [DL offers his son a mangled sandwich] Okay, your first mistake? Never put the peanut butter in the refrigerator. Mom always keeps it at room temperature.
D.L. Hawkins: Well, your dad's got his own style.
Micah Sanders: I see that.

Mohinder Suresh: [voiceover at the end of the episode] In the beginning, there was discovery, a confusion of elements, a first snowfall of impossible change. Old lives undone, left behind, strange faces made familiar, new nightmares to challenge sleep, new friends to feel safe with. Only then comes control, the need to impose order onto chaos through determination, through study, through struggle...
D.L. Hawkins: She's gonna be okay. You know that, right?
Micah Sanders: You'd tell me the truth, right?
Mohinder Suresh: [voice over narration] All in defiance of a thundering truth. They're here, and the earth shudders underfoot.

"Heroes: Chapter Six 'Better Halves' (#1.6)" (2006/II)
Micah Sanders: Dad, how'd you get out of jail?
D.L. Hawkins: Between you and me... I walked out.
Micah Sanders: Out of prison? How'd you do it?
D.L. Hawkins: Ain't no jail can hold your old man.
Micah Sanders: Why not?
D.L. Hawkins: Cause I got a secret.
Micah Sanders: Like Superman?
D.L. Hawkins: Yeah. Just like Superman.

Micah Sanders: [to DL] Mom has a secret too.

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Nothing to Hide' (#1.7)" (2006/II)
D.L. Hawkins: So you're just gonna sit there all day and not say a word, huh?
Micah Sanders: I want to go home.
D.L. Hawkins: Micah, I told you, it's not safe there with your mother.
Micah Sanders: Is she dead?
D.L. Hawkins: No. She's gonna be fine.
Micah Sanders: How do you know? Dad, we left her on the floor.
D.L. Hawkins: We didn't have a choice.
Micah Sanders: Heroes don't run away.
D.L. Hawkins: Micah...
Micah Sanders: Bad guys do. Heroes help people, Dad. You know what? You're a bad guy.
D.L. Hawkins: I'm not a bad guy, all right?

Micah Sanders: [to Hiro] How'd you get this? The issue isn't even out yet.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Truth & Consequences' (#2.10)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: I missed you every day.
Niki Sanders: I missed you every minute, every second. What's an even smaller one?
Micah Sanders: Nanosecond.
Niki Sanders: I missed you that one too.

"Heroes: Chapter Ten 'Six Months Ago' (#1.10)" (2006/II)
Micah Sanders: [Micah opens a present to find a laptop computer] Wow!
Niki Sanders: That's a very generous gift, Hal.
Hal Sanders: Oh, it's amortized over ten birthdays.
D.L. Hawkins: Well, then, you skimped.
[Hal laughs a little nervously]
Micah Sanders: Thanks, Grandpa!
Hal Sanders: It's my pleasure, young man, now go break the Internet in half or something.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (#1.3)" (2006/II)
Micah Sanders: Why don't you believe that Dad's innocent? I mean, you should be trying to help him.
Niki Sanders: I know that you wanna believe in your father. But I know what's best, Micah. They're gonna catch him and he's gonna go away for a long time.
Micah Sanders: They'll never find him.
Niki Sanders: How do you know that? Micah, do you know where he is?
[a uniform cop approaches]
Niki Sanders: It's okay. Is there a problem, Officer?
Uniform Cop: Mr. Lindeman wants to see you.

"Heroes: Chapter Five 'Fight or Flight' (#2.5)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: [about his and Monica's powers] I think it runs in the family. I mean... maybe not exactly like me, but... My dad could walk through walls.
Monica Dawson: D.L.?
Micah Sanders: Yeah. And my mom... Don't even get me started on my mom.

"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'Fallout' (#1.11)" (2006/II)
Micah Sanders: It was her, wasn't it? It was Jessica.
D.L. Hawkins: Sure looked like your mom.
Micah Sanders: Mom would never hurt you on purpose.
D.L. Hawkins: She just did, Micah.

"Heroes: Chapter Fifteen 'Run!' (#1.15)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: [to his parents] Are we ever gonna talk about it?
D.L. Hawkins: Talk about what?
Micah Sanders: What we can do. Our powers. I just feel like we're supposed to be fighting crime or something.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Four Months Ago...' (#2.8)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: [referring to himself and his parents] We could be like the Fantastic Four! Minus one, but still...

"Heroes: Chapter Nineteen '.07%' (#1.19)" (2007/II)
Mr. Linderman: [Mr. Linderman and Micah meet for the first time] That's alright, gentlemen. I want to greet this young man, myself. It's a great pleasure to meet you, Micah.
[he shakes Micah's hand]
Micah Sanders: Thank you.
Mr. Linderman: How would you like to save the world today?
[Micah looks at "Jessica," who smiles at him]

"Heroes: Chapter Thirteen 'The Fix' (#1.13)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: You know how you and Mom have a secret? Well... I have a secret too.

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-Two 'Landslide' (#1.22)" (2007/II)
Candice Wilmer: You're just too young to see how much the world sucks. How people can be so mean to each other just because of where they were born... or what they look like. Mr. Linderman's going to change all that. He's going to heal the world.
Micah Sanders: I didn't know it was sick.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'Kindred' (#2.3)" (2007/II)
Niki Sanders: I don't know how long I'll be gone. But I do know that when I get back, we'll be together. I have to do this.
Micah Sanders: That's what you always say before you do something bad.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Don't Look Back' (#1.2)" (2006/II)
Niki Sanders: [answering machine message] Hi, this is Nikki. Leave me a message.
Micah Sanders: Mom, are you there? When are you coming to get me? I hate it here. You said you'd be back soon. Just come pick me up, okay?