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Quotes for
Hope (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Fifteen 'Run!' (#1.15)" (2007/II)
[Hiro overhears Hope speaking to someone on the phone and referring to him and Ando as Chinese; she spots him hiding]
Hope: Oh, Hiro, there you are. Where's the bag?
Hiro Nakamura: We are not Chinese, we are Japanese.
Hope: Whatever. Where's the bag?
Hiro Nakamura: You are bad person. You may have fooled Ando, but you don't fool me.
Hope: Thanks for the help, Sulu

Ando Masahashi: [talking to a lady in a princess costume] Excuse me. Are you okay, Miss? Anything we can do to help?
Hope: No, I couldn't possibly... I mean... We're complete strangers.
Ando Masahashi: I'm Ando and this is my friend Hiro.
Hope: Hi. I'm Hope.

Hope: [on the phone] I do all the work, he takes half the profit? I'm sick of it! No, I got these two Chinese guys to help me out. Turned on the water works and they were mine. Yep. They're getting the suitcases as we speak.

"Heroes: Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' (#1.16)" (2007/II)
Hope: The less questions you ask, Ando, the better off you'll be in life.
Ando Masahashi: Why is that?
Hope: That would be another question.

Ando Masahashi: But you kissed me. I thought you liked me.
Hope: Don't remind me.