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FBI Agent Audrey Hanson (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Eleven 'Fallout' (#1.11)" (2006/II)
Audrey Hanson: She slipped up, Parkman. It sucks, but it happens. You've never cheated on her?
Matt Parkman: No.
[off her look]
Matt Parkman: You don't believe me?
Audrey Hanson: Well, statistically speaking, law enforcement attracts a certain kind of male personality.
Matt Parkman: Ohhh, and what personality would that be?
Audrey Hanson: Dogs.
Matt Parkman: And the female personality?
Audrey Hanson: Bitches. We keep it in the canine family.

Audrey Hanson: Really, Parkman. Since when does "absence of noise" warrant a stake-out?
Matt Parkman: You always say I don't take you anywhere.
Audrey Hanson: You sure know how to spoil a girl.
Matt Parkman: Eat your Tex Mex.
Audrey Hanson: [thinking to herself] I'm just saying: he can be cute. Oh God. Did he just hear that?
[Matt looks over at her, smiling]
Audrey Hanson: [spoken aloud] Did you just read my mind?
Matt Parkman: [he laughs] Yeah.
Audrey Hanson: You can't do that! That was a stray thought. I... you can't do that.
Matt Parkman: You really think I'm, uh..."cute"?
Audrey Hanson: I really think you're married. And I really think you love your wife.
Matt Parkman: I do.
Audrey Hanson: Then why haven't you called to yell at her so you can go home already? That's what you want, isn't it?
Matt Parkman: I don't want to be a chump.
Audrey Hanson: So still loving your wife after she has sex with someone else makes you a chump?
Matt Parkman: Doesn't it?
Audrey Hanson: Grow up, Parkman. If you want your marriage to work, you have to find a way to make it work; otherwise you are kind of a chump.
[seeing Mr. Bennet]
Audrey Hanson: Cheerleader's dad, nine o'clock.

Audrey Hanson: We've got to find this cheerleader.

Matt Parkman: [after reading Mr. Bennett's mind] I was only able to get one word.
Audrey Hanson: What?
Matt Parkman: "Sylar".

"Heroes: Chapter Seven 'Nothing to Hide' (#1.7)" (2006/II)
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: Who keeps calling you?
Matt Parkman: Uh, nobody. It's my wife.
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: Since when is your wife nobody?

FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: [to Matt in his police uniform] Put on some real person clothes.

FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: You did a great job in there.
Matt Parkman: Well, look, the guy was loosing his wife. He just wanted to talk to her. Say goodbye.
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: You talked to your own wife yet? You've been dodging her call all day.

"Heroes: Chapter Eight 'Seven Minutes to Midnight' (#1.8)" (2006/II)
Matt Parkman: [Audrey hands Matt a Dosimeter] What's this?
Audrey Hanson: Detects radiation levels.
[pointing at the Dosimeter window]
Audrey Hanson: As long as that's dark green we're good.
Matt Parkman: Oh. Okay. But what's the bad color?
Audrey Hanson: Not green.

Audrey Hanson: You're an idiot, Parkman, you know that?
Matt Parkman: Wow, good morning to you, too.
Audrey Hanson: You think I wouldn't find out about you assaulting a fellow officer?
Matt Parkman: I didn't assault him, I- I just hit him.
Audrey Hanson: This is why I don't like needing people. Nine times out of ten they let you down.
Matt Parkman: Wow, that's an optimistic view of the world.
Audrey Hanson: Just an observation.
Matt Parkman: And how'd this get to be about you?
Audrey Hanson: Because it was a stupid rookie move, and you could've jeopardized my investigation. How serious is this? Are you getting suspended?
Matt Parkman: I'll work it out.
Audrey Hanson: Did he deserve it?
Matt Parkman: [nods] Yeah. Yeah, he deserved it.

Audrey Hanson: [Matt and Audrey are about to interrogate Ted Sprague] You know, three months ago, my job made perfect sense to me. Then I pulled the Sylar case. Crime scenes with no fingerprints. Bodies frozen, brains removed. And now this guy. That's two people- make that three people who can do things I just can't explain.
Matt Parkman: Wait a second. You think I'm like them?
Audrey Hanson: I don't know what I think. But if we're gonna find Sylar, I need answers.
Matt Parkman: [points to head] I have no idea how this happened.
Audrey Hanson: Well, then, I guess that just leaves Ted here.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (#1.3)" (2006/II)
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: Can you tell me what I'm thinking?
Matt Parkman: No. I really can't control this. It just sorta happens.
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: Give it a shot, Karnack. I'm wide open.

Matt Parkman: You want to tell me why I'm still here, or am I just gonna follow you around?
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: We need you to talk to her. Find out what she knows.
Matt Parkman: Talk to who?
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: Molly Walker. The little girl you found. We're keeping her here where it's safe until we can figure out what to do with her. She's been through a severe trauma. Both parents murdered right in front of her. She hasn't said a word since we brought her here.
Matt Parkman: What makes you think she's gonna talk to me?
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: Well, if you're really a mind reader, she won't need to.

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' (#1.12)" (2007/II)
Matt Parkman: Where is he? Where's Sylar?
Noah Bennet: I have no idea what you're talking about.
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: He's not here, Parkman. Nice going.
Noah Bennet: Oops!

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-Two 'Landslide' (#1.22)" (2007/II)
Cop 1: This is the sickest thing I've ever seen. Did that happen in the accident?
Cop 2: The top of the guy's head came off, how else does that happen?
Audrey Hanson: You don't want to know.

"Heroes: Chapter Two 'Don't Look Back' (#1.2)" (2006/II)
FBI Agent Audrey Hanson: You're under arrest.
Matt Parkman: What?