Candice Wilmer
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Candice Wilmer (Character)
from "Heroes" (2006/II)

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"Heroes: Chapter Eighteen 'Parasite' (#1.18)" (2007/II)
Isaac Mendez: How am I supposed to pretend this didn't happen?
Candice Wilmer: Maybe you should have thought about that before you shot her. Twice.

Sandra Bennet: [answering the phone] Hello... Yes, it is... Yes, he is going to be a problem. Why don't we do it right now?
[turning into Candice]
Candice Wilmer: Sorry.

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-One 'The Hard Part' (#1.21)" (2007/II)
Micah Sanders: Who are you? How did you do that?
Candice Wilmer: I can make you see anything I want. Makes it kinda hard to get away, huh?
Micah Sanders: Where's my Mom?
Candice Wilmer: [mutes the sound on the T.V.] Look, I don't want to hurt you. I like you. But if you don't listen to what Mr. Linderman says. Well, I'll show you things that will seriously mess you up for life. So, you need to behave. Okay?

"Heroes: Chapter Nineteen '.07%' (#1.19)" (2007/II)
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] The double-edged lies needed to sustain a double-edged life.
Sandra Bennet: He is going to be a problem. Why don't we do it right now?
[turning into Candice]
Candice Wilmer: Sorry.
Thompson: What do you think?
Matt Parkman: He's telling the truth. He doesn't know where Claire is.
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] A wandering hero's pure joy at success.
Hiro Nakamura: Yatta!
Mr. Linderman: [voice over narration] And his darkest hour, when all the world seems lost. All perfect moments frozen in time. Alone, each tells a single story. Together, they can tell the future

"Heroes: Chapter Twenty-Two 'Landslide' (#1.22)" (2007/II)
Candice Wilmer: You're just too young to see how much the world sucks. How people can be so mean to each other just because of where they were born... or what they look like. Mr. Linderman's going to change all that. He's going to heal the world.
Micah Sanders: I didn't know it was sick.