Simone Deveaux
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Simone Deveaux (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Four 'Collision' (#1.4)" (2006/II)
Nathan Petrelli: [to Peter] Don't insult me. I've got trained professionals that do that.
Simone Deveraux: [seen wearing only Peter's shirt] Hey! Where's your mugs?
Peter Petrelli: Hey. It's... uh... They're in the cabinet, with the water stain that looks like Abraham Lincoln.

Peter Petrelli: What if he can? Paint the future, I mean? Stranger things, right?
Simone Deveraux: No, that's about as strange as it gets.

Simone Deveraux: Peter, I... uh, I don't know what this is. I mean, us. You know, I just got out of a two year relationship that was very destructive. And here I am sleeping with the guy who was taking care of my dying father and it's a little confusing.
Peter Petrelli: I don't wanna be the rebound guy.
Simone Deveraux: I just need time to catch my breath before you take it away again. Okay?

Simone Deveraux: Isaac.
Isaac Mendez: Paintings are by the door.
Simone Deveraux: I thought I was buying the new pieces?
Isaac Mendez: I need the new pieces.
Simone Deveraux: Because they tell you what's gonna happen in the future?
Isaac Mendez: How much for the old paintings?
Simone Deveraux: To tell you the truth, Isaac, I don't know if I could sell those.
Isaac Mendez: So you only like the ones I painted when I was high. Interesting. So, you won't give me an advance?
Simone Deveraux: That depends what you're gonna do with the money.
Isaac Mendez: I need painting supplies.
Simone Deveraux: I take it you're not talking about oils and canvas?

Isaac Mendez: Are you in love with him? It looks like you're in love with him.
Simone Deveraux: I don't how I feel about him. And I don't know how I feel about you.
Isaac Mendez: So here we are not knowing how we feel about each other and this entire city is gonna go
[makes explosion noise]
Isaac Mendez: . Unless I stop it.
Simone Deveraux: You think you can save us all by shooting up?
Isaac Mendez: I can save everybody.
[laughs softly]
Isaac Mendez: I'm gonna be a hero.

"Heroes: Chapter Twelve 'Godsend' (#1.12)" (2007/II)
Simone Deveaux: You're really Hiro Nakamura from... from... from Isaac's comic book?
Hiro Nakamura: [opening a comic book] Yeah. I work there at Yamagato, and we fly here and we drive that car everywhere - blue Nissan Versa. It's parked outside right now! I'm just like Mr. Isaac draw me - except my face not so round.
Simone Deveaux: Okay, yeah! I'm gonna give up, the world is insane.

Simone Deveaux: [talking about Peter's health] He's burning up.
Angela Petrelli: Persistent idiopathic fever. Means they have no idea what's wrong. Find the best doctors in the world, just to have them tell me they don't know what they're doing in four different languages.

Nathan Petrelli: Just before he passed out he said he, uh... he felt he was absorbing too many powers.
Simone Deveaux: Peter wanted to see that painting.
Nathan Petrelli: After I told you not to let him, you knew he was gonna follow that thing head first, all the way to Texas. He's my brother, and I love him, but we both know he shouldn't have even been there.
Simone Deveaux: It was important to him.
Nathan Petrelli: You really believe all this crap? Future paintings? The end of the world?
Simone Deveaux: I know he believes it. And I believe in him.

Simone Deveaux: [to Hiro about Linderman] He's a client of mine. Get your car. You're going back to Vegas.

"Heroes: Chapter Nine 'Homecoming' (#1.9)" (2006/II)
Peter Petrelli: You saw this painting - alright? You can describe it to me.
Simone Deveraux: You really believe this, don't you? "Save the cheerleader, save the world"?
Peter Petrelli: For reasons I can't begin to understand. There are people that are counting on me to do this. I don't know if I can, but I have to try.
Simone Deveraux: [mutters] This doesn't make any sense; I probably shouldn't be showing you this. It's a digital image. It came with the painting.
[the image is of Peter's crumpled body]
Simone Deveraux: Is that you, Peter?
Peter Petrelli: [shaken] I don't know. Maybe...
Simone Deveraux: If it's you, then you're going to die, at 8:12 tonight. Don't go, Peter.
Peter Petrelli: I have to. I have to.

Simone Deveraux: Peter thinks if he saves the cheerleader. He'll safe the world.

Nathan Petrelli: Peter's got all these... ideas in his head, delusions of grandeur. He thinks he's supposed to make a difference.
Simone Deveraux: What are you doing? What are you doing? No... No.
[Nathan throws a bucket of paint on Isaac's painting]
Simone Deveraux: No!
Nathan Petrelli: Saving his life. Why, you believe it? "Save the cheerleader, save the world"?
Simone Deveraux: I'm not sure what to believe anymore.
Nathan Petrelli: I am.

"Heroes: Chapter Three 'One Giant Leap' (#1.3)" (2006/II)
Simone Deveaux: I found all your junk. The drugs, all of it. I flushed everything.
Isaac Mendez: How am I supposed to paint the future?
Simone Deveaux: Nobody can paint the future! That's the drugs talking.

Isaac Mendez: I don't want to lose you, Simone. But if you don't believe in me, then you shouldn't be here.
Simone Deveaux: Fine. You think you can paint the future. Paint one without me in it.

Peter Petrelli: To destiny.
Simone Deveaux: Mmm.
Peter Petrelli: May we recognize it when we see it.
Simone Deveaux: To love. May we stay away from it when it's no good for us. You know earlier today, when you were telling me how you'd changed?
Peter Petrelli: Yeah.
Simone Deveaux: I noticed it. There's just something different. It's like a look in your eye. A confidence.
Peter Petrelli: There's something I should tell you. Something, uh... I didn't think was right to say when I still worked for your father. Something I wouldn't have even said to you two days ago. I've been in love with you since the minute I first laid eyes on you.

"Heroes: Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' (#1.16)" (2007/II)
Simone Deveraux: [to Nathan Petrelli] Where Peter saw hope, you saw disaster. I guess I'm voting for the other guy.

Isaac Mendez: I would do anything for you Simone, anything.
Simone Deveraux: Find Peter.

Nathan Petrelli: But if people knew what we were capable of, they would drop a collective brick.
Simone Deveraux: You think they'll burn you at the stake?
Nathan Petrelli: Yeah. Pretty much. Because that's what I would do. I'd round us all up, stick us in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean.

"Heroes: Chapter Fourteen 'Distractions' (#1.14)" (2007/II)
Simone Deveaux: [about Peter] You've been trying to find him, why?
Isaac Mendez: I know what he can do. He's the one who is going to turn New York into this
[pointing to the new painting of New York burning]
Isaac Mendez: I'm not going to let him.
Simone Deveaux: How do you know so much about him?
Isaac Mendez: Because I painted it!

Isaac Mendez: This city took me in. Everything important that ever happened to me happened here. Good. Bad. You. Now it's all going to be destroyed because I can't stop it.
Simone Deveaux: You don't know that
Isaac Mendez: It keeps coming back - worse every time. You saw what this looks like after the bomb. The world will never recover from that.
Simone Deveaux: It's not true. You can't lose hope.
Isaac Mendez: What hope is there?
Simone Deveaux: There's you! What you can do. Why else would you be allowed to see the future unless it was to do something about it? You can't just see the future, Isaac, you make it. You'll find a way.
Isaac Mendez: You really believe that?
Simone Deveaux: I believe in you.

"Heroes: Chapter One 'Genesis' (#1.1)" (2006/II)
Simone Deveraux: You know, I don't know what he'd do without you - you've got a real gift.
Peter Petrelli: I just do my job.
Simone Deveraux: No, you're like a son to him.
Peter Petrelli: Yeah, but that would make us like brother and sister. Might be - might be a little awkward if I ever wanted to ask you out.
Peter Petrelli: I'm sorry. That was, uh, that was inappropriate.
Simone Deveraux: No, it-it's sweet. It's... I'm dating somebody.